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Quick Review: Avatar

Magical. No magically LONG. No, I'm gonna go with my first answer. Magical.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bluey Robinson is About To Blow

2010 should be a big year for this guy...

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JP Interviews Danny Walker for MTV Sticky

Welcome to a new monthly feature headed by Sticky contributor Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson. JP aims to get you as close as possible to some of the most influential people in youth culture today. From journalists to fashion designers he has it locked. First up, is Mr. Danny Walker, Deputy Editor of “The UK’s largest” youth lifestyle magazine RWD [that's me!!!]…

[Read more...]

Example - Won't Go Quietly, The Tour and Lily Allen (Interview)

I sit down with Example and chat about all sorts...

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Subway - Chicken and Stuffing (with Gravy)

That don't look like the picture (Chicken and Stuffing Subway... on Twitpic

Looks nothing like the picture in Subway though.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tempa T Soundboard

Tempah T in pink Cowboy Hat

The funniest...

Well done Joseph Westwood...

FREE DOWNLOAD - Two new Wittyboy Tracks

Download @WITTYBOYMUSIC new tracks...

Russian Roullette RMX - ( )

Wittyboy Ft. INS & Deeze - Swimsuits ( )

The Russian Roullette RMX is sick!!!

Monday, December 07, 2009

B.o.B aka Bobby Ray - Nothing On You

Heard this on radio about a week ago and now I've finally found it again. BIG!!!

(But is it better than I'll Be In The Sky?)

Riddim of the Week - Breakage - Hard Ft. Newham Generals and David Rodigan

For more Riddims of the Week - Click Here

Quick Review: Jay Sean - All or Nothing

Jay Sean
All or Nothing
2point9/ Jayded

It’s great to see Jay Sean has come so far as he’s been grinding for almost forever and finally has an album to be proud of. The Billboard charts don’t lie either as America (thanks to Cash Money, literally) are going nuts for the west London star. With features from Craig David, ex-Sugababe Keisha Buchanan, Boy Better Know, Sean Paul and Lil Jon (on the doomed Do You Remember), and of course Lil Wayne who appears on the massive Down, this is more than a competent album offering. It’s just a shame I only favour about three songs.
Track to Check: Down Ft. Lil Wayne

Quick Review: Boyz II Men - Love

Boyz II Men

Wow, just when you thought the original kings of new jack swing had been tragically mauled to death by a mountain lion, they’re back and guess what, after listening to this album of appalling covers you’d wished they’d been tragically mauled to death by a mountain lion. Starting with Take That’s Back For Good and impressing with a Time After Time acappella, Shawn Stockman, Nathan Morris, and Wanya Morris murder some of the greatest love songs of all time. Despite saying the above, it would actually make a decent Christmas present for a hearing-impaired relative.
Track to Check: Ask your Nan

Quick Review: Scorcher - Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle
Staple House

Straight from the off on Dark Knight – with thanks to a Target production – Scorcher get’s back on a Lipsin Ting bar-spraying ting on Concrete Jungle. “Singing off key to the beat like J.Lo,” he jokes alongside a bumpy Wiley creation, Standing On The Chairs, before he jumps in and out of grime and hip hop-flavoured beats, concluding the LP with a few wet tracks. But the amusement stops there as Scorch, although he goes hard, never really finds his feet over the hour. Luckily Terminator, Wizzy Wow and Wretch 32 add heat, all you need to do now is add Spartan Gang and remove the odd track and this would be a high 4/5 and not just scraping it.
Tracks to Check: Dark Knight and Standing On The Chairs

Quick Review: Rihanna - Rated R

Rated R
Def Jam

Rihanna returns for her most raunchy, real and downright rude album yet. It seems that the good girl has gone very bad and in between asking the odd Rude Boy if they can "get it up" she's almost breaking down on the reality that is Stupid In Love. There’s something that keeps you coming back to Rated R as it’s almost audio porn in places with G4L (produced by Chase & Status), Jeezy featuring Hard and the singles being the highlight. With crazy-and-sometimes-heartfelt lyrics, interesting album artwork and a live show to back it up, Rihanna’s proved she has the talent to prove she is more than just a breast-exposing, PR stunt.
Track to Check: Stupid In Love

