Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lady Sovereign is Alive!!!

After selling over 300,000 copies of her lukewarm debut Public Warming, Ess Ohh Vee is back. Although, she nearly fell off the face of the earth last year after suffering from exhaustion and walking off stage whilst performing in the States.

The last we heard from SOV was back in Feb 08 when she spoke to fans directly from her popular blog;

“I accidentally fell into a space, which I know was right for me. I had to find my self before it ran away from me. I will be back, as that dark time in my life has passed. I am a smarter person and much more creative inside. Now its time to let it out. I have been, but the determination is kicking in again, the same determination I had when I was 14. Wow years go by fast. Hope you guys are still with me.”

Don’t worry Sovereign fans, now she’s nearly back with her second LP, Jigsaw, and in the meantime she’s dropped a free download, I Got You Dancing

Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing

To download this stereo-friendly stop gap track, I Got You Dancing, click here

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cotchin Fridays: The New Xbox Experience (NXE)

What are your views on the new dashboard…?

After months of hype, reports and games-based gossip posted on several forums by people who think they know more about the Xbox than Bill Gates and his entire development team put together, Microsoft officially launched the ‘New Xbox Experience’ earlier this week. That’s right, Wednesday 19 November the Dashboard, Marketplace and Xbox 360 interface was changed, but was if for the better? Danny Walker takes a look at the changes and finds out what Xbox fiend MC Narstie thinks of it all…

If you haven’t updated already, it’s a simple, straightforward process.

‘Please wait while the New Xbox Experience update is applied’… and then a few moments later…

‘Welcome to the New Xbox Experience’ is closely followed by a pretty excellent intro. The screen is soon plastered in dynamic HD visuals where pixel-rich cars accelerate over elegant flowers and it culminates in what can only be described as a lava and firework eruption which devours your display. That fun part is momentarily overtaken by the new terms and conditions. These consist of 1000s of paragraphs, 27 actual terms and other bits and pieces that you can and can’t do. We’re almost sure these are double the length of the last set of T&Cs, if you can remember that far back.

After you ignore scrolling down and click accept to the new conditions (it will take THREE hours to read them all) you’re next asked to Choose an Avatar. Much like Nintendo’s Wii’s Mii, you select what your new online entity will consist of. In short; there are 90 different hair styles but only about nine selections of t-shirt and it is very hard not to make your character look like a special guest at a Graham Norton house party. In this sector you can also take a picture of your digital face and save it as your new Gamer pic… nice.

The New Dashboard…
- Welcome

What’s Hot – with videos of what is new (Mirrors Edge, Call of Duty, etc).
Xbox Essentials – stuff you already know like how the pad works etc.
New Xbox Experience – replay the intro video.
Hide Channel – does what it says on the screen. Hides the channels that you don’t use.

- Spotlight
Basically stuff they’re promoting from the Marketplace. The perfect place for Microsoft to get your money points.

- My Xbox

This is much like the old dashboard with your gamer profiles, game stats and system settings.

- Game Marketplace

Here you can play games with your new avatar characters.
A Kingdom for Keflings
– Uno
– Hardwood Hearts

- Video Marketplace
Here you can rent standard and high definition movies from the biggest movie studios…

Magnolia Pictures - Ong Bak and such.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM) - Carrie, Species and the immense Rocky.

Paramount Pictures - Iron Man and much more.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment - Interview with a Vampire and the Matrix Triology.

- Friends

This features all your friends in a weird police-like line-up. You can also have a LIVE Party??? (Which is basically a conference call with up to seven Xbox Livers). You can voice chat while you play games, share photos in real time and “entertain friends all over the world.” Nice.

- Inside Xbox
More videos.

What RWD like?
We do like the new use of the Xbox Guide button. This now gives you easy access to EVERYTHING with the touch of a button. Play your games, speak to friends and listen to music effortlessly.

Surprisingly installing games to hard drive is easy and pretty useful. After all the Internet chatter we though we were going to hate this new feature but… it did exactly what it said it would. Quieter play and faster loading times. Gears of War 2 took approximately 10 minutes to upload to the hard drive (taking up 6.7GB of space) so apart from renting movies there is a new reason for that spacious 120GB HDD.

What RWD didn’t like?
Those stuuuuupid avatars. They’ve been rinsed more than Paris Hilton. What’s next Microsoft a Light Gun? A brand mascot that looks like a green hedgehog? Or better still an overweight Italian Plummer? Come on…

Mr Narstie tells RWD his views…

RWD: Hello, MC Narstie, we contacted you cos we know you’re a big Xbox Live gamer…
MC Narstie: Hello, hi… top of the morning to you…
Hello… hi…
Yeah, I’m a massive Call of Duty fan, oh my days… and Fight Night…
Whoever is not on Call of Duty: World at War is a wasteman [laughs].
Wow, it only came out the other day, give people time…
It’s a religion man, it’s like Pro Evolution Soccer… I like to do all my skills on Pro cos I can’t do it in real life.
So what do you think of the New Xbox Experience?
Its ok you know. It’s some big daddy sh*t.
How long did it take to create your avatar? And did you make it exactly like you?
Of course!!! Sexy guy on the web. Definitely, come one man. I wouldn’t want to be a skinny computer guy!!!What are your thoughts on the New Xbox Experience?

Monday, November 10, 2008

JME - Ju Ju Man

Tenchuassassin and JME unofficially combine for what is my favourite video at the moment. Good spot Raj...

Chipmunk Ft Louick Essien - Beast

The effects on this vid are sick. Actually sick.

The Streets Tour 18.10.08 - Nottingham

Is Everything Borrowed?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hip Hop Support Pays-Off As Obama Wins Election!!!

Barack, the first African-American President…

Last night America rewrote the history books as Senator Obama became the first African-American President. With 338 votes to candidate John Mc Cain’s 155, Obama will be the 44th man to hold the top position in the White House.

As voters were about to make there way to the polls Mary J Blige, Diddy and Jay-Z all appeared on stage at a "get out the vote" rally, drawing in thousands of people who waited hours for them to turn up.

"Y'all know that this is a swing state right here," Diddy told the Pennsylvanian crowd. "This is gonna be the state that decides the election!" Diddy predictions came true as hours later Obama was declared the new President of the United States of America.

“The vision of the hip hop generation and its young people is in full and glorious effect tonight,” Russell Simmons told AllHipHop. “While many older Americans, who marched and struggled so hard so Senator Obama could run for president of the United States never dared to believe in his candidacy's real potential, young people, particularly the hip hop community, had faith and their imagination became our reality.”

Diddy was overjoyed as the results came in. "This is the proudest day of my life," exclaimed the mogul to AllHipHop.

The next President Barack Obama is ready to take office and told the Nation his views; “If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dreams of our founders are alive in our time, who still questions the power of out democracy, tonight is your answer,” he stated to supporters who had waited for hours in Chicago’s Grant Park.

What are your views? Can President Obama change America and then the world?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Interview With N-Dubz

See the exclusive footage here...

Darnell Links with Giggs!?!?!

