Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Saw this film the other week and it’s honestly the funniest film I’ve seen in a while. Maybe since Anchorman. It follows in the comedic footsteps of 40 Year Old Virgin and the new flick Knocked Up - which I also wanna see. Check the clip...

The trailer does it no justice as this is about 1% of the jokes you get to witness. Go see it the day it comes out… If I’m gonna vouch for ONE film this year it is Superbad!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Issue 69 - Out Last Week!!!


Issue 69 - Out Last Week!!!


- The Record Breakers Issue -

- Gracing out cover: N-Dubz -

Seven months ago we told you they were About To Blow; now N-Dubz take our cover spot and head for the top when they release on a major record label next month. Get ready as Dappy, Faze and Tulisa get ready to break records of their own. All together now, ‘Na-na-nahhh.’...


- About To Blow in association with MTV Base -


It’s been bubbling on the underground for a couple of years, and thanks to the monster track Heartbroken, it looks like bassline is finally about to blow. We talk to the track’s maker T2, and vocalist, Jodie...


One 2 Watch: Tay Zonday

One 2 Watch: Jonathan Rae

Head 2 Head: Unkle Jam vs Ava Leigh

Durrty Goodz


Last Word: Cheryl Baker


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Quick Review: Kanye does Vodafone TBA

Here’s my footage of Stronger from KanYe West’s Vodafone gig (catch it quick befoe it gets removed)…

I don’t actually know how people got tickets to this – I guess it was via texting some overpriced number – however they were queuing around the block. After waiting 59 minutes for Mr George Bush Does Not Care About Black People, we were treated to a half decent gig. As my colleague stated it was more an audience with KanYe but nonetheless I thought it was alright, still. After DJ A-TRAK setup the Powerbook and joined West’s luminous orchestra, the Louis Vuitton Don ran out and went straight into I Wonder (I think). Which he later had to do again.

As well as a few old hits like All Falls Down and Touch the Sky, he went through new tracks from forthcoming Graduation - including the previously mentioned opener, colossal Stronger, impressively catchy Can’t Tell Me Nothing and the ultimate Jay-Z breddage that is Big Brother. Asking the band to “keep playing” whilst he spoke cos it made what he was saying sound “more powerful”, ‘Ye spoke before and after each song and made a few jokes. He played the piano very well too. In short it was better than staying in and watching Eastenders.

In related news… Kanye West on Entourage??? [With Good Life audio]

Why does he have to hook up with Vocoder Man!!!! Nooooo

Orlando's Power 95.3

Just thinking about music (as you do at the end of a Bank Holiday Monday in August) and when in the States, we were constantly listening to Orlando’s Power 95.3. If you don’t know about this station it’s one of the biggest hip hop stations in the area (and the only one you can pick up). Their selective playlist includes a variety of “hits” including T-Pain’s Bartender, Plies Shawty Ft. T-Pain, T-Pain’s classic Buy U A Drank and another other vocoder reliant nonsense. They play Florida’s very own T-Pain shamelessly as well. After every three tracks you’re guaranteed to hear a T-Pain track. If it’s not by Tallahassee’s vocally challenged Rappa Turnt Sanga it’s featuring him... or Sean "can't get THAT song out of your head once it's in there" Kingston. Every so often though, you are treated to…

Hurricane Chris – A Bay Bay

Despite this being slightly late/ old, I remember we went out one night and this track was dropped (by the T-Pain tribute band/ DJ) and every one went mad like it was Pow! (three years ago) or something. Ahhhhh memories.

Soulja Boy – Crank Dat Soulja Boy

How can you resist these lyrics, “Superman dat hoe” and, “I’m joccin on ya. I’m joccin on ya”… It’s not about getting jocced on!!!

Baby Bo da Prince – Way I Live

Uploaded 27 December 2006, talk about late!!! My lateness game is tight right now I know, but then again US hip hop has never been at the top of my priorities list. This track kinda grew on me, it’s average but when you hear it after to T-Pain it sounds better. “sssDissszzzsss-issssss-da-wayzzz-I-live,” is it me or has he got a lisp or is that the grillllllzzzz-talkingsszz.

Other good radio tracks included Fabolous’ Make Me Better, Lil Wayne’s Go DJ, Smitty Died in your Arms and some other shit just can’t remember.

