Friday, September 22, 2006

Quote of the Week - Where you calling from?

As you know, minus Baghdad the RWD office is the maddest place to work. In-between throwing paper at each other, cussing Dacre/ Hattie/ Nesha/ Me and making the latest members of our work experience clean our feet, we're busy constructing the best magazine on God’s green earth. From time-to-time we may need to answer the phone.

Now answering the phone can range from a DEADOUT call to a trip to America (the latter is mostly in Hattie's case) so it really is Russian roulette. In one such game of RR Chewy was dealt a cruel blow... An iiiiiidioooot!!! I overheard most of the following conversation:

Chewy: Blah blah blah something about advertising.
Iiiiiidioooot: blah blah blah
Chewy: So where are you calling from?
Iiiiiidioooot: I'm calling from a phone!
Chewy: You're calling from the phone?

I obviously didn't hear the quote itself but Chewy wouldn't lie... Would he?