Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Interview with Will.I.Am on X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I speak to John Wraith…

I was shocked too when we found out everybodies favourite Boom Boom Pow’er is in the latest offering from Twentieth Century Fox. So I tracked down Will.I.Am aka John Wraith – Wolverine’s buddy – to talk all things thespian…

Hey Will, you’re nearly a movie star as X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens in the UK this week…

Yeah, I’m really excited. I hope I don’t choke. The director [Gavin Hood] said I did a really good job and Hugh Jackman said I was ok so…

What is your role exactly, what does John Wraith do?
He’s a teleporter and Logan/ Wolverine’s close friend. It’s a great role.

If you were going to have mutant powers what would they be?
If I was going to have mutant powers I’d be a teleporter.

Ah so you had the perfect role?
Yeah, cos you know a teleporter is faster than superman, right? Cos he [Superman] has to run and fly [laughs], I’m stronger than a lot of people cos… I don’t have to be strong. In can just go… [does teleportation sound]… and you’d be over there. I don’t have to move the plan I’ll just go… and it would be gone.

Pretty cool. Pretty cool and how would you rate your acting skills?
I don’t know. I don’t know [laughs]. Music is my world; acting isn’t really my world… I’m visiting it. I think I was a good guest. Would I like to be a resident? Hell yeah. I need to sit back and rely on their ratings of me but I was happy with my performance.

What was it like working with Hugh Jackman?
He gave me a lot of confidence. I had a few concerns but he helped me out a lot.

What were your concerns?
My concerns were that I’m comfortable with Black Eyed Peas, doing music with people that I know. With acting I suppose, I can only be myself and try things and try not to worry about it. Hugh and me just had a few conversations cos most of my scenes are with him so he made me comfortable. It was great. It was awesome.

Did you go for latte or beers between takes?
Oh no… no alcohol… I was focussed. We just talked and he gave me advice on stuff.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Twisted Originals - Tongue-Tied Twosome - Part 1

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