Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Russell Brand's Got Issues

Tuned into Russell Brands new show Russell Brand's Got Issues and it was simply ok. Actually, it was very good... The way he has a certain randomness about him puts a smile on my e45'd face. I think his drugged up background and wayward youth, come over EVERYTIME he's on the screen. On the E4 show he managed to quiz Her Majesty - the cig weilding Lily Allen, verbally abuse a BLIND woman and turn a usually boring timeslot into something worth checking out...


Sorry... Micro article paused as Wiley tells me, "His school had the best cake and custard." as I listen to Tunnel Vision - Volume 2 via the power of the video iPod. Resume...


So where was I, oh yeah... Brand - despite the haze of controversy he is surrounded in - oozed confidence. Unlike Charlotte Church's Friday night nonsense, I will be tuning in again.