Sunday, April 27, 2008

Onitsuka Tiger Launch Trainer Vending Machine!!!

Crazy huh? I was thinking exactly the same thing. The guys over at Onitsuka Tiger have just unveiled the UK’s first ever vending machine for trainers. If you got bored with canned drinks packed into a machine a long time ago – and even those fancy chocolate-fuelled contraptions – this might be the device for you…

Much like something straight out of the Back to the Future series, Onitsuka Tiger have packed a vending appliance full to the brim with those divine sole-clad goodies they’re renowned for.

The box-o-wonder is heaving with the over 100 bespoke parts and can vend 24 pairs of trainers at any one time, in any of 6 sizes. Onitsuka Tiger Brand Manager, Penny Keen, said in a statement, “We hope trainer fans love our latest creation as much as we do and enjoy the latest and most innovative way to buy their Tiger Feet. Onitsuka Tiger prides itself on its heritage, so taking inspiration from modern day Japanese vending machines (which vend anything from eggs to loo rolls) seemed like the perfect next step for the brand; it’s satisfying knowing that we’re the first in the UK to do it and we can’t wait to take it to Onitsuka Tiger fans across the country.”

After making a star appearance in London’s Carnaby Street, the vending machine will now be stationed at various locations across the UK throughout 2008.

Right now I'm searching down the back of the office sofa for loose change so I can treat myself to a footwear upgrade.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Waterloo & City Line: What is the point?

Waterloo & City Line: What is the point?
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

I thought I'd use the Waterloo & City Line today. I thought it might save me some time... It didn't...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Quote of the Week: Week 16 - Noel Gallagher vs Hattie Collins (It's AAAalooooot)

Ms Collins said she believed the Oasis songwriter had "probably never seen Jay-Z live or heard any of his tunes".

This has had me laughing all day. It's the venom, the cold hate-injected venom that gets me.

Taken from:

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A-Trak - Beeper Remix - FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

To celebrate his impending UK tour – playing the likes of Fabric and YoYo next month (May) – the man often known as Kanye West’s DJ is ready to step into the limelight. After dropping remixes for Kanye West, The Bumblebeez, Boys Noize, Simian Mobile Disco and Digitalism the recently turned 26 year-old, born Alain Macklovitch, has now reworked The Count and Sinden’s Beeper – which features a lady A-Trak knows only too well, Kid Sister.

To get A-Trak’s sick mix of Beeper RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE TARGET HERE.

Thursday 8th – YOYO Notting Hill Arts Club
Saturday 24th – Bristol Dot2Dot Festival
Sunday 25th – Nottingham Dot2Dot Festival

For more RWD audio – click here

Monday, April 07, 2008

Griminal TV - Griminal VS Jammer

lol - This is not the first time I have noticed but... Jammer needs new bars/ videos/ something. This is not the first time the reactions to his bars have been more tepid than a 6 hour-old cup of tea. I guess the days of grabbing the mic (unbooked) and reeling off “I’m a big man but I’m not 30!!!” are long gone.

In related news Jammer’s Are You Dumb? – Vol.3 is out right about now. It features the likes of Oi and can be purchased from the ususal outlets. Of the tunes I've heard so far its his best in the series.

In related news check this vid with Jammer, Slim Ting and co. (it’s apparently a lot)…

And Griminal’s short but relatively sweet mixtape (with It’s A Lot and Dance) can be found on [].

That my friends is a lot…

Dizzee Rascal - Where Da G's

I don't know about this one... Tracks big but the video seems foreign to Dizzee.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Thirst Are On The Brink!!!

A Thursday in South London is not always great but when you’re off to visit Brixton’s The Thirst; the clouds soon get a silver lining. Brothers Mensah (lead guitar/ vocals) and Kwame (bass) linked with Mark (rhythm guitar) and Marcus (drummer) some years ago to create one of the UK’s most promising bands. Here are a few pics of the den…

This is a pic of the studio walls… “We got some kids in to go wild” - Mensah
The Thirst - Graffiti

This is a pic of the studio floor… (notice the Greggs bags in amongst the cables)
The Thirst - Studio Floor

This is a pic of the broken vacuum cleaners… “Yeah, they’re broke” – Marcus
The Thirst - Vacuum Cleaner

This is a pic of half the band… Mensah (left) and Marcus (other left)…
The Thirst - Mensah and Marcus

These promo stickers are great…
The Thirst - Sticker

Here is an EXCLLLUUUUUUSIVE behind the scenes clip of them practicing My Everything before they went on the BBC’s 6 Music radio station.

RIGHT!, get onto iTunes now or if this has made you thirsty (see what I did there?).

Ps – Stay tuned to RWD mag, and MTV Base as they will be appearing in a highly-produced feature in the near near future. So near I can drink it.

PPS - Their debut LP On the Brink, and their lead (and great) single Sail Away are both out in May I do believe

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wiley - What Would We Do (Wearing My Rolex) video

I still can't figure out what is going on here. I love the chicken munching though.

Where will this come in the chart... vote now>>>>

Ghetto: Fuck Radio…

Leng vision...

Quick Review: Madonna and Justin - 4 Minutes

Madonna & Justin - 4 Minutes

This is the opposite to "A LOT"

Quick Review: TS7 Remix of Estelle’s American Boy

I was bang on Estelle’s Will.I.Am produced, Kanye West featuring single – taken from the slightly above average LP that is Shine - but the TS7 remix of American Boy is nuts. I think its the reason Estelle got to No.1, probably not but that would be nice. iTtunes is you!!! 79p cuz, “It’s a Baseline ting!!!”

