Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wiley Talks ‘Tunnel Vision’

If Ruff Sqwad's Tinchy Stryder is the 'Prince of Grime', then many would consider Wiley their King. Eskiboy lowers the drawbridge and gives RWD an exclusive interview...

Roll Deep DJ/ Producer, Target aka Mr Aim High, pretty much sums it up in the forthcoming and most in-depth RWD interview (out September 15) by stating, “he’s not one for turning up for much,” we agreed and tracked down the in-question E3 Soldier. In his native dwelling, the studio – which has been his home for the last 6 months-or-so – he explains what he’s been up to, “Putting together Tunnel Vision 1-5.” Ahh, that explains his absence from… ‘the scene’. He goes into a little detail, “I’m here right now [in the studio] making sure the Tunnel Vision’s are right. There’s like 20 tunes on each CD and I’m putting out videos. The Gangsters video is coming soon.” We immediately ask that all important question, ‘So when will the first Vision be coming out?’ [Warning the answer you are about to hear may send you into a catatonic shock, as it did us]. He clears his throat and gives us the heads up, “They’re all coming out each week, one-after-the-other; Volume 1 is out on Friday (08/09/2006).”
After that eskiblow, members of the team (mainly Kapone) have been regularly checking http://www.myspace.com/eskiboywiley and http://www.boybetterknow.co.uk. We now know that Tunnel Vision Volume 1 was actually available as a FREE download on the day he said. That makes a pleasant change in the world that is grime. All the tracks (in radio quality) are now available as a PREVIEW online. Remember, if you want a CD quality version, you need to BUY the CD [http://www.ukrecordshop.com].
So back to Wiley and his all-important views on the follow up to Da 2nd Phaze. Knowing the Tunnel Vision mixtape series is the preview to the much anticipated 3rd album (to be heard sometime in 2007), what will we hear in the LP trilogy? “A lot,” he warns. “That’s why I’ve been in the studio working.” Not having the best of luck with labels – previously leaving the same label ex-Roll Deeper Dizzee Rascal is currently on, XL Recordings – Wiley (Boy Better) knows the guys with the deep pockets can help when they want to. “I’ve been label hunting and there’s been a lot of interest from a few of people.” As always we’ll give you the goss’ on that first, as and when the ink dries.
Now at 27 years of age – which to many of his mic-holding rivals, ‘is a bit old for grime’ – Is Wiley Kat the granddad of grime? Will he be seen with a pipe and slippers at the back of Morrison’s? Is he on a funky house tip? “No,” he boldly states as we rejoice, “You know what? funky house is good but I don’t wanna hop. That would be like I’m going on cowardly. I’m keeping it as eski/ grimey as ever.” We rejoice again. “Right now, I’ve got to concentrate,” the recent member of the proud fathers club enlightens, ”I’ve got to concentrate on myself and my daughter, cos I’ll be drawing a pension soon; I’m 27.” We sensitively touch on what type of father he is/ will be in the future. “It’s difficult sometimes, you gotta try and get things done,” and the longevity, “I’ll always be there.” Respect.
So what’s next… The impending Tunnel Vision – Volume 2 for one. We speak to him about its best track so far, the ridiculously massive radio wave destroyer, Pump Up Tone Up. He proudly drops, “Yeah that one was produced by me,” and why feature an old bar from Mr Rascal? He lets loose, “It’s just in memory of Diz, for the times when he was good.” Ahh, ok.
Lastly, known for bringing people through, who’s next to graduate from the EskiAcademy, “There’s a new girl artist Caramel Brownie coming through soon. She’s like a girl version of Wiley.” Interesting… [imagines a female Wiley in the scene, who also doesn’t like interviews/ photo shoots and people who turn their back on the scene]… almost as interesting as the 3rd album he’s waiting to get the right figure for, he leaves us with, ”I’ve had some offers, but I think I’m worth a bit more, so I’m just waiting.”

True stories!!!

For more info check out http://www.myspace.com/eskiboywiley and http://www.boybetterknow.co.uk. Make sure you read the Roll Deep interview in the October issue of RWD [out Sept 12].


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