After becoming a household name over the summer appearing on Big Brother 9, Darnell Swallow, the 27 year-old singer/ songwriter is now going …ARD!!! He’s recently linked up with BET Award winner Giggs and had this to say on his MySpace. “What up with it?! Been working on a collabo with Giggs, getting to know why he's a BET Award winner and the best upcoming rapper in the UK... check it out... Congrats on the BET Giggs. ONE LOVE. DaRnELL”

Here is the footage…

Will Darnell and Giggs takeover the UK?


Friday, October 17, 2008

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009: Essential Updates

Before you buy PES 2009, READ THIS FIRST…

The second leg of my Pro preview features everything you need to play PES to death this weekend. Yesterday we covered the things we noticed when we popped our Pro 2009 cherry and that was a lot (have a read). Today, we need to reveal the essential updates to make your copy sing and dance like Michael Jackson (hopefully, it will look better though).

Team and League Names…
Firstly edit the team names so that Merseyside Blue becomes Everton, London FC become Chelsea and so on. We all know who is who but if you’re clueless check out the squad names that are clearly visible in edit mode. This is like detective work for some teams but you’ll figure it out. You can also turn the ‘English’ League into the ‘Barclays Premier League’, which is handy when you’re choosing domestic clubs.

Team Kits and Emblems…
Kits and badges take a little longer to change but the new pixel edit mode makes it that little bit easier. Utilising the LIVE Vision Camera (you have got one of those, right?) you can take photos of kits, badges and sponsors to give your Pro that official look. You should see the Arsenal I made, it wasn’t too shabby. Doing all the unlicensed teams could take weeks, if you really want this you might as well buy FIFA; as we all know Evo is all about gameplay and Konami’s 2009 edition is just that.

Ok, so the squads aren’t exactly up-to-date but a few simple changes and everything will be as good as gold (like a winner’s Champions League badge).
Here are a few essentials…

Philippe Senderos – On Loan To – AC Milan
Armand Traore – On Loan To – Portsmouth
Mikael Silvestre – From – Manchester United
Justin Hoyte – To – Middlesbrough

Louis Saha – From – Manchester United

Manchester City
Robinho – From – Real Madrid
Shaun Wright-Phillips – From – Chelsea

Manchester United
Dimitar Berbatov – From – Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur
Roman Pavlyuchenko – From – Spartak Moscow
Pascal Chimbonda – To – Sunderland

There are more but I had to play Become A Legend mode. It’s so addictive I haven’t even started a Master League yet.

Last thing… If you’re pressed for time, make sure you sort out the team you support first, obviously fans of officially licensed teams like Manchester United and Liverpool don’t have to bother. And finally, we’ll see you online on Friday.

STOP PRESS!!! News just in: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is set to have a November update! The press release reads… The download will be available in about three weeks, and updates four Spanish sides – Athletico Madrid, Sevilla, Racing Santander and Valladolid, – all of whom will be officially licensed. Furthermore, it will also update the kits and team rosters of many teams within the game. The UEFA Champions League mode will also benefit from the new update, with twelve more teams added to the club list, with proper UEFA Champions League kits and kit markings added. Amongst the teams fully updated within this mode now will be Marseille, Juventus, and Basel.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009: The First Night

Last night was the first night of the rest my life… words by Danny ‘Evo’ Walker

Ok, so yesterday I opened a suspicious package and was rushed straight to hospital to my house to play Pro Evolution Soccer 2009. On the way, my creative cranium was carving out certain thoughts, ‘What if FIFA 09 outshines this year’s Evo outing?’, ‘What if I don’t like this year’s Pro?’ and ‘What if Bradley and Stacey never get back together?’ A very nervous journey home, I assure you.

With EA’s recently released football franchise improving tenfold it was a tentative start as the Lionel Messi featuring intro worked its magic on the Xbox in true 720p form (I need to upgrade, you’re right). After the first exhibition match – in new Champions League mode – I was clear the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is big. It’s deeper than the inside pocket of King Kong’s best dinner jacket.

The first thing I noticed that you don’t pickup in the annoying demo is that Pro Evo is slick. The new ‘Become A Legend’ mode is addictive as whatever Winehouse is on, hence the reason I was late this morning. After starting at a random non-league club I was soon snapped up by Sunderland, following that stint in the reserves I found myself being watched by talent scouts and during the Christmas break Newcastle came-a-calling.

From the 17th onwards…
When you get to play the full version on Friday you’ll realise each pitch feels different – especially Wembley – and the grass acts as an extra force of nature that will make or break your through balls. The re-worked passing model is exactly that, reworked and players no longer pass to Casper the Friendly Ghost on the touchline. You’ll also note the serious edit mode allowing you to pixel edit badges and more.

On reflection, last year’s Pro was a little lacklustre, 2009 features essential changes that make this the best Pro yet.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Long Review: Kano Smashes 140 Grime St Launch Party

Tuesday night was a grimey success…

Kano 140 Grime St Concert (IndigO2, London) 1

After months of planning from Kano, adidas and RWD Magazine the ‘Biggest Grime Event of the Decade’ was exactly that. Celebrating both the launch of the all-sporting adidas adiZones and Monday’s release of Kano’s 140 Grime St, this one-off event had a lot to live up to. Luckily everyone on the bill brought their A game…

Greenwich’s IndigO2 was the perfect (secret) location for the thousands of revellers to flock to and from the boxfresh trainers, blatantly new outfits and amount of gel we saw in the queues we instantly knew the audience of complimentary ticket owners had brought their A game too. To the sound of bassy beats blaring from the adidas adiZone vans the audience soon flowed into the venue.

When they arrived they were met with the eye-capturing visual display from VJing outfit the Frame Butchers and the hosts for the evening, Kiss 100’s Manny Norte and Shortee Blitz, were as lively as ever and got the crowd in the mood for what was about to be a great evening. Manny draped in beige adidas windbreaker and white-rimmed shades had the ladies – who’d camped out at the front, obviously to be as close to the main act as possible – shouting all sorts and participating in various R&B-flavoured dance moves. When the music stopped and the cloth over the drums had been lifted, the whole venue knew what time it was. Time to once again quench our Thirst.

Starting with My Everything, The Thirst strummed though several hits and the reaction from each was a good to see. “Thanks again to Kano for showing us love,” frontman Mensah shouted in-between the likes of Ready To Move and RWD favourite Sail Away. Rhythm guitarist Mark later revealed to RWD the bands delight at nailing another gig. “Yeah, they loved it man,” he explained of the Brixton boy’s reception.

With their uniforms (sharp black adidas tracksuits with a red band across the midriff) the Peridot dancers were next on stage. To describe some of their moves would be hard as it was just synchronised sickness in the form of dance. They seemed more than well prepared and the IndigO2 insiders ate up all of their Peri-Peri moves like they’d just ordered from Nandos. The Peridot dancers were great mid-act entertainment.

Logan Sama - dressed in the Argentina football kit with Tevez (11) on the back – made his way to the DJ booth and instantly dropped some modern classics. The likes of So Solid, Ms Dynamite and More Fire Crew were all blended together in quick succession and his solid set was only interrupted by wannabe MCs. For entertainment sake Manny Norte grabbed any guy from Slough and a few girls on the stage to see if they had the mic skills to represent… lets just say they didn’t… but it was hilarious watching them try.

