Sunday, January 29, 2006

Image of the Week - Wenger!!!

Image of the Month - Wenger!!!
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I'm an avid Arsenal fan... I just want some answers...

IT'S BAAACK: Junk Email of the Month - January

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Huh? Who? When? What are you gonna do to my wife!!!???

Anywho, this piece of garbage was taken out by Google's powerful Spam guard, it had an attachment but I'm not on loosing my hard drive due to foolish curiosity... (again lol)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

NOT AGAIN: iDJ Magazine follow in Vibe Magazine’s footsteps

Not ones to blow our own trumpet but once again your friendly neighbourhood Urban Music and Fashion Lifestyle magazine has, in our opinion, been catted.

If you can cast your minds back a few months to the middle of 2005 when Vibe Magazine’s Hollywood Issue hit the shelves. Remember, the issue with 50 Cent on the cover looking remarkably similar to our Jan/ Feb 2005 issue, which depicted Kano as his film idol Scarface aka Tony Montana. You know the same issue that former editor Matt Mason showed them months before they did the same thing...

Fast forward a few months and the same fate has been bestowed upon our popular September 2005 issue. The copy had 1Xtra BBC DJs in Del La Soul mode in a tribute to their legendary 3 Feet High & Rising album. After getting permission from Tony Pimlico the original designer of the 1989 LP cover, we feel our ‘3 Years Old and Rising’ cover for the BBC has been… Well… We’re not saying they’ve copied us but…

What do you think??? In reply a member of the iDJ team told us, “Ooops! What can I say except great minds think alike?!”