Sunday, September 03, 2006

Thursday: Flirta D Passes Through the Office

Passing through with Skata on Thursday was Flirta D (aka Mr Done Did It) who dropped off a new mixtape 2000 & Rebore Sticks (which will thoroughly be listened to soon) – cos it wasn’t iPod ready it hasn’t made an ear drum appearance just yet.

Calling ALL artists… I need that tracklisting to be on some CDDB business man (cos sometimes I ain't gots no time to go be goin' through and editing your 500 track names). When reviewing the track pon pod, I look at the names.

Imagine... Track to Check: Track 31

Hold tight Nesha who wanted the Flirtspert to spit... (those grime groupies).

To read how Flirta draws chicks, read here...