Friday, September 29, 2006

Quote of the Week - They Sent Two Xbox 360's!!!

Ok, so it’s the middle of my working day and I get a call from my brother. Why am I telling you ANOTHER pointless story? Cos the conversation went like this…

Excited older brother: You know I got a 360 for my birthday?
Me at work, typing and talking as I do: Yeah… [Hoping there was more to the story]
Even more excited older brother, waiting to tell me the REAL info: Well… Instead of sending one Xbox 360, THEY SENT TWO… [Waits for reaction]
A no longer typing me: WTF!!!
Older brother in gloat mode: I know .
Me in blag mode: Oh shit, you gotta hook me up…

The conversation ended with me trying to scam/ blackmail/ con my own brother. I’ll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile please take ONE second out of your busy day to enter the poll. Remember... Every Poll's A Goal!!!
Every Poll`s A Goal
Should My Brother Give Me His FREE Xbox 360?
Yes, after all you`re family.
Yes, but I don`t know about give. Heavily discounted maybe.
I don`t know. What have you ever given him?
No!!! He should give it to me or sell it on eBay sharpish. (ps - If you choose this option you are a gay)

Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor

I'm currently listening to this CD as well as the 400 grime CDs... How big is the artwork??? Huh? It kinda reminds me of Micheal Jackson's Moonwalker...

This pointless Lupe clip is you!!!

N.A.S.T.Y. Crew - N.A.S.T.Y. by nature

I have in my possession a fresh copy of N.A.S.T.Y. by Nature, pure riddims. 20 tracks of grimage, beats and bars. To find out more is you!!! I have so much music to listen to right now its not even a joke.

Logan Sama's War Report!!! (Kiss 100 Murkage Inside)

Logan Sama's War Report

First of all you need to click the above banner to get your FREE copy!!! Then you need to put that shizzle STRAIGHT on your Sony Walkman phone and/ or iPod! [Link courtesty of Hands on Wax].

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Devlin (O.T./ M.O.V.E.M.E.N.T.) - Tales From the Crypt

Right now I'm listening to Devlin's bars for Wiley on my freshly burnt promo of Tales From the Crypt... Above I've posted a little clip from to get your juices flowing?!?!?//???

All I have to say is one word...


Hold tight Mikee the Manager

Ruff Sqwad - Guns and Roses

I have in my hand a copy of Guns and Roses Volume 2... at the moment all I can say is big!!! iPod business straight-away. Here's the tracklisting...

1. Xtra
2. War
3. Cheque
4. Nug
5. Died In My Arms
6. Money or Hate
7. Tell Me ft Alisha Bennett
8. Clio Ft. Young C
9. You Don't Know
10. How You Livin
11. F’in Riddim
12. Banga
13. Killin Em Ft. Words
14. 2016
15. Alright
16. Wot Would U Do? Ft Hazard
17. Sometimes
18. U Make Me Wanna
19. Who’s Da Best
20. Rebore
21. Breath
22. Sound Man
23. London

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blag of the Century (Shockingly Good Nike Blag Inside)

Earl, My name is earl

Disclaimer: First of all, I hope no-one from Nike is reading or their respective PR companies. If they are… fudge it… you would have done this too.

The blagmondo actually went down on August 25 2006, but when you read on you’ll know why it’s only now I can speak of it. Ok, so the main players of the RWD team and yours truly were at the Festival of Air with Dizzee Rascal, Jazzie B, Norris Da Boss and peeps. Oxford Circus and Niketown had never looked so good. Free drinks were flying and celebs were mingling (well when I say celebs, I mean Kelly Osborne. When I say mingling, I mean getting papped at the entrance and going STRAIGHT upstairs). [Pictured above 'Earl' from My Name Is Earl? I don't know if it's him but I took a pic anyway].

Being press, the team and I had access to the artists on the line-up to talk Nike and other such Nike-like nonsense. Why am I telling you this? Well when we went upstairs for the interviews (which later took place downstairs) we noticed an exclusive floor that was celeb-only for the night.

Ok, so I’ve done my interviews with Raskit and the others and the night is now winding down. We slowly start seeing VIPs (British runners and TV folk) holding massive Nike bags and oozing out of the premises. Now with the tremendous knowledge that there are TWO sacks of goodies, myself and my wingman Raj Kapone weren’t feeling just going home with the regular bog-standard bag (which contained a half-decent t-shirt).

