Thursday, June 28, 2007

Issue 67 - Out This Week!!!

Issue 67 - Out This Week!!!
- The Sex Special -
- Gracing out cover: Lumidee -
Super-sexy Lumidee of Never Leave You fame tells RWD how she's back and ready to pick up from where she left off...
- About To Blow in association with MTV Base -
***T Magic***
If anyone knows about the T-Shirt game being healthy, it's this young designer from Stonebridge, London. RWD and MTV Base get their fash-on with Timothy ‘T-Magic' Usakah...
One 2 Watch: Daisy Lowe
One 2 Watch: Eskibeat Recordings
RWD & Come Again: Stripper's Diary
Calvin Harris
Thierry Henry
Last Word: Cassie Sumner
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

T Magic Boutique Exhibition

T Magic - Wet Dreams

Don’t tell me T-Magic is not big!!! Check out this canvas. It’s only £450 that’s nothing when people like Damian Hirst sell dog shit wrapped in Twix wrappers and masks made of broken glass and beetle legs for millions of pounds.

T Magic - Air Force Art

^^^This canvas is nuts!!!^^^ It’s only a grand. I might buy one for my front room. Maybe I can make my own version with decayed Puma and cut up, defaced pictures of Thierry Henry???

Love the tees, love the artwork.

Check out the latest issue of RWD Magazine or MTV Base’s About to Blow for more info. is you!!!

Make sure you check out the exhibition…

Quick Review: Leo the Lion Album Showcase

Leo the Lion
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

It was all about the free bar to kick the night off – I’m starting to sound like a deadbeat alchy now – as the RWD team made sure our 30+ minute wait in the queue outside was justified. After the warm up; drinking and brushing shoulders with minor TV celebs, Leo the Lion made his way to the stage.

Just before he graced us with his presence he was introduced in a Michael “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” Buffer fashion by some dude with slick back hair. Leo then appeared all in white – in contrast to his trio of backing singers who were synchronised in a cruel turquoise – and went straight into his set. The singer was in a bubbly mood and had somekind of glitter above his right eye but that didn’t deter us from the performance.

The tracks were decent, with a few highlights that included Old Fashion Love Song, Nite Nite and a Skinnerless rendition of The Streets’ Dry Your Eyes. Bar those treats, there was unfortunately nothing much that really stood out.

Leo the Lion
With Kelly^^^

Actually there was also a blast from the past as he dropped Coming Home which was a personally favourite in the day…

Remember? Good luck with the project Leo, I think you're gonna need it.

For those who care his LP is called Big Trouble In London and it’s out very soon I do believe, check for that.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Quick Review: Wiley’s Playtime Is Over Album Launch Party

Many were anxious during their entrance, many were anticipating some of the best grime unleashed in recent years, but most, most were just hoping Wiley would actually turn up…

Wiley @ Canvas (Wiley's Album Launch Party)

As I gained entry with Terror Danjah and Badness – after my already long evening (not caused by the aforementioned by the way) – it was pure bliss to hear Boy Better Know riddims emitting from Cargo’s cavernous stage area. After a brief conversation with the reputable face of Roll Deep aka DJ Target I was somewhat taken aback by the amount or shall I say variety of people who had flocked to witness what was already in the process of going down.

Crowd @ Canvas (Wiley's Album Launch Party)

Manga @ Canvas (Wiley's Album Launch Party)

Wearing (what only can be described as Bananas in Pyjamas nightwear)>>>

Wiley @ Canvas (Wiley's Album Launch Party)

Eskiboy set free bar after bar whilst supported by the hype man of the set… [insert name of that MC here] the theme for the evening was “If you don’t own Playtime Is Over go and buy it now" as DJ Karnage spewed track after track.

Slightly late but undeterred the front of the stage was my next port of call – via the bar of course – only to find none other than Raj “And I would do anything from grime, oh I would do anything for grime” Kapone on the frontline. Already in sync with his standard skank the RWD Staff Writer was in full swing as Wiley took to the stage.

Wiley's Trainers @ Canvas (Wiley's Album Launch Party)

Highlights of the night include My Mistakes with Little D and Manga, Getalong Gang, No Qualms, Eskiboy and the TWO VERSE clip of Gangsterz. Somewhere amongst those was Badman with Flow Dan which wasn’t a highlight but I just thought I’d mention the Presidential Stance as adopted 90% of the time by the Transit Van driver.

Flow Dan @ Canvas (Wiley's Album Launch Party)

A big night I must say despite missing a huge chunk of the BBK set.