In conclusion the station is either owned by Akon, T-Pain’s mother or the man himself. Just imagine in 5 years time if Boy Better Know PLC bought up BBC’s Radio One and every third track was from JME’s latest mixtape (who knows he might even have an LP out by then), Skepta’s Greatest Hits Part 5 or Wiley’s Tunnel Vision Vol. 37. Wouldn’t that be mad??? Hmmmm.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Quick Review - Heroes Season 1

Don't worry the following words of heroic wisdom do not contain any spoilers. As a fan of both 24 and Lost, in order of preference, I just couldn't do that you. If the only “Heroes” you know about, closely trail the words “Gym Class” you need to read on cos there’s a new visual Chokehold in town.

I first got into Heroes when I was surfing on the ol' Sky earlier this year. You know when it's about 11pm and you’re just flicking through the channels - almost making your own show of clips - desperately looking for anything other than ancient episodes of Cribs and Pimp My Ride. I think the first episode I watched was like #5 or something, so I never got into it as I hadn't seen it from the start. Then I think I watched another show on another occasion and people were flying and shit so I thought... This could be kinda good.

The next event in my Heroes timeline happened when my brother called me up saying he had just watched the whole series online raving how BIG it was - The same brother who had got me into the legendary show that is Seinfeld some 10 odd years earlier. At that point I calmly scrolled to my online sources and watched the first episode and from that moment… I was hooked.

The first episode (In His Own Image) - at this point I assume you've viewed – it’s only a tip of the Heroberg and merely introduces you to a few of the characters you'll be loving, hating or shouting at over a total of 23 shows. The likes of Peter, Nathan and Mrs Petrelli, Dr. Mohinder Suresh, Niki and Micah Sanders, Claire, Mr and Mrs Bennet, Ando, Hiro ‘I Did It’ Nakamura and the future painting ‘Mr Isaac’. It’s not the most dramatic of series openings (compared to Lost’s plane crash and Jack Bauer cutting off someone’s head in one of the six series) but it’s a good introduction. You see a glimpse of what’s in store and more importantly what people can do… especially Claire. Remember… ‘Save the cheerleader, save the World.’

Even though Peter Petrelli is a straight up G!!! My favourite Hero just happens to be of the same name… Hiro Nakamura.

You see… ^^^, as well as being funny, charismatic and having a more than useful ability – the gift of being able to BEND/ STOP TIME!!! - Tokyo’s finest is a Sword Wielding Bad-a-man!!!

In short, the first series of Heroes is big, a little better than Lost (as we STILL don’t know what the uncle fudge is going on) and better than the last series of 24… fact. I await your comments…

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I’m back and I’m back in a big way and I’m back with my strap!!!

I’m back from my holiday man (see 20 pics here). I must say TWO weeks (I know it seemed like longer) in America was actually great. It was all about chilling in the villa, theme parks (Islands of Adventure, Busch Gardens, Sea World and them way dere) and INTENSE shopping sprees. The much desevred break only had two downsides really, and they were as follows… The first infuriating event was the FIVE hour wait at Gatwick as our plane was delayed on the way out. The second was the icing on the “Are They Taking The Piss” cake, on the return journey they (they, being DIRKHEAD Airlines) LOST my baggage.
I can’t describe the feeling that resides in the bottom of your airplane food-full-stomach when all 500 passengers’ suitcases, golf clubs and buggies come out of baggage claim and yours is nowhere to be seen. I had to fill out these bullcrap forms as a sweaty joke-of-a-man simply slumped in his chair and made the odd noise from his snout, “Don’t worry this happens all the time,” like I wanna hear that shit buddy. To top it off it tried to palm me off with, “We find MOST of the luggage and return it within 48 hours,” damn them.

LUCKILY it was returned to me some THREE days later but still, it wasn’t good. To be honest everything in my suitcase (six pairs of trainers, T.Magic tees, Arsenal kits, Evisu, Ralph, Levis Red, Akademiks, Guess, Nike, Puma and so on) was totally replaceable but it’s not the point. I got mugged off for over 72 hours.

In my absence a lot has happened, I missed Arsenal’s opening game of the season and one of my mates got the pleasure of my season ticket. I wasn’t there when these very pages of nonsense were mentioned in GUARDIAN'S THE GUIDE. And I was on the plane for Kanye West’s Graduation playback. Luckily Rajveer has let me and the rest of the world know what the LP is saying.

So what’s been happening? [Craaaaig David] Fill Me In… [/Craaaaig David]