After skanking to Newham Generals it swiftly ended and we found ourselves outside (due to alcohol consumption the details are limited here). Holding merely t-shirts, posters and booklets and with flashbacks of the good-goodie bags, we somehow NEEDED to get back inside and claim our prize. At first the bouncer was NOT having it!!! Imagine an 8ft 7 black dude shaking his head at you – remember if he punched me, the result would be so bad in 13 years time my first born would come out of Jada Pinkett Smith’s womb with a dent on the side of his/ her head. But somehow we grant him some slippery lyrics and draw for the blag-o-matic 3000 to gain re-entry.

Ok so people were going home or cleaning up and we’re NOT supposed to be back inside (no re-admittance and all that). Raj and I made our way to the lift and got out on the celeb-only floor – another bouncer greets us!!! How did we get past him? To tell you the truth, I don’t know. He was pretty adamant we weren’t supposed to be there and we had to leave ASAP. I remember gripping onto my press pass hoping it would help, it didn’t. I said something about, “Blah blah blah, M**** from ***** *********** told us to come up here to pick up a bag or something.” He takes our second blag-pill with a glass of milk and cookies and we’re in.

The second floor is filled with more security, Nike staff and cordoned areas. Inside one such no-access area we see computers and people designing their own trainers… Now you know where this long-arse story is going. We waltz over to the Nike iD booths and try and sit down. Before each of our cheeks reach a seat, we’re greeted by another dude who says, “Sorry guys it’s too late, we’re packing up and you have to go.” Time for the third blaggy blaggy… Raj draws for the about to cry face and we drop another sob story. This one involved us having to be there to design some trainers and we were late because of something or other. The guy explains, “Erm, I guess we can do a pair. You have 5 minutes.” We take a seat and Raj starts designing!!!!!!!!!!! The trainers came the other day… blag over!!!

Nike iD Trainers

Nike iD Trainers

Why am I so pleased that I had a major hand in blagging a pair of trainers for someone else? Cos the whole time I’m sitting here writing this story, I have a £130 pair of Nike Air Max 360 on my feet courtesy of one of Nike’s PR agencies. How did I get these trainers… that’s a whole other tale.

True stories.

Big Narstie: What's the Story, Brixton Glory

A very interesting blend of grindie... and its FREE!!!

About to Blow - Mighty Mo

Moving nicely along in the series, About to Blow in association with MTV Base presents 24 year-old director Mohammad Ali aka Mighty Mo aka the force behind the Pow! and Murkle Man videos... words by Me!!!

With a name like Mohammad Ali, we weren’t surprised when the East Londoner told us of his previous potential career. “I used to be a boxer,” reveals the man known more commonly as Mighty Mo. “I even had two professional fights under my name. It was going well - until I busted my knuckle.” Pre-knuckle buckle, his opponents must have been shook when they looked at the card, but when they saw him, he laughs, they weren’t so scared anymore. “They would say, ‘Yeah, he’s pretty skinny. I can take him.’ They nearly did until I was biting their ankles!” So how did the ex-boxer turn into one of the UK’s most promising video young guns? For that we have to revert to his childhood. Like Mike TV from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Mo spent much of his early years in front of the box. “I’ll tell you the truth,” he says, opening up to RWD. “When I was younger, the babysitter would just plop me in front of the TV. To me then, it was just noise and flickering lights and stuff, but when I was older, say around 12, all I knew is that I loved the TV itself.”
Getting into the video direction game by chance, Mo remembers his first meeting with Hollywood was totally unexpected. “I used to hang around Beckton and Full Metal Jacket was shot there. On day one, one of the art directors came up to us in a 4x4, asking for a location [to shoot]. We showed him some derelict buildings and he loved it. He was really impressed and asked if I wanted to become one of his assistants over the summer holidays. I did it even though for a while I didn’t even know what I was doing.” Despite, ‘just running about and making tea,’ the budding lensman found himself loving everything, from complex matters like lighting to ‘simple things like waiting for planes to pass before shooting.’ With new cheap Argos camera in tow, Mo started putting together his own short films. “I would go into my local college and just hassle them. After a week and a half they let me in and I learned the basics.”
From those early days of doing Matrix remakes and looking up to Hype Williams and Chris Cunningham - which he still does - Mo has progressed and thrown himself into learning the craft. “I got a random bunch of rappers from around my area, turned them into a crew and made their video,” he says of the first vid that made it onto satellite. “I started charging more and more and thought, ‘Rah, I wanna be a director.’” Mr Ali soon found himself working in LWT studios on daytime projects but the big break came when an MC called Lethal B came knocking. “I showed him my work, he liked it and the next thing you know we’re meeting in a KFC car park talking about a tune called Pow!.” Knowing little but liking a lot, he went to work on a budget of ‘peanuts’ but he still went all-out with it. “I got my friend who does professional lighting, someone’s Dad who does camerawork for the National Geographic channel and mixed that with some people off the street.” That video, as we all know, became one of the grime scene’s most iconic. And memorable. That is until the Murkle Man video came along. “Jammer showed me an image, [RWD’s Issue 44 to be exact] and said he wanted it to be like that. It went from there.” Thanks to the video, that track has blown up the underground leading Mo to work with Plan B, Cream Cartel, Bruza, Choong Family, Blazin’ Squad (if that counts) and many more.
Due to his talent and graft Mo was recently snapped up by a big video production company, Draw Pictures. Getting all retrospective, Mo leaves RWD with a few down-to-earth words, “I’ve seen guys older than me get me cups of tea. That humbles you to think where you’ve got to, and right now there’s lots of work coming in,” he concludes. “I just wanna keep learning and living the dream.”

