Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home"

This is AMAZING!!!

Find out more here -

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Streets - Computers and Blues (Videos and Tour Dates Inside)

I'm very excited about the forthcoming Streets album, Computers and Blues. As we all know the previous project, Everything Is Borrowed, was half-decent but bar From The Edge Of A Cliff and From The Edge Of A Cliff there wasn't really much to shout about/ remember... Oh and From The Edge Of A Cliff. So all eyes are on 7 February 2011 as that's when Computers and Blues is due for release.

Here is what I know so far...

The new video, Going Though Hell is here - and the making of is here...

Trust Me is cool... sick beat, reminds me of a younger Skinner...

Trust Me...

Here is the track listing...

* 1. Outside Inside
* 2. Going Through Hell
* 3. Roof Of Your Car
* 4. Puzzled By People
* 5. Without A Blink
* 6. Blip On A Screen
* 7. Those That Don't Know
* 8. Soldiers
* 9. We Can Never Be Friends
* 10. ABC
* 11. OMG
* 12. Trying To Kill M.E.
* 13. Trust Me
* 14. Lock The Locks

Here are the Computers and Blues Tour Dates...
THE STREETS HMV Picture House Edinburgh FRI, 18/02/2011
THE STREETS O2 ABC Glasgow Glasgow SAT, 19/02/2011
THE STREETS Engine Shed Lincoln SUN, 20/02/2011
THE STREETS O2 Academy Liverpool Liverpool MON, 21/02/2011
THE STREETS O2 Academy Oxford Oxford WED, 23/02/2011
THE STREETS O2 Academy Leeds Leeds THU, 24/02/2011
THE STREETS O2 Academy Birmingham Birmingham FRI, 25/02/2011
THE STREETS Rock City Nottingham SAT, 26/02/2011
THE STREETS Norwich U.E.A. Norwich MON, 28/02/2011
THE STREETS O2 Academy Bristol Bristol TUE, 01/03/2011
THE STREETS Academy Manchester THU, 03/03/2011
THE STREETS WITH BROTHER Brighton Dome Brighton FRI, 04/03/2011
THE STREETS O2 Academy Brixton London SAT, 05/03/2011
THE STREETS O2 Academy Newcastle Newcastle SAT, 12/03/2011

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Forgot to Post This: Lacoste Legends (Sebastien Tellier) Video

Shit trainers but QUALITY video to promote them...

iPhone 4 the New CrackBerry?!?!?

Every night before closing my eyes and drifting off to dreamland I take a stroll through the App Store to see what the latest games, gizmos and "essentials" are... The other day I stumbled upon the amazing Tunein Radio (allows you to stream radio from all over the world over 3G and of course Wi-Fi) and now I'm using the versatile Blog Press... I'm not even going to get started on how hooked I was on Trainyard.

So I put it to... Is the iPhone 4 - which now has much-needed multitasking, better battery, etc - the new CrackBerry?!?! After all the theory that people are ONLY on BlackBerry's for BBM and an amazing email client keeps getting thrown about.

Hmmmmm discuss...