Quick Review: Mariah Carey - Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

For enjoying 50% of this album we’d like to thank toy boy Nick Cannon, The Dream or the fact that after 68 years in the game Mimi still knows what she is doing. Whatever the reason, something makes most of Mariah's 12th studio album current, lyrically entertaining and worth the purchase. The subtly and swing of Its A Wrap, the club-readiness of Up Out My Face and brand-peppered More Than Just Friends combine with Slim Shady slamming lead single, Obsessed, for a worthy outing. The only question is; where were those album shots taken? Bristols.
Track to Check: Up Out My Face

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It's happening, right now!!!


We have USA, Slovenia and Algeria.


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Wiley - Take That

Wiley - Take That
Thank you Island Records, I'm listening to the CD quality audio, right now. iPod TAKE THAT!!!

To view the amazing Wiley - Take That video - click here.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Brand to Watch For 2010: PXL Clothing

PXL Clothing
I caught up with the PXL Clothing’s head honcho, D, to talk about the first collection, where he gets his inspiration from and what will be happening with the brand in 2010…

Why do you draw your creative ideas from technology?
Because I use it everyday, everybody uses it without actually appreciating the design and effort and ingenuity that goes into creating tech....

Where did you come up with the name PXL Clothing?
As a commercial designer I've always been conscious of sourcing hi-res artwork for jobs, but then I saw that mags like... [READ MORE]...

The Miss of the Century

Rocky Baptiste, what are you doing?

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Quote of the Week - Terminator

This week's quote...
"Listen…. I’m so disrespectful that if I couldn’t find you and I’d look for you/ I’ll turn into mental dude… and do something mental to……….. you….. like, let me think……. TEEEE." - Terminator

Last week's quote...
There's traffic on the roads right now asif bin laden was found on the A406" - JME via @JMEBBK

Riddim(s) of the Week - Rihanna (Stupid In Love) & Scorcher (Spartan Gang Ft. Terminator)

Ok, I was just going to say Rihanna as I've actually been battering her album (ok, wrong choice of words, DAMN you Chris). Stupid In Love is one of the stand out tracks from Rated R. Or Certificate 18, as it should be called over here.

But I couldn't deny Scorcher, Terminator and his insane nonsense bars. Too funny. Raj was on this tune time ago BTW. Behold the lyrical nonsense that is Spartan Gang...

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Ghetts - Skadoosh Ft. Maxsta and Doller Da Dustman

Ghetts returns with Maxsta and Doller Da Dustman on this grimed-out grower. The third time you hear it you'll be hooked. Tight flow from Maxsta, cameos from Devlin and Griminal. I hope they cleaned up after all of that fire.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Westwood Crib Sessions - Lethal Bizzle and crew

Ozzie B always has the deadest leather jackets. Sick instrumentals (and a few big bars) inside.

Oh shit Knowledge, remember him.

Tinchy Stryder Performs Number 1 For vinspired National Awards

The closing artist for last night’s first vinspired National Awards was No.1 grabbing Tinchy Stryder. Performing after Bashy and Lady Sovereign the Prince of Grime stepped up for the volunteers…

Take Me Back

Number 1

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Walkers Jamacian Jerk Chicken

Walkers Jamacian Jerk Chicken...? Mmmm on Twitpic

Anyone tried there yet? I think they're ok/ nice/ edible.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanks Greg :-(

Thanks Greg :-(, originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

-- (as featured in the Guardian Guide) or (as featured on... the Internet)

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Thirst Arrested at Gun Point!?!?!

Late on Saturday night, after playing what is described by lead singer Mensah Cofi-Agyeman as a ‘good’ gig in the humble shires of Stafford, the band were treated to a horrific ordeal in the hands of the police.

