Friday, April 28, 2006

We Want Straight Outta Bethnal Back!!!

SOB logo
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Who’s up for holding SOB in there house? Come on now, don’t all rush forward at once...

Tell Her If You're On Holding It In Your Drum

RWD MAY 2006

RWD MAY 2006
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You got yours yet?

Personally i'm loving this ish... check out me trying to blag World Cup tickets. DaVinChe, OT Crew, Virus, Jamie Foxx, it's all in there, Loud mouth with the 'If you're not a winner you're a sinner' dude, Ghetto & Demon, it's all there.

Lady Sov's in America...

Two Days in the Valley
OC Weekly - Santa Ana,CA,USA

LADY SOVEREIGN: Blah, blah, white girl, blah, grime, blah, blah, London, blah, Island Def Jam, blah, blah, not quite M.I.A. but still danceably a-okay, blah, blappity, blah.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

ATTENTION!!! Calling ALL kind-hearted people!!!

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For the first time in TWO weeks Hattie Collins (Editor of RWD – when she feels like it) did not wear her dusty black cords, so obviously they’re being washed (highly doubt it) or… are missing. If you see any poor excuses for trousers (Hattie’s are pictured above from 1962, when she bought them) please call urgently 0800 DEAD OUT .

Colour: ‘Dusty’ black
Size: Unfashionable
Last Seen: On Hattie’s legs for TWO weeks in a row

This is a very ‘serious’ matter, please help.


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He's like a mystical magician man. This is him on a boat doing what he does best... Magic. If you haven't seen his DVD yet you're waste. It's very good, Snoop, Sway, Paltrow, all the stars are on it - even me!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lost? Is Back!!!

Lost? Is Back!!!
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You heard it here first!!!

Tuesday May 2nd

Check out this heavy rundown of series 1 and the EXTENDED PREVIEW of 2

OMG!!! Click here, then click on the massive pic

Big big big

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wiley - Da 2nd Phaze

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Oh Shit...

Apparently this is out now??? (or v.v.v.v. soon)

Politely awaiting my copy

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Image of the Week - My Virtual View From the Emirates Stadium

Arsenal View
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Booked my season ticket this morning, I'm now officially broke. Air on bread sandwiches from now on. Actually fuck the bread, have you seen how much that costs???


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Inside Man

Inside Man
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One Word Review...


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ears - Breath of Fresh Ears Mixtape Launch Party

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Good Friday April 14th

Don't you think that design is big?
This is the artwork that was in the last RWD mag [April 2006].


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Train interview with... James Pearson Howes

Train interview with... James Pearson Howes
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Location - District Line

Subject - James Pearson Howes (Age ?). Photographer to the 'stars'

When - Just after a photoshoot with Demon & Ghetto

Why - Cos I was board

What do you do?

[Laughs] Constantly in film mode - photographer.

Any money in it?

None, it's minus money!

He gets off at Mile End.

Junk email of the Month - March 2006

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Dear member of our Dating Site,

You have 5 unread messages from ladies at our dating site, Please read them here: Best wishes to you,



Firstly, do I look like a dude who has signed up to an online dating site with these dusty women on their books... ok don't answer that!

Secondly, MESSAGES??? Like all junk email, I never signed up to receive this shit and how did you get my email addy?

Thirdly, WTF!!!

Fourthly (can you say fourthly), you know these chicks aren’t even on that site. These are just some loose 'ladies' they Googled. The real women look just as desperate as the guys who sign up – if they didn’t THEY WOULDN’T NEED TO LINK A RANDOM GUY (WHO IS PROBABLY ON THE SEX OFFENDERS LIST) VIA SOME JUNK EMAIL NONSENSE.

Fifthly (hell, I started like this so I gotta finish), WTF!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

I Met Michael Essien...

I Met Michael Essien...
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Boy, as a Gunners fan I should have done my bit and slapped his dry 'I'm a pampered footballer' face - but... I didn't. He was cool. He didn't ooze that 'don't talk to me as by the cheap retail watch on your skinny wrist, you're not worthy' smell, but instead a 'I'm actually a lil bit shy' one (as you can see from the pic). He's a big footy player though.