Look out for Mo productions on your terrestrial box very soon and keep checking or Catch Mo on About to Blow on Sunday September 24 at 7pm on MTV Base

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pics From Skepta's 24th Birthday... 'It's A Lot!!!'

Are You Dumb? BOY BETTER KNOW!!!

Big set from Plastician!!!

What is Chewy Doin'? Big set though...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Quote of the Week - Where you calling from?

As you know, minus Baghdad the RWD office is the maddest place to work. In-between throwing paper at each other, cussing Dacre/ Hattie/ Nesha/ Me and making the latest members of our work experience clean our feet, we're busy constructing the best magazine on God’s green earth. From time-to-time we may need to answer the phone.

Now answering the phone can range from a DEADOUT call to a trip to America (the latter is mostly in Hattie's case) so it really is Russian roulette. In one such game of RR Chewy was dealt a cruel blow... An iiiiiidioooot!!! I overheard most of the following conversation:

Chewy: Blah blah blah something about advertising.
Iiiiiidioooot: blah blah blah
Chewy: So where are you calling from?
Iiiiiidioooot: I'm calling from a phone!
Chewy: You're calling from the phone?

I obviously didn't hear the quote itself but Chewy wouldn't lie... Would he?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

MOBO Duo-light for Bailey Rae

Last night RWD saw with our very own peepers Music of Black Origin celebrated in… London’s Royal Albert Hall. The home to concerts and swish events never looked so good (we’re sure the ballets and sh*t look amazing but that just ain’t us). The 9pm kick-off turned into a 9somthing one for most of the audience, the majority were on BPT. The biggest plus of the night was from host Gina Yashere who was very funny from the off… but what was Coolio on? For those post-Gangster’s Paradise youngsters that don’t know who Coolio is and why was he there, don’t worry neither do we.
The first performance of the night came from Bajan beauty Rihanna; who gave us a live version of Unfaithful – which apparently sounded better on BBC Three. As we sipped on champs, wine and anything we could find in our second tier boxes (please note the word ‘box’ is plural, you know how we roll) we also witnessed Corinne Bailey Rae who was definitely ‘Like a Star’ that night. Coming straight from her US tour the Leeds native let loose with Put Your Record On and shone with her band – just before collecting Best UK Newcomer and Best UK Female.
Those who eventually found their seats soon injured performances from former Destiny’s Childer Letoya who was unfortunately upstaged by her dancers. Lack of post-start alcohol soon had the better of the crowd who later boo’d her former band member BeyoncĂ© – as her name was read out for Best International Female. Please note, RWD did not boo, as most of us were too busy looking for more expensive crisps. Another highlight soon had us clapping though as Lemar scooped Best UK male and performed with the aid of pyrotechnics his latest single, It’s Not That Easy.
Last year’s winner Sway upped his speed and performed (you guessed it) Up Your Speed alongside Pyrelli. Just before he came out, the helpers crashed his Ferrari-based props into the set but that didn’t stop the swaying audience stand up and dance (at the shaded madman Coolio’s request). Despite losing out to Akala for Best Hip Hop Act it was another and rare plus, maybe he'll win next year. That’s probably what Busta Rhymes, Kano and Kanye West are thinking too. Meanwhile Reggie Yates was speaking to the likes of Jamelia, Keisha White and Westwood (if anyone can translate what Mr Pimp My Ride UK was actually saying please send a transcript to [subject: WTF], here’s a hint – something about having the same colour laces as his Lamborghini???)
After the event we made our way home or to the Piccadilly based afterparty – where Sway and others mingled as one big happy family. As you can see from lack of afterparty gossip I made my way home. Members of the team tell me it was very cool and the only goss’ I have is that there were FREE Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I wish I went now.