Ruff Sqwad’s Tinchy Stryder - with hypeman Fuda Guy in tow - then showed why he’s a Star In The Hood and got the crowd into a grime-based frenzy. Distributing t-shirts as they went, Tinchy killed it with Stryderman and it was plain to see the forthcoming grime-a-thon would go down a treat.

Kano 140 Grime St Concert (IndigO2, London) AAA Passes

The main event kicked off with a 10 minute warm-up trailer. This was more like a behind the scenes movie and featured the ins-and-outs of putting together the event. Featuring a few surprise acting performances – like Ghetto working in Mr Jerk – it was a big start to the part of the show everyone paid their money for was waiting for. With footage of Kano looking nervous, throwing up and going though final plans, the East Londoner might just get an Oscar or at least a Blue Peter badge for his acting skills. Soon after the flick even Stevie Wonder – who just happened to be playing next door – could see that Kano had finally made it on stage as the roar from his dedicated fans was impressive.

Going through 140 Grime St nearly song-for-song, KA – draped in ‘where can we buy that?’ adidas – DJ Chopper, and producer-turnt-hypeman Mikey J had both levels of the audience glued to the stage. The live rendition of Hustler was really good but it was soon eclipsed by Hunting We Will Go as Ghetto dropped ferocious bars alongside Mr Robinson. The whole of the top level/ VIP area were on their feet and in the best position to see Skepta on the next track, These MC. Both going at it hard, Kano and Skeppy reeled off bars from the up-tempo riddim about MCs who simply can’t keep up. This was an immense performance and the fact that SKEPTA WAS WEARING ONLY A WHITE DRESSING GOWN AND SOCKS did the show’s culmination no harm.

Kane got a bit political as he freestyled at the start of the second half of his set. He unleashed: “If it wasn't for the Olympics them pr**** wouldn't have put money back in East London,” to a massive cheer that would have left Boris Johnson rocking in his VIP seat (had he been there). My highlight of the evening was when a camo jacket-clad Wiley joined Kano on Anywhere We Go and the two of them did the performance of the night. A big tune. The night continued with some Kano Klassics, like Bad Boy, Boys Love Girls (which both had massive responses), and of course the ladies favourite This Is The Girl (which even sounded good over the screams).

Kano 140 Grime St Concert (IndigO2, London) with Ghetto

The very end of concert saw Wiley drop Wearing My Rolex, Skepta unpack Rolex Sweep, Ghetto let loose Sing For Me and a belated yet brilliant Ps and Qs encore. A very big night was had by all, if only more grime events could happen to this degree.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Streets Then And Now

Skinner reflects...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tinie Tempah - Tears Ft. Cleo Soul (the video is crazy)

The new Tinie Tempah video is in and it’s quite something. Tears Ft. Cleo Soul is another big track taken from his ‘audio scrapbook’ Hood Economics - Room 147 and the RWD team can’t get enough of it. The video features cameos from the track's producer DaVinChe, Adulthood's Adam Deacon and more and it’s a stimulating watch from start to OMG-finish…


Tinie Tempah - Tears

Tears Ft. Cleo Soul is out 15 September 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is Kano A Hustler?

Can't wait to see this in full.

RIP Bernie Mac (Def Comedy Jam)

He weren't scared of you mother fuckers!!!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Kane Drops 140 Grime Street (ON CASSETTE TAPE)!!!!!!

This move is either crazy or genius, I still can't work it out. Kano has sent members of the press 140 Grime St. on cassette tape?!?!?! I literally had to jump into the Delorean to play the fucker. Review soon come!!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Friday, August 01, 2008

Sway - Signature LP (walkthrough/ interview inside)

When a UK rapper wins a MOBO, a BET, and gets nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, has three successful mixtapes, more features and radio appearances than the words ‘hip’ or ‘hop’, and still isn’t ready to slo’ down you know RWD have to investigate. Derek Andrew Safo aka Sway faces Danny Walker’s analysis of the Konvict Muzik situation, the effect of losing Kaya and Puffy, and why his barber has made the long-awaited Signature LP... Images by Andres Reynaga Styling by Nasrin Jean-Baptiste

“Do you want to listen to the album first?” wonders Run Music’s leggy legend, Ben Harris [AKA Sway’s PR, who you may remember got a special thank you on This Is My Demo’s liner notes]. The reply to this legitimate question was a weird one and I managed to combine two answers in an uncontrollable giddy fit. “Oh my go-yes-h,” I spat in the most unprofessional manner. Fortunately Junior and Bommer of Team Dcypha and the capped and chilled Sway – who entered the RWD office five seconds after the doppelclanger – had the 16 track CD ready. “He’s cool man; he’s really good right now. I’m healthy,” Mr Safo smiles confirming that Little Derek is doing just fine. “I’m ready to do it. I’m excited; I’m very eager and enthusiastic about releasing this second album, The Signature LP.”

As the headphones begin to waver under the thumping beat of orchestra-biased, Fit For A King (Sway’s swagger is fiery on this), I soon get the feeling that production levels have increased twenty-fold. “I don’t think there’s been a rapper in the country that has given as much as I have,” he states sincerely. “I’ve got a 22 piece orchestra on there. I’ve got at least another 15 musicians too, including Jason (Mark Ronson’s keyboard player), Amadoo (one of the best bass players in the country), June Brown (the best saxophone player) - she tours all over - and we have Silverstone, who is crazy on the keys as well. Even tracks that I didn’t produce, I rearrange. I definitely played my Virgo/ perfectionist role on this album,” he laughs. “I totally took them apart and put them together again.” This can be said of the next two tracks my ears are treated to, Say It Twice where he freakishly and funnily doubles up on everything. “That’s for American’s who can’t understand my flow. I created a track so they don’t have to press rewind,” he smiles. The other is the Sewuese-flavoured, Lemar-featuring, Shux-produced, first single; Saturday Night Hustle, which is one of the best as the ‘Maharishi Guy’ goes radio friendly and creates a potential chart crusher. “It was a banger before I put Lemar on it,” he insists. “I’ve got a lot of love for Lemar, there is a lot of mutual respect going on. He jumped on my album cos he was in my debt; I did his tour which was actually more beneficial to me but maybe we somehow managed to convince him it was the other way around.”

Sway and Dcypha are very convincing, especially to those born Aliuane Badara Thiam and go by the name of Akon. Much like TK Maxx, Sway’s been fighting labels for years. With each one trying to get his signature on the dotted line, how does he explain the Konvict deal? After listening to THREE sweet seconds of In The Morning Ft. Akon, (“I’m holding that one back, I’m holding it back”) RWD get to the bottom of it once and for all. “The deal is not as straight forward as everybody thinks. It’s not Sway signs to Konvict. I’ve worked too hard to just give it all up. Dcypha is still the label. It’s just that now we’re under a bigger umbrella on a worldwide level. Akon’s working on Michael Jackson’s album – which me and Bommer got a sneak preview of – it’s crazy. I’m also working on Akon’s single, so I get looked after, I’m trusted within the team, I fly out to different places just to link up with them and we work hard, I’ve collaborated with Kardi, on Pray For Kaya, it’s actually a family thing not just a straight, signs for Konvict. I am part of the Konvict Muzik family. That is official; the ink has dried on that.”

