Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Quick Review: Slew Dem Crew Presents... Non Stop Working

Tempah T

Non Stop Working

Slew Dem Productions

Cert N/A

The ins-and-outs of Slew Dem are captured across two DVDs and an 18 track mix CD. The audio selection features, the street bonfire starter aka Way Down The Roads and some more sick-off riddims. At time of purchase its always overlooked the added CD but, believe this needs to be listened to. The video footage spans across the UK, following the antics of Jammer (known to many now as simply Mr Murkle) and the Slew Dem tugs. Chronik starts and then joins (now-incarcerated) Pit with a deep intro – the day before his trial. Live sets from 333 and Copyright are real incisive as well as behind the scenes of RWD’s April Enough Already ‘Grime’ (we’re still not sure if they understand). The best part comes when semi-drunk Tempah tries to ‘Swiiiiiiing’ for Knuckles, and Jammer is the stirring ‘ref’ in the middle. V.V.V.good for fans of grimage.