True Stories

Words by Danny ‘I Should Have Gone Straight For the FREE Doughnuts’ Walker

Catch the 11th MOBO Awards on BBC1 tomorrow at 11.35pm for more info check

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Enough Already [Sept]: Shockingly Sh*t Birthday Presents

F*cking hell, Nan!!! I know lifesaving hip replacements cost a pretty pensioner’s penny but you need to put your teeth in, zip (ok, zim) down the shops (benefits book in [withered] hand) and exchange this jumper for a PS3 or somin’... [Taken from RWD Magazine]

First off – on behalf of Cash Converters – thanks for the prezzies we got 12 months ago. Being our Fifth Birthday issue, we thought we’d warn you we’re not accepting any gifts from the gutter this year. Stash your knitted cardigans, commemorative cards, emails and letters up your arse. We need you to think bigger... think better... think b... just spend some more bloody money. Just look at the tat above; a hot water bottle, a Napoleon Dynamite keyring, Jake The Snake action figure, stankin’ aftershave, a frickin’ passport holder, a deadout England cup, crap caps and creps, waste books...DEADOUT.

Here are your new Rules of [High Street] Engagement. Keep the receipt. In fact, before you even spend two month’s wages on RWD know this; if it didn’t take an experienced team of Chinese or Koreans years to conceive, we iz not interested. If RWD can’t text (or see The Queen’s face) on it, we don’t wanna know. And if it don’t make Stevie Wonder even blinder with one catch of the sun’s beam, take that sloppy sh*t back to the shed from whence it crawled.

That’s right, for the big 05, we can tolerate cash, bling, expensive electronics and/ or a verbal/ written contract that RWD own your soul (whichever is of higher value). ‘I.O.U’, vouchers of low denomination and any kind of ‘artistic’ homemade crap will be taken as an act of war – and ask Touch; we don’t take prisoners.

After putting the word out, we found it’s not just our b'day mailboxes that have been spammed with debris from disrespectful (and conveniently) distant relatives.

Is Low Deep Losing His Touch? ('Forever EP' Under Scrutiny)

This posts’ for the vinyl junkies out there. Much like me, you don’t wanna be spending your Post Pocket Ps on vinyl that ain’ts NO gOod!!! I’m not saying this Low Deeper joint ain’ts NO gOod!!! But on the first few listens, one has to ask… Is Deep losing he’s midas touch? Listening to the Forever EP, it seems the guy from L-Town [Luton, for those who haven’t heard him spit] isn’t really on-pointage like usual.

[Pic Explanation: For a Low Deep EP image, I gooooglised ‘Forever EP’ and a pic of Oasis’ Live Forever EP came up… I thought, ‘What the hell’, plus it’s got you reading, so I guess it worked.]

Even he’ll admit, it isn’t the mammoth Straight Flush or even close to Get Set but it does have its ups like, Naturally and… erm... Naturally. Roll on the next one I’d say… To listen or more info, get on over to or [coming soon].

Post Pocket P Alternatives…

- Skitz Beatz’s Battle Riddim - there’s something 'bout that beat and Tempah’s ‘Swiiiiiiing’ bar, or just… “That boy there, start jackin’ him.” And don’t forget Skepta’s bars on the flip, “Lick off your head like Guinness and Fosters!!!”