With my ears still devouring Sway’s latest and him making sure I don’t go back to hear that mystical Akon track (damn), I glide through more of the LP. Next up, that $tush saddled street smash F UR X which sits nicely with the rest of the tracks much like Up Your Speed did on ...Demo. Then Upload a gritty Terror Danjah follow up to, you guessed it, Download. After that was My Kind Of Girl Ft. 2 Face, a Safo produced tale of African parents excepting certain types of girls. As I listen out for the skits I come across the ‘new Charlie Boy’ on a self-titled, Sway-produced, Lauren Mason featuring, truth-filled riddim titled Jason Waste. ‘My name is Jason and I’m not gay,’ resonates from the opening bar and you can tell that his will be the anthem for wasters. “It’s the day in the life of a Wasteman,” Sway laughs as he overhears the intro, but something is wrong. Where is Kofi Annan’s pal? He can’t still be swimming to England can he? “Charlie Boy is still around; he’s still there and laying in the cut,” the slouched rapper answers as I grill him about the potential culling of one of our favourite characters. “He’s patently waiting for the right time to be back in the spotlight.” Phew, so he will feature on Signature? “It’s kinda weird cos the album is more musical, it’s more serious, bar Charlie Boy and Jason Waste and maybe Upload. It’s a pretty serious album so to incorporate Charlie Boy is gonna be quite difficult but he needs to make an appearance.” Yes he does, in a video eating tea with the Queen perhaps? We’ll watch that space.

As the personal playback continues I’m soon caught slipping, singing along to Man Of The Match, a footy themed, whistle-heavy track (“About me being Man of the Match”) and Stereo, a standout, bass-heavy monster. The hook is catchy like Chicken Pox. ‘Been around the globe, sailed around the seas/ I don’t really care about these silly wannabes,’ he raps over American producer Chops’ watt-worthy production. The explanation of Stereo is a quick and simple one. “That’s just battle rap Sway of old. I’m just showing off.”

Indeed but in terms of content, delivery and getting raw emotion on a song, nothing can be more so than the piano-led tear jerker, Pray For Kaya. This moving track details what was going through Sway’s mind as his close friend, the industry loved Queen of Clubs, Kaya Bousquet, lay in a coma. ‘We prayed for Puffy but God still took him,’ I hear in the first verse in between tales of the cinema going good times that they shared. There are several lump in the throat moments after the unhurried intro; ‘I just wish I could have called her on the phone that day and told her not to go,’ and ‘If you’ve got a bit of fire in you that means you got a bit of Kaya in you.’ Instead of giving up though, this Haringey-bred, Jonnies Barber regular turned negative low moments into positive ones. “It was only when Puffy died – he was one of my business partners – I thought I really need to step up the value and put in more money to make it something that people really remember forever and ever,” he explains of raising the bar. “Losing my friends like Kaya, Olu, my cousin

Kwesi, Banger and more all within the last 20 months, I thought it was God was showing all of us signs that this life is too short. Walk Away, which I didn’t play you, features one of my barbers, Father Noah. It’s a track about re-evaluating the situation, it’s not really an anti-gun/ anti-knife track, but it does spread the message about thinking twice before you act. You can end up in jail just wasting your life.”

After laid-back Look After My Girl Ft. Darren B and End of the Road a guitar-ridden track featuring Sting’s daughter, Coco, hit my ears we finish on Special Place. This is 6.03 catchy minutes of Sway ‘Taking music around the world’ and asking others from the scene to join him cos he ‘Can’t do this by himself’. After stop is reluctantly pressed, it’s easy to see that not only is Sway proud of his Ghanaian parentage he’s swollen with pride about this album. “It’s a product I am totally proud of,” he announces, sitting up in his chair and alert like he’s just heard the seductive siren of an ice cream van. “I’m gonna push it until the wheels fall off. This album is going to be a success. If I have to drag people out of their houses individually and take them into HMV, I’ll do it 100,000 times; I’ll do it.” After hearing 81.25% of the Signature LP it’s safe to say the UK’s No.1 rapper is back.

Saturday Night Hustle is out mid August and the Signature LP is out late August.

Quick Questions:
Biggest thing you’ve signed up for?

[Phone rings] Ah that’s Youngsta phoning me for his money for F UR X. I’m not even joking. What should I tell him? I’ll pay him tonight though. Big up Youngsta, he’s been so patient with me. I’ve been super-busy... The biggest thing I’ve had to sign for? Probably my distribution deal on the first album.

If you didn’t have this job, what would you do?
Probably be a politician or a fraudster. They’re the same thing.

Quality of Quantity?
Quality, my LP is value for money. There are 16 tracks on there. I spoke to Lethal Bizzle, I spoke to Kano, and everybody thinks that less is best. Bizzle said I should give ‘em 11 tracks and do a bonus CD a few months down the line [laughs].

Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Wii?
PlayStation 3.

Vocoder or live?

Facebook or MySpace?

Haringey or New York?
[Loud] Haringey.

Charlie Boy or Jason Waste?
Oooooooo... Jason Waste, cos he is new.

In terms of collabs: Akon or Kanye?

Run Music or All City?
Run Music.

Run Music or Dcypha?

Who does Sway's hair?

What is happening with the ladies?
A lot [laughs].

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hi Sushi...

Hi Sushi..., originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Are they taking the piss? Yo.... someone should tell!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boy Better Know JME Is Famous (audio inside)

This week sees the release of Jamie Adenuga’s 15 track album, Famous?. Following on from where his brother left off last year with Greatest Hits; this album is a collection of tracks JME has been made famous for. We all know about the likes of car perfect AWOH, Shh Hut Yuh Muh (which gets a Maniac refix this time around) and undeniable anthem Serious but with the inclusion of radio heat makers Punch In The Face and Standard this should be in instant purchase for any grime music fan. Recently he told RWD’s Rajveer Kathwadia all about Famous?, explaining it’s “all grime tempo music, but it’s not so grimy, but it’s what I want everyone to have. It’s something I’m really proud of… It’s a CD which is a stamp, so that when I’m 68 I can still show it to people.”

As the inlay says “Famous? I don’t know. I don’t care.”

And the tracklisting…
1. - AWOH
2. - 123
3. - Standard
4. - Show
5. - P
6. - Go On My Own
7. - Punch In The Face
8. - Road Runner
9. - Ghetto Superstar
10. - Famous
11. - Power
12. - Boogiedown Bass
13. - Sun, Sea & Sand
14. - Shh Hut Yuh Muh
15. – Serious

For more check myspace.com/jmeserious.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Riddims of the Week (14/07/08): Roll Deep (Do Me Wrong), JME (P, Standard)

JME's new album, Famous?, has a few treats, I'd thought I'd post some up...

Also ROLL DEEP are BACK!!!

Interview With Jermaine Jenas

RWD's resident Gooner Danny Walker, sits down with England and Tottenham Hotspur midfielder, Jermaine Jenas, at the launch of PSP Go!Messenger. The meeting of minds drifts from iPod (rammed with everything from grime to The Kooks), to his new baby girl (who’s made him a changed man), and why the digital version of him on Pro Evo looks ‘a bit funny’...

