Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick Review: Wiley - Race Against Time

Artist: Wiley

Title: Race Against Time

Label: Eskibeat

For those fearing the Godfather was coming with another forced electro-follow-up LP fear not this is all-out 8 bar mêlée as far as the ear can hear. Yes, he’s back to what he does best, “Swinging in the market”??? For those hoping Wiley was finally going to drop a big album… we regret to inform you Eskiboy is a little way off. Glimpses of old include Off The Radar and Music I Like where he opens up over a piano rift and handclaps, but the whole mood is lowered during the poor track relapse in The Olly - which is a really bad attempt at a 90’s Ibiza club smash. Giggs and Tigga raise the levels with Zip It Up and in the Auto-tuned Time Flies By he addresses his previous label deal in one simple line, “I woulda been happy with the one lickle Rolex tune but the label they got too excited,” but overall this would be 1 out of 5 if it wasn’t for Where’s My Brother. Thank you Bless Beats.

Track To Check: Where’s My Brother


Monday, June 08, 2009

Quick Review: Bashy - Catch Me If You Can

Artist: Bashy

Title: Catch Me If You Can

Label: GGI

To say this 17 track ALBUM is long overdue is an understatement as we’ve put up with half-focused underground mixtapes from Ashley Thomas for far too long. UR Mum – Vol.1, Chuppa Chups and didn’t really say much about the artist or his place in the industry… unlike Catch Me If You Can. There is nothing like a versatile, HMV, iTunes and radio-friendly LP to get you noticed (not saying that the bigness and controversy of Black Boys didn’t raise his profile of course).The N-Dubz collab is the prefect feel good track for the summer, Before Before is big, Millionaire will grow on you like the show itself, Your Wish… flipped EVERYTHING, meanwhile Ransom gives that extra bit of grit. Not sure about some of the hooks (especially that Autotune thing four tracks in) but really feeling the flow, lyrics and confidence of the next Black Boy to blow. A must for music fans and/ or wannabe music millionaires.

Track To Check: We Can Do Anything Ft. Loick Essien & Jamelia


Friday, June 05, 2009

Quick Review: Skepta - Microphone Champion

Despite enjoying Skepta’s first LP, Greatest Hits, I didn’t actually have high hopes for the second. Maybe it’s the dwindling state of grime as we know (knew and loved) it, maybe it’s because I was SKEPtic about the impending weak hooks or the fact it would be Ed Hardy-reference-ridden or maybe… maybe it’s because there isn’t a crossover single to be seen on Microphone Champion. Yeah Rolex Sweep, Too Many Man and Sunglasses at Night (BTW - what the hell happened to the hook on the LP version???) are big but what next? Lush Ft. Jay Sean? Are you telling me that’s it Mr Adenuga? [Does thumbs down in BBK tee] On a more positive note, Disguise is over-jokes, Look Out Ft. Giggs is a grower and Oh My Gosh is almost Boy Better Know back at their best. Unfortunately for Skepta this album will be easily forgotten (sorry Skeppy fans but after all at the end of the day it’s all just Sticks and Stones).

Track To Check: Disguise


Big Brother 10!!!

Day 1

The first evening mainly involved the contestants going into the house and for the first time ever a woman wasn’t booed. Her name was Sophia and she’s crazy. The weirdest entrance went to Angel who confirmed that she may actually be insane when she rolled up like Dracula. When in the house, Big Brother soon told the contestants they’re not actually housemates. Yet. And they have to prove themselves worthy to gain access to the beds and the rest of the building. The first task of the series went to Rodrigo who shaved off Noirin’s eyebrows (which were non-existent anyway) and drew on a moustache and glasses to gain housemate status. And that was about it.

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