Monday, April 30, 2007

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wiley, Frisco, Trim, Kano... Pure UK music!!! (It's a big look)

The last TWO weeks have been a lot (those that have seen the ever-changing will know why), I’m currently listening to Wiley’s Playtime Is Over [big], Trim’s Soul Food [decent], Frisco’s Back 2 Da Lab Vol.2 [big] and Kano’s mixtape [big but not enough grime, then again… who cares?]…

All very good CD’s in their own way, but I think Wiley and Frisco clinch it and are getting regular reloads. To read what Frisco had to say about the mixtape check Raj’s interview here.

While I’m here… hold tight the lovely Hyperfrank (I know where you live!!!), RWD TV (you’re eating ALL my time) and the guys over at XL Recordings (hmmm, what can I say?).

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wiley/ Eskiboy - Playtime Is Over

Wiley/ Eskiboy - Playtime Is Over

I now have a copy of this album that I will be listening to for the next FOUR days straight instead of a pokey room in Kennington - no offence Big Dada. Full Review soon come!!!
Ps - It's not 2% after recruitment blud, it’s about 50-BUMBERCLART-50!!!

Rampage - Anyone Seen This?

Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Boy, it's deep. I think it's out to buy everywhere now... go get it. Nice recommendation Tats and Chew.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

NASA, Is A Lot!!!

Check out Jammer and "the fan". This looked big!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Trim, Tali, Taliban, Trimbal, Trimvan... (the list goes on) Talks SoulFood Vol.1

It was a short trip to Canary Wharf – via a misinterpretation of the DLR – to hunt down ex-Roll Deep soldier Taliban Trim. In between him enjoying the heights of Nandos’ finest peri-peri chicken, he tells RWD what’s going down…

[The restaurant table is surrounded by Trim and a few of his associates] So how many names have you got now?
Travan, Trimvan, Tali, Trim, Trim Thug, Trimothy, Trimson, Trimmal Trimski… and I’m working on a few others too. Trimski is going to be next year’s one.
[Just as I ask the next question, he swaps his MEDIUM peri-peri sticker for his pal’s peri-peri HOT…] What’s that about. For the record Trim has medium chicken people.
[Table laugh] Yeah, cos, I just wanna enjoy my food. All the hot ting like bunning out my mouth. I just wanna enjoy my food.
So is this [Nandos] you on the regular?
Yeah man, love Nandos.
Loads of people would love to know… what happened with Roll Deep?
Before I was in Roll deep I was in a crew called Bomb Squad – they were my actual friends that I roll with every day and when I went into Roll Deep it was pretending to be everyone’s friends. I knew Scratchy from school so it was alright but I ended up having a lot of arguments with everyone so when I left Roll Deep I thought to myself I’m gonna go with my old friends man and do as much as I can for them before I go anywhere in this scene – that is what I’m doing right now.
Some of your lyrics are jokey/ comical/ clever – With the current situations going on, with violence/ gun/ knife crime – Do you think people can be won over with the lighter-comical side of things?
You know what yeah, it’s so easy to say this music reflects on the kids and reh reh reh. But if the kids had something to do there wouldn’t be much going on. There wouldn’t be much stabbings. So, basically it’s like putting a kid in a room with nothing to do… he’s gonna try and break out the room innit. So they’ve put us in a situation – they’ve called our scene grime innit so… it looks bad. It looks negative straight away.
So you don’t believe you do grime?
No, I don’t do grime. I do music! If it sounds like grime to you then you may call it grime but don’t call my music grime cos it’s not grime.
And what about all the hundreds and thousands of people who buy into grime and love grime?
Well you better tell them people not to buy into me then if they are looking for that word. It started from garage now man I don’t know why it’s grime man. I think it’s cos there are a lot of thuggish looks and all that but I don’t appreciate it man. It degrades us and it don’t make us sound better than what we are. How are you gonna move up if you’re name is grime like? You’ll always stay below it. Cos it’s called grime.
We see you there eating your MEDUIM “soul food”… What is the SoulFood Vol.1 mixtape about?
My mixtape is based on the fact that I’ve never had a club banger or nothing… and money. Money is the route of all evil but it makes the world go around. I haven’t made enough tunes that you could play in a rave. I’ve said so much stuff but I’ve never had a tune that you could dance to in a rave so, what I’ve tried to do with Volume 1 is get as much dance, head-bopping and that. Volume 2 is going to be more music. Volume 3 is going to be like a different side to me – I’ve obviously got a family and whatever and Volume 4 and 5 is going to be me trying to punch Crunch’s head in. [For the record – Crunch is sat next to Trim peacefully enjoying his chicken] It will be me and him back-to-back. He’s going Crunch Sound – Volume 1, I’m trying to get that finished, so that should be coming out with my Volume 3. If I ain’t got a record deal by then I’m gonna go mad. Every time I go mad at someone please don’t think to yourself that I wanna kill any of these people, so we’ll just leave it at that. I’m a normal person.
So who is on there and why are they on there?
Erm, Crunch, Quincy, Slayer all these people are on there cos I’ve known them longer than 10 years. They are all my friends. They are my real people. That is why volumes 1-5 will be the same as theirs. It’s just gonna have a different face in the middle. SoulFood is gonna be a big thing soon, it won’t be just my mix CD. It’s gonna be Crunch’s mix CD. We’re not looking for no [small] labels. We’re looking for Def Jam, Dre, Aftermath – someone tell Dre to send me a beat, I’m out here. Tell Eminem I’m here, I’ll clash him.
So why should we buy this CD and spend the £8 or the £6?
Do you know why? Cos it is worth more than they’re selling it for [laughs]. When I get SoulFood – Volume 2, I’m actually gonna distribute it myself, I’m not gonna give it to no shops cos I believe I can make more money man and I’ve got a lot of people that are behind me trying to help. I’ve finished Volume 2. It’s just waiting to jump in the shop. We’re in the studio every day. I have a day, Crunch has a day and the Circle guys will have their days in another studio.
What type of love are you getting on MySpace?
[Laughs hard] Dun know the MySpace!!! Yeah Man.

To find out for yourself check