Hey Jermaine... how's it going?

Yeah, I'm good.

On behalf of the Spurs fans in the office, well done winning the Carling Cup. How would you rate your season?
[Smiles] There have been a lot of highs and a few lows. It's hard to look at it as a bad season cos you know, we won a trophy, but we have underachieved in the league.

And on a personal level?
It's been good. I got back into the England team; I scored in my first game under Fabio Capello, so I'd say it's been a good year.

Was scoring for England one of your biggest achievements?
It's definitely up there. Just getting the shirt was a great feeling and to do it at Wembley as well was great.

So, what were the lows?
We had a bad start to the season and unfortunately lost our manager Martin Jol, but our new manager [Juande Ramos] came in and he has done fantastic for us. So it’s been mixed.

You mentioned winning a trophy was obviously a high - sorry I'm an Arsenal fan by the way...
I thought you might be [laughs].

What was that actually like?
[Smiles] It was phenomenal. It was massive. You have to remember last year Arsenal... you lot [gives me stare], knocked us out. It wasn't nice. That stuck in our minds so we went out and just attacked both games and got what we deserved.

What made you want to play football?
For me it was Italia 90. When I saw England vs. Germany I think that was the day when I fell in love with football.

What’s your iPod saying? What is on there, now?
All sorts mate, all sorts. I've got hip hop - Jay-Z and Nas who I love - to things like The Kooks, Athlete, some Dizzee, some Wiley, some Skepta is on there too, trust me.

So you’re aware of the whole grime scene?
I've touched on it a little bit, at one stage nearly all of us in the England team and at club level were watching all the battles.

Apparently Shaun Wright-Phillips was hooking everyone up?
Yeah, him and Bentley. Bentley is deep on it to be fair. He used to bring in all the mad videos with the people battling and that...

Everyone hears footballers get a load of girls...
To be honest I've been with my girl now since school. I met her when she was a fifth year in college and I was a fourth year. So I have been with her since day really. She has helped me stay focused and do what I do. We've got a little girl now so...

So how do you relax? Do you play computer games?
Everyone is on Pro Evo. We have tournaments and stuff.

Who’s the best?
[Modestly] I can't help but put myself up there. To be fair when we were at the World Cup, Azza (Aaron Lennon) gave me an absolute hiding. He's never ever let me forget either. But yeah, me and him are probably top boys.

Who do you stick up front?
Henry goes on the right and then I put Sammy Eto up front. He's causes havoc up there, raw power and pace.

What do you think of the digital Jermaine Jenas?
He looks a bit funny; I'm not going to lie. The lads were telling me my lips were maybe a little bit too big, but it's all good. I just edit it quick.

Thanks Jermaine and good luck. But not with Tottenham...

Jermaine took part in the first ever virtual dinner party for the launch of PSP Go!Messenger, which allows users to voice, video and text chat via the Internet. Check gopspgo.com

Who would you go Head2Head with?
Probably Nelson Mandela. We went to his house with England and we all got to meet him. He was amazing. If you think about what he has done in his life, you couldn't even touch it in a Messenger conversation. It would be amazing.

And some raw video footage to go with. Warning, RWD did not film or edit the following clip...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Zoo8 (Zoo Thousand and Eight) ZOO8 - The Picture Review


Ok… this was the most important part of the festival…
Becks Beer (Bier)

Here are some Tigers…
Zoo Tigers

A lot went on in the Gig Junkie tent… most of it was nonsense. Whilst we were looking for ANY entertainment we came across this madness…
Zoo8 Z008

Here are The Mitchell Brothers…
Mtichell Brothers at Z008

And here… [insert YouTube link]

With NO DIZZEE RASCAL and NO WILEY, I thought the festival was much like the toilets… SHIT…Festival Toilets - Z008 (Part 2 of 3)

Festival Toilets - Z008 (Part 3 of 3)

Fuda Guy Has His Say

Fuda Guy Head Gone

On the eve of his mixtape drop, I speak to Ruff Sqwad soldier Fuda Guy and find out exactly why he's Head Gone. He tells us he just wants to go head2head with Michael Jackson...
"How's it going RWD. I'd love to go head2head with Michael Jackson. I'd ask him... 'Where did it go wrong?' na, only joking. He was a big inspiration for me, ask my mum. She'll tell you that I would stand in front of the TV, I had the glove, the tight black t-shirt, even the taped fingers. He was a strong inspiration and got me into music. I'd just ask him anything to get more insight on him. That would be a classic, it would be the biggest thing I'd like to do. Him and Rev Run actually. In the meantime, make sure you cop the CD. I've got a few collaborations in the pipeline and I'm working with people you wouldn't think I'd be working with. You'll definitely be hearing a different sound from me."

The Art of Cotchin' and Rollin' With Devlin

Devlin Looking Evil

Ages ago I caught up with OT Recordings' Devlin...
Hey Devlin. How old are you now?

I’m 18.
Yeah, it’s been about two years since we last got in touch with you. You cool?
Yeah, I’m just finishing off my new CD. which is coming out very soon.
Obviously, you’ve been repping both OT and The Movement, who are you officially with?
I’m always gonna be OT cos they’re from Dagenham and that’s where I’m from. That’s the manor. But Ghetts, Ghetts is my boy; I’ll always make tunes with them.
What is Devlin about?
I’m about repping my music and pushing myself to the limit. As long as people like what I’m doing and keep buying my music I’m gonna keep making it.
So what do you do in your free time?
I’m in the pub getting out of my nut or I’m chilling writing bars.
What is your favourite drink?
I like a pint of Fosters or maybe a cheeky little JD.
What was the last film you saw?
V For Vendetta. I loved it; I really thought it was sick. I’d probably give it five out of five. It was my cup of tea mate. It’s all about Guy Fawkes and what he stood for and that. It’s too much to go into, you’re just gonna have to watch it.
What would you say was your favourite film?
[Gets all animated] Probably… Chopper!!! That Chopper is f*cked in the head mate. There is a real life documentary after. He doesn’t even have any ears. Its not a f*cking joke. The geezer was off his head. Also Goodfellas and Donnie Brasco are good.
Do you ever get to go to the cinema?
[Laughs] I ain’t the cinema sort of guy. I’m just around the town.
If you did go to your local (cinema). Would you buy stuff there or sneak stuff in?
I’d sneak stuff in. I’m a poor little c*nt [laughs]. I’d be bringing in chocolate bars and everything; even though I’m diabetic.

Devlin Playing Nintendo DS (Grime MC)

After a stint on Mario Kart DS and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics Games we quiz Devlin about his gaming abilities. What did you think of those games?
They were alright. I didn’t do too bad. Mario Kart as you saw I won three out of four races [just getting piped by Koopa Troopa on the last turn of the last race] and …Olympics was joke. I’d give ‘em a four. I’d bang away at ‘em for a little while.
Are you into games at all?
I’m not really a gamey sort of person.
So you didn’t grow up on PlayStation and Xbox?
Yes and no. I used to play FIFA and that but I suppose everyone did. And I play Pro; that is it really.
Are you good at or a whipping boy?
[Laughs] I’m alright, I’m alright. I don’t play that often so I’m not saying I’m nothing special.
Who is your team?
Where did you get the name The Art of Rollin' ?
When I made all them tunes I was just smoking loads, drinking loads of beers and it was just hard work in the studio [laughs].
So why has it been so long for you to drop this mixtape?
It’s just life really. I’ve had a bad little year but that’s nothing I’m gonna jump back on it. Get back to where I should be.
Yeah get back on that…
I’m already writing for the next project, so don’t watch that.