- Black Jack, Oh Yes - two simple words explain this track… ‘Oh’, ‘Yes’.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Russell Brand's Got Issues

Tuned into Russell Brands new show Russell Brand's Got Issues and it was simply ok. Actually, it was very good... The way he has a certain randomness about him puts a smile on my e45'd face. I think his drugged up background and wayward youth, come over EVERYTIME he's on the screen. On the E4 show he managed to quiz Her Majesty - the cig weilding Lily Allen, verbally abuse a BLIND woman and turn a usually boring timeslot into something worth checking out...


Sorry... Micro article paused as Wiley tells me, "His school had the best cake and custard." as I listen to Tunnel Vision - Volume 2 via the power of the video iPod. Resume...


So where was I, oh yeah... Brand - despite the haze of controversy he is surrounded in - oozed confidence. Unlike Charlotte Church's Friday night nonsense, I will be tuning in again.

Lost... What's Going On!!!

Just watched THIS WEEK'S Lost and as usual, I'm confused like a baby seal. Each episode I nearly turn over to E4, but something inside says, 'NO!!!' - Much like when Ashley Cole goes to brush his stinking teeth.

Quote of the Week (Last Week) - 10p A Word!!!

I was gonna give the prestigious 'Quote of the Week' to Target and his amazing line, "He ain't one for turning up for much." in regards to Wiley's lack of repping for Roll Deep press calls. But a man that many of you know has come up trumps again. Yes, you guessed it, your boy, Raj Kapone. He just can't help himself.

In a conversation with Hattie Collins, Boywonder, another work experience soldier and myself, RKD surpassed himself.

Conversation went a bit like this... [Setting; A dungeon-like office by London's Bridge].

WE: So Hattie, as you do a lot of freelance work for a few magazines [approximately 56] how do you get paid for all of that? Is it by the hour, word or per article?

Hattie: Well it depends... [something about all the mags... ] Some pay per article, some pay per word... [I wasn't listening too tough, well until Raj dropped this beauty]

Raj: Per word? They must have to hire a person to count all the words... [Then he chuckles - by HIMSELF]

DW:[My ears prick up and look at him...] Erm Raj, its called Word Count!!!

And that concludes another 'Quote of the Week'. Tune in on Friday for 'The Explanation' aka 'NONSENSE!!!'

True Stories

Wiley Talks ‘Tunnel Vision’

If Ruff Sqwad's Tinchy Stryder is the 'Prince of Grime', then many would consider Wiley their King. Eskiboy lowers the drawbridge and gives RWD an exclusive interview...

