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Fake N-Dubz Get Murdered via Comments on YouTube


The comments on this video are HILARIOUS!!!


"omg u sad sad ugly fucking pll man i fill sick u lot are fucking mingers"

"look at the fat purple slag lol"

TAKE TIME TO READ THEM ALL... you won't regret it.

Friday, March 06, 2009

OMG! I need help. They're giving me free ones now!!!

Seriously someone needs to start Krispy Kremes Anonymous. The London Bridge outlet nearly know me by name, they've been giving me FREE doughnuts too.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Which BlackBerry Should You Get? [Reviews Inside]

Move over Apple iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry is the new fashion accessory of choice…

BlackBerry Bold 9000
(From Free,

The Bold is simply sublime in terms of features, usability and lust factor. Despite the leatherette back cover, which feels like a cheap C&A briefcase, it is how all BlackBerry’s should be. Packed full of features like superfast 3G, WiFi, Built-in GPS and of course instant email it sets the benchmark for email-ready smartphones. With third-party (Documents To Go) software for Word, Excel and Powerpoint files you need never go back in the office again.
Buyability: The half VGA resolution 480 x 360 pixel colour display is perfect for movies, browsing and instant messaging your boss to tell him why you’re running late.
Longevity: The only lifespan issue is the 2MP camera. It’s not the best but it gets the job done.
The J Factor: Your friends will be so jealous it put a smile on your face bigger than the Joker on happy pills.

BlackBerry Curve 8900
(From Free,

This smartphone is refreshing from the moment you open the box (maybe even before). Despite the lack of 3G it puts my current phone, T-Mobile’s MDA Vario, to shame; in fact every time I go to sleep it tries to send 'Ha Ha' pings/ instant messages to it all by itself. The slender design, lightweight body and ease of use are a perfect introduction to a BlackBerry virgin like me.
Buyability: Instant email, 3.2MP camera with auto focus, WiFi, Built-in GPS, BlackBerry Maps, sleek design, petite QWERTY keyboard, 3.5mm jack.... It's a must.
Longevity: Depending on how chubby your thumbs are and your 3G requirements this should last you until you're at least 83.
The J Factor: Your friends will want this so much you may need new ones.

BlackBerry Storm 9500
(From Free,

Where do we start with the Storm? It had so much potential when we plucked it from the box. That wide 3.25 inch light sensitive TFT LCD screen drew us in, the promise of a 3.2MP camera with auto focus and innovative SurePress all seemed too good to be true. It was… the fact that you have to press the whole screen in like a button makes speedy typing and general navigation awkward at best. It’s a nice phone but even as a touch screen smartphone regular I was put off by RIM’s first effort.
Buyability: Love the widescreen browser, full BlackBerry functionality but dislike everything else.
Longevity: Taking pictures, typing and general navigation takes some getting used to.
The J Factor: Your friends will be jealous of the screen size but laugh at everything else.

The Stat Off:
BlackBerry Bold 9000

Camera: 2 MP
GPS: Built-in
Media: Media Player, Video Recording, BlackBerry Maps, 1GB expandable memory
USP: Instant Email/ Messaging, Keyboard backlighting and slick design.
Weight: 136 grams
Time to download 21.8 seconds
Picture Quality: As you can see Obama looks more washed out that the real Gordon Brown

BlackBerry Curve 8900
Camera: 3.2 MP with auto focus
GPS: Built-in
Media: Media Player, Video Recording, BlackBerry Maps, 1GB expandable memory
USP: Instant Email/ Messaging, 35 key backlit QWERTY and petite as hell.
Weight: 109.9 grams
Time to download 73 seconds (due to lack of 3G)
Picture Quality: The best of the three. Obama looks vibrant and the auto focus really brought across his determination. Yes We Can!!!

BlackBerry Storm 9500
Camera: 3.2 MP with auto focus
GPS: Built-in
Media: Media Player, Video Recording, BlackBerry Maps, 1GB expandable memory
USP: Instant Email/ Messaging, Touchscreen BlackBerry via SurePress.
Weight: 155 grams
Time to download 28.5 seconds
Picture Quality: Very flat image with limited colours (took ages to take picture too).

BlackBerry Vs The Competitors:
Vs. The iPhone:
Apple’s little wonder falls down in the document department so a BB upgrade could suit those who need to edit on the move. The iPhone still has the best browser and media player on the market though.
Vs. The G1: With all your favourite Google products bundles in a decent looking phone this Windows Mobile wonder stands up quite well to the BB. There is something dodgy about the LEGO-like flip out keyboard though.
Vs. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic: Nokia’s little touchscreen beauty has been on our minds ever since it was announced. With 8GB memory and a 3.2 MP camera which is capable of DVD-like video it could be the more fun choice for a slightly younger generation.