Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Quote of the Week (Last Week) - 10p A Word!!!

I was gonna give the prestigious 'Quote of the Week' to Target and his amazing line, "He ain't one for turning up for much." in regards to Wiley's lack of repping for Roll Deep press calls. But a man that many of you know has come up trumps again. Yes, you guessed it, your boy, Raj Kapone. He just can't help himself.

In a conversation with Hattie Collins, Boywonder, another work experience soldier and myself, RKD surpassed himself.

Conversation went a bit like this... [Setting; A dungeon-like office by London's Bridge].

WE: So Hattie, as you do a lot of freelance work for a few magazines [approximately 56] how do you get paid for all of that? Is it by the hour, word or per article?

Hattie: Well it depends... [something about all the mags... ] Some pay per article, some pay per word... [I wasn't listening too tough, well until Raj dropped this beauty]

Raj: Per word? They must have to hire a person to count all the words... [Then he chuckles - by HIMSELF]

DW:[My ears prick up and look at him...] Erm Raj, its called Word Count!!!

And that concludes another 'Quote of the Week'. Tune in on Friday for 'The Explanation' aka 'NONSENSE!!!'

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