For more video footage check

Skinner And The Beats Banned From YouTube

The legendary Skinner blog reveals the content of YouTube/Thebeats was too much as it’s been “suspended” from the infamous video sharing site…

The popular portal that brought us many behind the scenes webisodes from Skinner, label manager Ted Mayhem and the rest of gang was bookmarked by many. The first place to show vids and footage from The Beats artists’ such as The Mitchell Brothers, Professor Green and Example was always worth a visit when not on Added to many Favourites lists – if only to see the latest madness from Beat Stevie – which can only be described as Internet broadcasted madness that mirrors the weird and wonderful world of The Beats. The best we can recall was when Mitchell Bros. where behind the scenes at an Amir Khan fight interviewing celebs and were more than moderately funny.

Skinner’s explains a recent post from the label manager may be cause of the ban, “Regarding the queen’s attitudes to the colour black.” Before requesting forgiveness from the Monarchy, “We would like to sincerely apologise to the royal family” he let loose, “We are sure they are more than welcoming of all people of any ethnic origin. We have always been a great fan of the Monarchy and Mayhem’s Indian family have only had good experiences with them in their role in the colonial rule of his motherland.” Ever cheeky Skinner added, “We have it on good authority also from Princess Anne that once you've had black you don’t turn back. The Mitchell Brothers in turn have offered to extend their services to any members of the royal household who would like to try.”

The Dry Your Eyes singer then informed that Beat Stevie is to have it’s own plot on the web, “Beat Stevie fans, we will have our own website in the next week or so where you can continue to watch unabated by the monarchy's oppression.”

Keep checking the World Wide Web for that forthcoming experience and it’s also worth the odd browse of just in case it gets reinstated. For more on the matter, pull up a pew beside

Friday, June 22, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Best of The Streets???

The best of the streets
The best of the streets
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

For the last couple of days, I've been intensely listening to all of The Streets albums (I don't know why but I do that sometimes). Anyway, as a result I've decided to compile a Best of the Streets-like Greatest Hits type LP thing. If 679 put this out in anyway shape or form I want royalties boy.

1. Has It Come To This
2. Pranging Out
3. War of the Sexes
4. Lets Push Things Forward
5. Soaked by the Ale
6. Don't Mug Yourself
7. Too Much Brandy
8. Blinded by the Lights
9. All Goes Out The Window
10. Dry Your Eyes
11. Never Went To Church
12. Sharp Darts
13. What Was He Thinking
14. Could Well Be In
15. Weak Become Heroes

Bonus Tracks
Get Out Of My House Ft. Bruza, Demon, Kano & D Double E [MC Version]
Fit But You Know It Ft. Doneao, Tinchy Stryder, Lady Sovereign and Kano
Could Well Be In Ft. Bruza, D Double E, Ghetto And Scratchy
Pranging Out Remix: Ft. Skepta, Wretch 32, Ghetto, Tinchy Stryder, DE-Velopment, Bossman & Frisco

On the enhanced CD/ DVD will be all the videos including the vids for all the remixed tracks and The Beats (Mitch Bros. etc.). You also get a famous LIMITED EDITION lighter - but this one will also DOUBLES AS A USB MEMORY STICK. For your money's worth you'll also get a video documentary of a guided tour of his infamous shed studio.

I'm might post all of the above to myself so I can get a trademark/ patent or somin’.

Just to point out, this is NOT REAL CD, it is not available in HMV nor on, it does not exist… yet.

Ghetto on Logans Show...

Did anyone listen? Well you can listen back here. Big big big.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Big Brother Race Row!!!

Wow, Emily Parr has used the 'N' word, to Charley [Can't remember her last name]. It's madness, don't they vet these people first? Surely individuals know what they can and can't say on national TV. We'll see later what actually went down. In the meantime, there's a good bit of coverage here though.

Raw Blue...

Raw Blue...
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Is it me or are more and more people wearing this?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Go Buy Wiley And Mims!!!

Finally out to buy…

If you’ve got a little bit of money, I strongly suggest you go and buy these CDs or at least download them from your local digital vendor.

Playtime Is Over

Very big, it’s a shame My Mistakes and Come Lay With Me aren’t that good but I’m really feeling the rest of the LP. Actually My Mistakes is alright. Out of the new tracks (you know which ones I mean) Getalong Gang and Nothing About Me are truly great. Let’s see what the rest of the Tunnel Vision’s are saying.

Also go and purchase…

Music Is My Savior

I thought This Is Why I’m Hot was… hot, so I gave this 16 track LP a go. It’s big. Superman and the bonus track, I Did You Wrong are worthy of ANY playlist.

That’s about it really, nothing else worth buying this week.