Roll Deep DJ/ Producer, Target aka Mr Aim High, pretty much sums it up in the forthcoming and most in-depth RWD interview (out September 15) by stating, “he’s not one for turning up for much,” we agreed and tracked down the in-question E3 Soldier. In his native dwelling, the studio – which has been his home for the last 6 months-or-so – he explains what he’s been up to, “Putting together Tunnel Vision 1-5.” Ahh, that explains his absence from… ‘the scene’. He goes into a little detail, “I’m here right now [in the studio] making sure the Tunnel Vision’s are right. There’s like 20 tunes on each CD and I’m putting out videos. The Gangsters video is coming soon.” We immediately ask that all important question, ‘So when will the first Vision be coming out?’ [Warning the answer you are about to hear may send you into a catatonic shock, as it did us]. He clears his throat and gives us the heads up, “They’re all coming out each week, one-after-the-other; Volume 1 is out on Friday (08/09/2006).”
After that eskiblow, members of the team (mainly Kapone) have been regularly checking and We now know that Tunnel Vision Volume 1 was actually available as a FREE download on the day he said. That makes a pleasant change in the world that is grime. All the tracks (in radio quality) are now available as a PREVIEW online. Remember, if you want a CD quality version, you need to BUY the CD [].
So back to Wiley and his all-important views on the follow up to Da 2nd Phaze. Knowing the Tunnel Vision mixtape series is the preview to the much anticipated 3rd album (to be heard sometime in 2007), what will we hear in the LP trilogy? “A lot,” he warns. “That’s why I’ve been in the studio working.” Not having the best of luck with labels – previously leaving the same label ex-Roll Deeper Dizzee Rascal is currently on, XL Recordings – Wiley (Boy Better) knows the guys with the deep pockets can help when they want to. “I’ve been label hunting and there’s been a lot of interest from a few of people.” As always we’ll give you the goss’ on that first, as and when the ink dries.
Now at 27 years of age – which to many of his mic-holding rivals, ‘is a bit old for grime’ – Is Wiley Kat the granddad of grime? Will he be seen with a pipe and slippers at the back of Morrison’s? Is he on a funky house tip? “No,” he boldly states as we rejoice, “You know what? funky house is good but I don’t wanna hop. That would be like I’m going on cowardly. I’m keeping it as eski/ grimey as ever.” We rejoice again. “Right now, I’ve got to concentrate,” the recent member of the proud fathers club enlightens, ”I’ve got to concentrate on myself and my daughter, cos I’ll be drawing a pension soon; I’m 27.” We sensitively touch on what type of father he is/ will be in the future. “It’s difficult sometimes, you gotta try and get things done,” and the longevity, “I’ll always be there.” Respect.
So what’s next… The impending Tunnel Vision – Volume 2 for one. We speak to him about its best track so far, the ridiculously massive radio wave destroyer, Pump Up Tone Up. He proudly drops, “Yeah that one was produced by me,” and why feature an old bar from Mr Rascal? He lets loose, “It’s just in memory of Diz, for the times when he was good.” Ahh, ok.
Lastly, known for bringing people through, who’s next to graduate from the EskiAcademy, “There’s a new girl artist Caramel Brownie coming through soon. She’s like a girl version of Wiley.” Interesting… [imagines a female Wiley in the scene, who also doesn’t like interviews/ photo shoots and people who turn their back on the scene]… almost as interesting as the 3rd album he’s waiting to get the right figure for, he leaves us with, ”I’ve had some offers, but I think I’m worth a bit more, so I’m just waiting.”

True stories!!!

For more info check out and Make sure you read the Roll Deep interview in the October issue of RWD [out Sept 12].

Monday, September 11, 2006

Tunnel Vision - Volume 1 (First Listen)

Last week when I spoke to Wiley, he said that Tunnel Vision would be out at the end of the week... naturally I DIDN'T believe him. Little did I know, I'd be skanking on the train once again...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Quick Review: Slew Dem Crew Presents... Non Stop Working

Tempah T

Non Stop Working

Slew Dem Productions

Cert N/A

The ins-and-outs of Slew Dem are captured across two DVDs and an 18 track mix CD. The audio selection features, the street bonfire starter aka Way Down The Roads and some more sick-off riddims. At time of purchase its always overlooked the added CD but, believe this needs to be listened to. The video footage spans across the UK, following the antics of Jammer (known to many now as simply Mr Murkle) and the Slew Dem tugs. Chronik starts and then joins (now-incarcerated) Pit with a deep intro – the day before his trial. Live sets from 333 and Copyright are real incisive as well as behind the scenes of RWD’s April Enough Already ‘Grime’ (we’re still not sure if they understand). The best part comes when semi-drunk Tempah tries to ‘Swiiiiiiing’ for Knuckles, and Jammer is the stirring ‘ref’ in the middle. V.V.V.good for fans of grimage.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Logan Sama’s War Report!!! Oh Shit!!! Devlin Sending For Wiley!!!

Did you hear Logan’s show last night? (04/09/06) This week’s War Report only had ONE massive freestyle and that was from The M.O.V.E.M.E.N.T. and OT Crew’s Devlin… Oh shit!!! He murkled Rapid’s beat… I can’t remember exactly what he said but it was biggle.

I swear every year, half the scene sends for Wiley. I can’t even keep up you know, so it’s…

Fire Camp (Lethal, Fumin & Ozzie) Vs Wiley
Bashy Vs Wiley
Nasty Jack Vs Wiley
The M.O.V.E.M.E.N.T. (Wretch 32, Ghetto, Scorcher AND Devlin so far) Vs Wiley
Cold Blooded (Revolver) Vs Wiley

Then Wiley replied with a half-decent 6 minute dub, including the line, “Fuck it my hair needed waves so I brushed it”?!?!