Devlin Being Strangled By OT Crew

Who is on ...Rollin'?
Ghetto, Dog-Z, Deeperman, Smasher, Lewi White on the beats, Gravity on the beats, Ratchet made some beats, Shotz made some beats… There are quite a few people on there. There is one beat on there, I don’t even know who made it but it’s a deep tune. I called it . Whoever made it I’m sorry but it’s a nice tune.
So what is the best part about ?
That’s not for me to judge, that is for the people out there!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Smasher Has His Say

Smasher - Back In The Day

After hooking up with producer in crime Lewi White to provide beats for Ghetto’s Freedom of Speech and just before dropping his 10 track EP, Smasher (MySpace.com/smasheruk), takes a second to talk about his love for “Back in the Day” watches…
“In the day I always rocked a straight-up old skool Casio. It’s got everything you need; a stopwatch, alarm, its simple, basic things. I remember it didn’t stop there either I may have pushed the boat out with a Spider-man watch or a Turtles watch where it flips up. That was me I just kept it nice and simple. I wouldn’t say I was a fun of watches cos I’m not really into the big bling bling thing. If that’s what you like… everyone to their own, boy. I’m just on a laid back retro thing. Like with my footwear. Right now, I’m rocking some old skool Jordans – I’m a big fan of the Jordans – [RWD can confirm he was wearing a pair of speckled white, yellow and blue boxfresh Jordan IIIs, nice they were].”

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Monday, July 07, 2008

Riddims of the Week (07/07/08): Alex Mills (Beyond Words), Joker and Devlin

It’s been a big week of music; Dizzee going to No.1, Zoo Thousand and Eight (possibly the shitest festival ever), new ipod… the list goes on. These tunes are a lot…

Alex Mills – Beyond Words

Joker – Gully Brook Lane

Devlin – Paid My Dues


Big track, download it from next week... (14 July).

Thursday, July 03, 2008

90p shop next to £1 land...

Are they taking the piss? Under-cutting Poundland by 10p?

How cheap IS Hounslow?

Monday, June 30, 2008

Riddims of the Week (30/06/08): Dizzee Rascal - Dance Wiv Me

This has officially grown on me...

Dizzee Rascal - Dance Wiv Me Ft. Calvin Harris & Chrome

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tinchy Stryder - Stryderman

Is this very good or very average?

Chipmunk - Muhammad Ali

Sting like a bee...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Double S - From Day

Big tune - big like rock not small like pebble - but not too sure about the video yet. It's like a poor man's Fix Up Look Sharp.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Riddims of the Week (23/06/08): Jay Sean - Stay (Boy Better Know Remix)

Lifted straight from My Own Way - which dropped in May – Jay Sean is readying his new single Stay. Set to follow on from where Ride It and Maybe left off the R&B star has added a grimey refix to b-side. Sitting alongside the Soundbwoy edit and the Dubai Shadow dub is the Boy Better Know remix which features Skepta, Frisco, Chipmunk and Jammer

“I’ve known Skepta, Wiley and others for ages,” Jay said of the remix. “Long before the Rolex song. We’d always wanted to hook up on a track and I love what we did with Stay, completely spinning the sentiment around. Originally, the track was about trying to prevent a break-up, begging a girl to stay, but it was 5 lads in the studio and we were all like, ‘Yeah, so what, leave if you want to’.”

Stay is out in July. Watch out for a cameo from Jay Sean in Skepta’s forthcoming Rolex Sweep video.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

JME Gives Me "berr different" Jokes

Boy Better Know the marketing is on point.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lethal Bizzle Braves Muller Rice Bombardment!!!

Download Festival goers don’t "chuck" about…

Members of the RWD team know all about the Download Festival and its crazy vibe. Now Lethal ‘Police on my Back’ Bizzle is well aware too. The grime ambassador was on the metal festival’s Tuborg Stage over the weekend and there was a large crowd waiting for his music – well at least that’s what he thought. NME.com reported that as soon as the tracks started playing (1.20pm), the artist was pelted with plastic bottles and tubs of Muller Rice.

Whilst dodging Download desserts the grimester bravely/ crazily/ defiantly continued his set, despite being visually out of his depth. “We got setup didn’t we? We got set-up, motherf**kers! But we’re still gonna play!”

According to the report it didn’t end there. After Bizzle became more bizzed off he pointed to his bottle of vodka – neatly stashed in his pocket – and joked; “my bottle's glass.”

Footage from NME.com…

Monday, June 16, 2008

Riddims of the Week (16/06/08): Wiley, DJ NG, DJ Q & Joker

There are a lot of big tunes at the moment. This is what I’m currently feeling…

DJ NG – Tell Me Ft. Katy (DJ Remix)

Joker – Snake Eater

DJ Q – You Wot Ft. MC Bonez

And of course, Wiley gets a mention. You got Grime Wave yet?
Wiley – Where You Gonna Run To?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Arsenal Kit 2008-2010

Will I be making ANOTHER kit purchase?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quick Review: No.Lay - No.Comparisons

No.Lay - Jumping

After rightfully tearing apart No.Lay's last CD, The New Chapter, I thought I'd give this new CD a chance - after all she did bring us No Help, No Handouts and more recently Swagger.

Here's the review...

No.Lay - yes that's how its spelt now, shut.up - returns with a much meatier meal compared to her last measly morsal of a mixtape, The New Chapter. Big beats, chunky concepts and a destructive flow combine over 20 tracks. J2K, Badness, Bashy and Ghetto all add to the best material Lay's done in a while. Playing The Feild, The Latest, Here for Life Ft Bashy are killers, this is much much better from the south London spitter.
Track to check: The Latest

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sway – F UR EX


Bashy - Kidulthood to Adulthood

This track is actually sick...


Black The Ripper aka Samson Rips Up Westwood

Very big bars!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Quadbiking In Latvia Was A Lot...

Latvia - Quadbiking 2

Latvia - Rubbish Meal, originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.
Last week I went to Latvia to play a computer game (PURE) and to go Quadbiking... it was a lot but the food was shit.