TS7 hails from Bradford (that’s up north somewhere) and is moving in the bassline scene. Here is the best of TS7… it’s a lot… ask your mum’s aunt?

In related news, if I had a womb I would be feeling Estelle’s second album a little more. In places the whiny Rastafari raps (Rastafaraps, if you will) are a little too much!

Chipmunk Talks Haters, That Debut Album and Signing To A Major…

Chipmunk Alwayz Recording

Sat in the corner of the Always Recordings studio in Turnpike Lane – eating a chicken burger, chips and a few wings (from Favourite Chicken). All washed down with a half a tub of Heinz Tomato Ketchup and a can of Pepsi – finds the talented youngster in a good mood…

How is it going?

Everything is going good. Last time we spoke a lot of things have happened.
You’ve moved a long way in a short space of time…
I think my hard work is finally paying off. I’ve been putting in the work, the free mixtapes have been doing a lot, League of my Own selling rapidly. Even better than I expected. Hold tight Logan Sama. Yeah man, it’s just the album now I’m working on.
Firstly everyone wants to know? Are you signed to Universal? Let’s get straight to it.
Na, I’m not signed to Universal, I’m still with Alwayz Recordings; we’re just working on my album getting the production going. We’ve had a lot of interest from a lot of labels… we’re just trying to take it… I know what I’m worth. We’re trying to get that best deal that is going to benefit me as well as the company and just show that from an independent – based in north London – with an ambition just to keep kids out of trouble.
So there is a hunt to get you signed up?
Yeah, there is but we keep it minimal. We’re not letting off too much. We’re sitting on the album. As you can see I’m in the studio now, you’ve heard like a little sneak preview. The level of music is on that level that the UK needs and it’s all about our music being respected. Not just in London or the UK.

[Chip, munches chicken]

What do you think of the likes of Wiley and Ironik getting picked up by Atlantic Records?
Shout out to Wiley cos obviously Wiley helped me along the stages, nuff respect, I ain’t got a bad thing to say about him. Will is doing his thing. He has opened his target audience even wider with Wearing My Rolex, well done. He saw the loot. He made loot off a banger. Shout out to Wiley man. You’re doing your thing. Obviously, he is still the grime representation that we need. Ironik, Ironik has been my boy from day. When I first started spitting I was like 13/ 14 and he was pioneering in the DJ market so he was helping me from then. I ain’t got a bad thing to say about him. A lot of people are hating on him but he has built his own fanbase. Ironik has a fan base no-one else can interfere with. For what he has done, the label have obviously noticed that he has got his own fanbase – he is already a mini-icon in his own market, shout out to Ironik man, me and him is still cool.

Chipmunk in the Studio

What did your parents think of the first RWD magazine feature?
Yeah, they liked it man. They liked it. They are supporting right now and they are seeing that things are starting to happen. They are pushing me in the right direction. And they’re trying to keep the balance with my studying.
Despite your progress you are still getting haters…
It’s always the same. We’re just proudly representing music. Haters, what can I say? I am semi-famous. I don’t appreciate it man. I have to change my numbers quite a lot. Private callers and that. I can’t really be asked. I don’t fear nothing, don’t they have anything better to do? Leave me be. I don’t trouble no-one, I cause no harm. I keep myself to myself. Make my hits, attend my six form, get my grades. Why do you want to interfere with my life? It got worst since Five Day Pass came around cos everyone has got credit now, innit. ‘Give him a call. Wind him up.’
Tell us about Mohammed Ali… It’s quite deep. How would you describe it…?
The quote, ‘I’m Mohammed Ali the MC’, I tried to relate myself to people who have been the best at what they’re doing. Right now, with the level that I’m at. At this age, I just threw quotes in there. Like they said I wouldn’t move up. All of a sudden, I’m in how many issues? The elevation has been amazing. I slide a few other things in like music, money, girls. I listen to a lot of American artist’s interviews – as well as UK artists – and people relate to everyday situations music, money you know what I am saying. We’re just trying to make music for the people to relate to. To bounce along to. Shout out to Manic for the production of that one. It’s massive man and the video is coming soon.
Any ideas?
[Smiles] Well the tune is called Mohammed Ali so…
Some boxing ring business?
You’re gonna have to see. You’ve seen what the Who Are You? video was like so expect the same.
Have you got a skank ready for that one?
Oooooo, I’ve got a few.

[Chip, munches chicken again]

Chipmunk Up Close

What is next?
The album!!! The name is still undecided. I have a few names in mind. I’m just trying to go for the best one. It should be coming late summer. It’s going to be a awful lot.
What were we just listening to? It sounds like some Miami throwback remix/ refix…
Obviously you have to keep the grime fans happy but we’re also trying to make that playlist music. It’s the same music that everyone can appreciate. Not just grime fans. But the grime fan’s parents and nans. That tune is a banger, I can’t go into it too much. It’s called Put The Game On. Does it feature anyone?
Oooo, I can’t say.
Who has produced it?
My mate called Peter. Very hard, that’s what we do. We get the in-house people. Peter has been supporting me since I was 13.
Yeah, that beat sounds good man. So it’s not just grime?
You know what I say it’s music. It’s music.

Big. I leave Chipmunk to devour his chicken…