Monday, September 04, 2006

RIP: Steve ‘I’ll Wrestle A Crocodile ALL DAY LONG’ Irwin

Seriously… Rest in Peace, and condolences to his family. I was looking all over the net for a quote which would sum him up. I found this, "It is all about perceived danger. In front of that crocodile I was in complete control. Absolute and complete control. That is my profession. I would be considered a bad parent if I didn't teach my children to be crocodile savvy because they live here, they live in crocodile territory." – That was from 2004 when he was feeding a croc and holding his son in the other hand.


Who Remembers When Justin Timberlake Used To Be A Dirty Geek!!!

^^^ Oh, shit!!!

For some reason, I'm reminded by this...

Love this scene...

Which CDs Would You Choose?

Which would you choose?

Ok, I’m in a Virgin now (no not like that… if only), they’ve got a three CDs for £15 deal going on. You know the job I have I rarely by album CDs, it’s been mainly mixtapes and vinyl for a while now. So I thought I’d add to my half-decent CD collection. I actually just want some hard copies of albums I have on my ‘Pod. Don’t ask why, I just do.

So, which would you choose?
Dr Dre – 2001
Usher – 8701
Michael Jackson – Off the Wall
The Streets – Original Pirate Material
N*E*R*D – In Search Of
Justin Timberlake – Justified

Remember your budget is £15 and you can only pick three?

Junk Email of the Month - August

Junk Email of the Month - August
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

I am delighted to write to you. My name is Mary Sandra Allen, I am sorry if this mail will come to you as an embarrassment or a surprise, I just felt like empting myself to you, after reading your profile, I decided to confide in you, as am faced with total frustration and hardship. My Ernest prayer is that you find this mail in good health and blessings. I am presently residing in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. I left my country with my father after the death of my mother during the war in our country and we came here because my father owned a business here,(cocoa business), during the going political crisis here which has turn out into a civil war since 2003, my father was attacked and killed here at the hit of the crisis as the rebels were...

...Secondly, my late father confided in me before his death the sum of $8.5 million dollars which he deposited with a bank here in cote d'ivoire. I will want you to help me see that this fund is transferred out of this country because of the war here. My father confided so much in me after the death of my mother...

...i will also suggest you ask the bank to provide you with a lawyer that will represent you here because am a small girl and i really dont know much about transaction. I know that this is our first mail, but I have decided to confide in you from the choice of your word on your profile. I want you to know that for years now, I have lived in absolute frustration, tires and pains without any person around me, no parent, uncles or friend, but God had kept me until now, which I believe that I will smile once again...

...Thirdly, I do not want to attach myself to you out of desperation so that I do not get used Rather I intend you helping me to see that this money as I intend living for your country to start an entire new life and complete my...

Thank you. e-mail me :



Who comes up with this shite?
I bet its a little spotty bald man in a little room in Nottingham. This is the longest junk email I've ever received... I had to cut it down... NONSENSE, I hope the spots on his forehead explode into his cereal. About I'm gonna give you my bank details. I tell you what I will do, I will pass YOUR details onto my Spam Protection so your email will be 'filed' immediately.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Friday: Jammer and Slew Dem Pass Through the Office

With a few members of Slew Dem in tow, Jammer’s visits are always jokes, he always sits down on a table, has a read of the latest mag and busses jokes. Also he always has something to get off his chest too. Well during the day he has to replace the green ‘M’ with something. This time it was Photographers. “How the hell is someone gonna take my picture, then… CALL ME UP AND TRY AND CHARGE MAN Ps!!! For pictures of Me!!!” He shouts in the middle of the office, cracking us AND the sales team up. We didn’t have much to say. We’ll ask them for you Jam.

This link is you…

Thursday: Flirta D Passes Through the Office

Passing through with Skata on Thursday was Flirta D (aka Mr Done Did It) who dropped off a new mixtape 2000 & Rebore Sticks (which will thoroughly be listened to soon) – cos it wasn’t iPod ready it hasn’t made an ear drum appearance just yet.

Calling ALL artists… I need that tracklisting to be on some CDDB business man (cos sometimes I ain't gots no time to go be goin' through and editing your 500 track names). When reviewing the track pon pod, I look at the names.

Imagine... Track to Check: Track 31

Hold tight Nesha who wanted the Flirtspert to spit... (those grime groupies).

To read how Flirta draws chicks, read here...