Rockstar Headquarters gets the fisheye lens treatment

Fisheye Camera - Rockstar Headquarters
Fisheye Camera - Rockstar Headquarters

Fisheye Camera - Rockstar Headquarters, playing Grand Theft Auto IV

Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

I have access to a LOMO fish eye camera, it's mega grainy but I love the effect!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quick Review: Wiley - Grime Wave

Wiley - Wearing My Rolex

Grime Wave
Eskibeat Recordings

So he may not turn up for a PA on the outskirts of Liverpool, Manchester or even London but who gives a fuck. Wiley is a grimey genius. Again he tries to bring through youngers (previously Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy, Syer B, Caramel Poo Poo, Little D and Chipmunk have all prospered under his Bow E3 shaped wing) and on this wave the likes of Messy and Desperado get their turn; The MCs semi shine on title track, Grime Wave. Across town collabs come from Flo Dan, Frisco, Brazen, Stryderman and co but Eskiboy excels. Highlights include If Your Going Out I’m coming Out Too = shut up, Fire Ain't Burning No More = your aunt knows, Where You Gonna Run To? = dirty like a Thai whore, and Grime Kid = beat-heavy grime firework (producer Manic can do no wrong in my eyes, I’d lend him £30 without even specifying a return date). Slap yourself before you doubt Richard Cowie again.
Track to Check: Where You Gonna Run To?
3.75 /5


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris – Dance Wiv Me

What do you think?

No.Lay - Bars of Truth

Always ready to unleash “bars-upon-bars” No.Lay’s new video demonstrates just that.

Monday, June 09, 2008

The FaceSpace Face Off aka The Facebook Face Off aka MySpace Meltdown


A version of the following article appeared in the June Issue of RWD Magazine...

It takes a special breed of site-skimmer to confront the unconfrontable (ex-partner, over-familiar priest, etc.) If you’re ready to grab your mouse and rumble, Danny Walker is prepared to guide you through the highs and blows of ‘Facing’ online problem-people; come on, what else are these sites for if not to incite stalking, coax hatred and encourage virtual boasting (the likes of which the World has never seen)…

This document is for the dumped; those who regularly peer at an old flame’s profile (whilst desperately praying for their status to read ‘single… and desperate’). It’s for the downtrodden; the geek who’s always wanted to tell a bully to ‘suck out’ (without fear of dead legs, pulled hair or wedgie-based reprisals). It’s for those that were mocked for studying guitar after school while the rest of their year went home (sorry to get strung up on that, but why did you do it again?).
If any of the above has struck a chord, save the cold-sweat confrontations for another day as RWD take a serious-sized social networking gulp on your behalf.

Firstly, the RWD Institute of Social Networking will show you how to confront a few essential people and then we’ll test you to see what you’ve taken in.

How to handle…
The ex-boyfriend –
He’s blatantly still having damp dreams over you so stay cool, you have all the power (unless he kicked you to the kerb). Change your profile to ‘Single’ and he’ll soon look elsewhere.

The ex-girlfriend – Even if you haven’t; show her that you moved on weeks before (even if you only broke up a few hours ago). Use your profile to display ‘subtle’ hidden messages like Current Mood: FINALLY FREE!!!

That work contact – So you chat to this person over work emails and all of a sudden they’ve tracked you down online. Damn, they’ve got the hots for you bad. Just play it cool and DON’T BEND OVER to their demands. If you do, your unprotected ‘outbox’ will be stuffed before you know it.

The dirkhead who went to your school (that you don’t really want to talk to) – Don’t blank them straight away, that would be deep. Just give them enough communication so that they feel special… and then blank them.

That fit girl from school/ the bits/ the block – A couple of years on and she may still be looking nice; but face it, she’s probably slept with a bag of man, popped out a couple of yout and gone all flabby… try and get her number still.

Someone who used to hate on you – Cut out a picture of your head and put it on the body of one of a recent lottery winner. Send it to them and pretend you’re gonna share out all the loot.

Please remember this is an EXAMPLE of how to do your confrontation. RWD take no responsibility if you’re tracked down and receive a bosh on the nose.

Now, using what you’ve learnt, now answer this simple questionnaire:
If you’re on a social networking website and...
…you come across an ex-girlfriend/ boyfriend –
yes, the same one that discarded you like a ruby-faced sanitary towel – do you;
A – Drop them a little message wishing them, their family and their new bit of stuff the best of health and good luck in the future.
B – Pretend you didn’t see them or their messages and instantly change your profile to ‘In a relationship’.
C – Go on about your life like a normal human being.
D – Close your account, move to Papua New Guinea, change your name to ‘Sunshine’ and seriously consider Cannibalism as a lifestyle choice.

…someone – someone being that inhumanely tall 9 year-old tyrant from the year below who instead of playing football at lunch tormented you with a game called ‘Give Me YOUR Curly Whirly Money’ – messages you about a ‘reunion’, do you;
A – Reply from the office – obviously your work can wait as this is important – telling him how you’ll be there and can’t wait to ‘catch up’.
B – Send a polite message saying why you can’t make it (Your wife/ husband has to go to Iceland on a modelling job and there is no-one to stay in and watch the mansion).
C – Go on about your life like a normal human being.
D – Immediately contact the police and explain to them that you think your old ‘buddy’ is a drug’s mule and give them full contact details (suggesting they should check all orifices for evidence).

…a disgraced celeb and/ or family member tries to befriend you, do you;
A – Reply saying that you’re willing to forgive them for that incident but you’ll NEVER forget. Start a forgiveness group and tell the seven people in your contacts list about the powers of clemency.
B – Blank this invitation unless they’re offing some mind of cash compensation for you to talk to them.
C – Go on about your life like a normal human being.
D – Track them down, steal the computer from their house and/ or cell and destroy it so they can never hurt anyone ever again.

If you mainly answered A, you need to get off the Internet, stop living in the past and go get a life… preferably one which doesn’t involve logging in, signing up or sending out group emails about your pet Hamster.
If you mainly answered B, you need to stop faking your way through life.
If you mainly answered C, social networking just ain’t your thing.
If you mainly answered D, you need to get a job selling caldrons as YOU and your vindictive mentality are wasted on these Job Centre-bound losers.

Riddims of the Week (09/06/08): Fuda Guy Is Head Gone

Fuda Guy 1

Fuda Guy finally steps forward and it's a big step too. His first solo mixtape, Head Gone, is now Nationwide.

Here are a few tracks...
A take on Scorcher's track...

Something a little different...

My favourite...

See quick review here.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Interview - The Thirst

When brothers Mensah and Kwame linked with secondary school pals Mark and Marcus they had two things; a band name and a guitar. In a short space of stereotype-defying time they’ve amassed much more. MTV and RWD predict Brixton’s The Thirst are set for even bigger things...

I was dropped in a place I never knew existed. A place where the sun is foreign. A place where the 57 bus roams free. A hole of a place, with more Greggs per square mile than any another part of the world... a place The Thirst call home. “Come in,” drummer Marcus Harris greets me as I enter their south London-located acoustic abode. The walls are painted in grey, the floor painted in filth but the air’s treated to sounds of what I believe to be their eagerly anticipated debut album, On the Brink. “Yeah, we’re just going over the setlist for later,” vocals/ lead guitar Mensah reports as the quartet make their way from the garage-like and heavily graffitied bunker. We’ve caught them mid-session preparing for a live BBC session. “Later we’re on 6 Music,” rhythm guitarist Mark Lenihan beams before Kwame joins us from placing his bass guitar beside his brother. “Most of the tunes were made by accident really...” Mensah confesses of the compliments regarding the inaugural Thirst EP. “We were just messing about, playing something and then it was like... ‘Yeah, that sounds alright, keep playing it’ so we did.”

