Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Love Live: Monday February 26

I was gonna go. Completely regret not going now, read Raj’s in-depth review by clicking the banner below...

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Monday, February 26, 2007

JME - Serious Remix

I saw it for the first time over the weekend - what a crazy weekend it was, I won't even go into it but let's say the TEN hour round trip (driving) to Wales was NOT the highlight - Anywho, I think it's good. The tune may have been around for a while yes, but face it... it's STILL very… "Serious" indeed. Well directed/ produced and big visuals. Let’s hope it’s the first of many… *Imagines the Tropical video with the Boy Better Know crew on a beach somewhere drinking peach flavoured rum-based cocktails*

For those who haven't seen it, see below...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Mega Talking Sense on Logans Show

Get on over to whatson.com click on Logan Sama and hear Mega talk about people on Channel U, "six videos deep and they're still doing the same thing." You have 'til Monday 26 to listen or it will be lost forever. You'll also hear a new tracks from Dizzee and Kano!!! Big Big Big!!! Also some So Solid classics.

Don't miss his TWO hour rant about repping UK!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

J2K's The Name... but Who Am I?

J2K’s back with a NEW mixtape… no it’s not called Heat on the Street Vol.3.7 and hopefully this time it will come of something. It’s called Who Am I? and it’s out real real soon. The title track Who? is big and a sample of the rest is featured on his MySpace, amateur or professional designers will also see a neat little comp where you can design the cover artwork. I might have a go especially with the extension ‘til Feb 26.

Plan B Ft. JME & Skepta - Where Ya From?

JME - Boy Better Know

Anyone heard this yet? It’s from the B-side of No Good. You know the Plan B single you bought on Monday!!! (Feb 19th) Anyway it’s big, get in your local HMV to reap the rewards. Here’s a little taster… click here. Whilst doing a three second You Tube surf I found this beaut… “NO MORE EATING FOR YOU NOW BLOOD!!!”

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Online Mixtape Review - Bashy - Chupa Chups Vol.1

^^^ Bashy's back (pictured above sporting an urban Brokeback Mountain kinda-look)

Bashy - Chupa Chups Vol.1
Label: Rags2Riches

A slightly more grown up Bashy returns from the juvenile heights of U R Mum Vol. 1. Mounds of film references, clips and quotes join host Masterstepz amongst tales of the roads and the "rags to riches" lifestyle. After a road life rendition of Mike Skinner's Blinded by the Lights, highlights include a version of Flukes' amazing Wifey Riddim titled How To Pick Up A Wifey. It’s a shame that the new material doesn’t eclipse Pryin’ Ft. Katie Pearl, luckily it’s included. Joined by the likes of Wretch 32 and Scorcher – and if you do actually, “get a free lollipop” like the North Londoner states – overall it’s a good look.
Track to Check: Pryin’ Ft. Katie Pearl

Get on over to http://www.MySpace.com/bashystar for more info

New RWD Mag Out Now!!! (Issue 63)

It's OUT!!! Very big issue, Mother's Day Special, featuring Mrs Adenuga!!! Oh and my mum too...

Robbie Willams: "Tryna Make Me Go To Rehab, I'm Like Yo Yo Yo"

The other day you may have heard the almighty ego that manifests itself in the human form of Robbie Williams opened up to the world and confessed he was going to Rehab. Actually I don't know if he revealed this or if it was some media witch hunt thing... I do know it got the globe talking. I don't really feel bad for Robbie to be honest... I'm sure if you or I were given a one billion pound record deal (this figure may have been rounded up to the nearest billion) I'm sure we'll do the same. I do however feel sorry for the unsung heroes and villains of rehab. The forgotten celebs likes of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown - about three people on this Earth care about their rehabilitation. Mr Williams has the universe wondering when he'll put down those expressos and quit his sleeping pill addiction. Maybe if he wasn't knocking down so many miniature Lattes he wouldn't need so many SLEEPING PILLS???

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Millenium Stadium... Here I Come

The tickets for Arsenal vs Chelsea have been purchased!!!