Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is Low Deep Losing His Touch? ('Forever EP' Under Scrutiny)

This posts’ for the vinyl junkies out there. Much like me, you don’t wanna be spending your Post Pocket Ps on vinyl that ain’ts NO gOod!!! I’m not saying this Low Deeper joint ain’ts NO gOod!!! But on the first few listens, one has to ask… Is Deep losing he’s midas touch? Listening to the Forever EP, it seems the guy from L-Town [Luton, for those who haven’t heard him spit] isn’t really on-pointage like usual.

[Pic Explanation: For a Low Deep EP image, I gooooglised ‘Forever EP’ and a pic of Oasis’ Live Forever EP came up… I thought, ‘What the hell’, plus it’s got you reading, so I guess it worked.]

Even he’ll admit, it isn’t the mammoth Straight Flush or even close to Get Set but it does have its ups like, Naturally and… erm... Naturally. Roll on the next one I’d say… To listen or more info, get on over to or [coming soon].

Post Pocket P Alternatives…

- Skitz Beatz’s Battle Riddim - there’s something 'bout that beat and Tempah’s ‘Swiiiiiiing’ bar, or just… “That boy there, start jackin’ him.” And don’t forget Skepta’s bars on the flip, “Lick off your head like Guinness and Fosters!!!”

- Black Jack, Oh Yes - two simple words explain this track… ‘Oh’, ‘Yes’.