Mensah and Kwame’s journey to this point has been far from accidental. They were reared in a heavily melodic environment, says Mensah. “My dad was in a reggae ska band so he bought me my first guitar when I was about 14.” Inevitably they got a literal thirst for music. With Hendrix, Average White Band, Booker T and a lot of old skool blues blaring from their parent’s record collection who wouldn’t, and they soon linked with an old school pal to start something. But what? “I met them in primary school,” Mark points at the Cofie-Agyeman brothers and smiles, “And then we met Marcus in secondary school.” So was it all plain sailing? “They were just mad in the head but it was cool and we formed a friendship. After all the schooling...” energetic Marcus jumps in, “and the bumming around [group laugh], just sitting on your arse.” After learning from text books and the streets of south London, the band was unconventionally formed. “I made up a name and it grew from there.”

Before long, the masses at Brixton Jamm were aware of their talents (not to mention Rolling Stone’s Ronnie Wood) and gigs started flying in. “I’ve fell off stage before and we had a power cut but that weren’t even the worse gig,” the frontman lights up before relaying the gig from Hell, literally. “We walked in and it was all Goths. We were just like a fish out of water and when we went on, all our guitars were out of tune.” His brother finishes the trip down nightmare lane. “We didn’t know what we were doing at the time,” he remembers as Marcus brings it home. “That’s where we got our first stereotypical comment. Before we went on, we got, ‘So you guys gonna play reggae then?’” Doritos munching Mensah paints a rosy picture of their retort: “We were like, ‘F*ck off’... pr*ck”.

The Thirst refuse to get bogged down with clich├ęd characteristics of the typical indie band (“no genre of music belongs to any race of people”) and proved so at the last RWD in Stereo. To the sounds of Ready 2 Move and forthcoming RWD favourite Sail Away, black, white and Asian kids were shocking-out side-by-side, like a multicultural patchwork quilt laid down before them. “What happened was, I said I was gonna giveaway my Rolex,” Marcus laughs. “We love them ones still. They are the best ones.” Indeed, and the likes of Coventry, Swansea and their beloved Brixton can expect more of the same from their tour in May [see Marcus’ list or dun know the MySpace for the exact dates].

With a dedicated fanbase already (thethirstfans.com), Pete Doherty requesting their presence on his solo LP (“He’s a great guy and we played at his house”) and the ink well and truly dry on the deal with Ronnie’s Wooden Records these four will live out their dreams before they know it. Kwame sits up and leaves RWD with, “Forget headlining Glastonbury, we wanna headline Brixton Academy!!!”

Sail Away is out in May. MySpace.com/thethirstrockband. Catch The Thirst on MTV Base...

Quick Review: The Thirst - On The Brink

The Thirst
On The Brink
Wooden Records

It takes a brave band to wean me off my hourly dose of grime, baseline and all things bumpy, and The Thirst are just that; welding indie, the odd ballad and a touch of ska with mechanical precision. Not only do their refreshingly vibrant tales of kids who'd "rather play on a Station", good ol' Acre Lane, and drinking Stella "on the back of the bus" make you wanna shake the person next to you but their catchy studio sounds are in sync with their live aura. These boys are definitely on the brink of something big... NME you're slipping.
Track to Check: Sail Away

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Riddims of the Week (27/05): Wiley Unleashes Grime Wave

Eskiboy is ready to follow up on his No.2 single – which is now sitting at No.6, behind Sam Sparro, Will.I.Am, Madonna, The Ting Tings and Rihanna’s new No.1 Take A Bow – and he’s gonna do it in waves. The first being 12 track Grime Wave

Highlights include;

And old skool Wiley favourite…

Here’s the tracklisting…
1. Grime Wave
2. Local Lad
3. If You're Going Out I'm Going Out Too
4. Grime Kid
5. It's A Par
6. Badman Talking
7. Where You Gonna Run Too?
8. Anything Is Possible
9. Living In London
10. Fire Ain't Burning No More
11. Sky Is Falling
12. It's Only Right

Here’s Raj's review;

Grime Wave

Forget Rolex, forget electro, Yeah I do grime, I’m a grime kid what then!?” Wiley boasts, dispelling any myths that Eskiboy’s new found chart success might lead him to stray from the scene he¹s helped build. OK it¹s not the best material that Wiley Kat has put out, but 12 tracks of him spraying over beats by Maniac, Bless Beats and of course himself, mixed in with a couple of guest appearances and a Fire Camp slew will do for us until Race Against Time drops early next year. Track To Check: Grime Kid

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Skepta - The Rolex Sweep Best Bits! Download from 4th August 2008


4 AUGUST!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Champions League Special: Chelsea or Man Utd?

It’s the first ever all-English final of the Champions League and the debate is already well underway amongst the neutrals.

Chelsea or Manchester United?

Grant or Fergusson, Drogba or Rooney, Ronaldo or Joe Cole… who will triumph in Moscow? You may not like either but before kick off, we suggest you make up your mind. We asked a few and the big players in the UK music/ fashion scenes and the results from the guys in the middle are varied…

Tim from King Apparel:
Man U or Chelsea Tim?

Rather Man U but a cancellation so neither side gets the trophy would be the ideal result.
Who do you support?
West Ham. IRONS!

S.K.I.T.Z. Beats:
Who would you like to win tonight?

I want Chelsea to win cos I hate Man United and it’d make Fergusson wish he threw the towel in back in 1999.
Who do you support?
I support Blackburn Rovers.

Target from Roll Deep:
Who is gonna win Targo? (and who is your team)

I support Arsenal so I don't really care who wins but I kinda want Man U to beat them.
Any score predictions
3-1 and Ronaldo scores two.

Stanza from True Tiger:
Who would you like to win tonight and who do you support?

Yo. I want Man U cos I support Liverpool and Chelsea parred us in the semis. Also Man U deserves the double so they should win.

DJ Magic:
Magic, who do you want to win mate?

Man U as I support QPR and they [Chelsea] are our local rivals.

Yo Marci, Man U or Chelsea? (and who is your team?)

I support Leeds cos my brother Jermaine Beckford plays for ‘em. However I want Man U to win cos I have bet £400 on ‘em and even though Chelsea is a west London club, I’m all about the paper, “shut your whole face” Marci…

Barry from Tim & Barry:
Who would you like to win tonight Barry?

I hope that 6 players get sent off from both sides so that the game gets abandoned!
We’re guessing you’re either a Liverpool or Arsenal fan?
I’m a Liverpool man.

Sammy (Alwayz Recording):
Who Sammy, who?

I want Chelsea to win tonight cos I don’t want no other team to win the double and I’m a Liverpool supporter.

Hey Mr Magic…

What’s up RWD. Hope all is good.
Who would you like to see lift the trophy?
I’m not really into football like I used to be.
What if we pressed you for an answer?
I’ll have to go with Man U cos that used to be the team I supported before I found out about T.Magic Utd [laughs].

Hey Jamie, who do you think is gonna win tonight?

I don’t watch footie but I’m backing Chelsea cos Shorty supports them and Man U already have a trophy.
Thanks Jamie, so you don’t have a team?
On Pro Evo I pick Nigeria and I brush everyone.

Who do you think are gonna be victorious this evening?