After playing a gig in Chase (Cannock), Staffordshire, the band were confronted by a team of armed police, dogs and a helicopter. "We had a good gig. I left the venue and we had to try and jump start the old range rover that we were using, I opened the bonnet and as soon as I did about six police cars came around the corner,” Mensah explains of the incident.

The four piece band – who previously appeared in RWD’s prestigious About To Blow, their manager and their sound engineer had guns held to their heads, were thrown to the ground and later taken to the local police station. All throughout the torment the only explanation was given on Sunday afternoon – when they were released without charge – was that they were being held on suspicion of possessing firearms.

“I looked to my friend and thought that they'd just want to check our insurance documents,” The Thirst frontman added. ”The next thing all chaos erupted, I had red lasers pointed at my chest and on my head. There was a helicopter above us with a spotlight on us. All we could here was shouting. I had a gun being forced on my neck. ‘Get down, get on the ground’, ‘Turn around, put your hands up,’ we were getting all different directions shouted at us, it didn't seem like any of them knew what they were doing. The fact alone that I could feel the policeman shaking through the end of the gun he had to my neck was enough to make me feel very nervous. He had my life in his hands and they were shaking.”

The group’s manager Kingsley Slater just told me, that he “couldn’t believe it, it’s a joke,” and Mensah finished with, “They were apparently waiting outside for two hours for us to finish the gig. Is it reasonable to believe that they thought that our guitar cases and coats were concealing shotguns? We were headlining a gig in Staffordshire! It was like walking into a movie set but it was too real. It's hard to believe that this can still happen today. We were treated like animals, we had no human rights."

Their Twitter,, sums it up perfectly, "100+Thirst fans 5 machine guns 1shotgun 2fed Dogs 1helicopter 10cop cars 6police cells! What a fukin night!"

Surely the police have better things to do with their time?

Riddim of the Week - N-Dubz - Na Na Ft. Wiley

Big track from what is proving to be an overly decent album...

For more Riddims of the Week - Click Here

What Next For Jedward?

So last night the famous Grimes twins, John and Edward, were ousted from the Big Brother house (sorry wrong show) and followed Jamie Archer, Lucie Jones, Miss Frank, Rikki Loney, Kandy Rain and Lloyd Daniels (what? Lloyd is still in it? Maybe we’re looking a week into the future) on the X Factor finalist's loser’s bench. But as the 17 year-old brothers start their post X Factor whirlwind, what will become of them?

Presenters? Chart success? Or a brand of gel?

Speaking this morning to Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway on GMTV, they revealed they’re up for any challenge…

How are you feeling emotionally?
John: We know we have the support of our fans, every time we go out people scream at us and we’re really happy that we have the support of our friends and all of our family.
It’s been quite a torrid time though, how did you cope with all that?
Edward: I don’t think we focus on the negativity that much, we just focus on the positive things that go on in the show and focus on what you have to do. We’re always focussing on people that are kind to us. Everyone in the whole show is so helpful along the whole entire process. Everyone has helped us in different ways.
John: Everyone who we work with has been top… like Brian Friedman, Louis Walsh and our musical director Nigel Wright; they’ve all been great… we’re not just representing ourselves we’re representing them too.
Did you feel yesterday that after your performance, you deserved to go?
John: I feel that every single week…
Every single week you should have gone?
John and Edward [laugh]. John: No… I felt like every single week we try really hard. Like, we stay up so late practicing and rehearsing; this week it was just our time.
Whose idea was it to enter the show?
Edward: We always had a general interest in music and we felt that this would be a good way of going about getting up there and doing something cool.
So you felt that you were always good singers?
John: No, we always have the drive and determination to do something.
So what next?
John: The X Factor tour is starting soon so we’re really excited about that. Every night we’re gonna get ready for it. But right now we’re just going to be doing loads of performing.
There is a Facebook group that want you to go and do Dancing on Ice, would you go and do Dancing on Ice?
John: Dancing on Ice? I think we’ve done ice skating once but we’ve actually done a lot of rollerblading so…
Edward: I think we’d be really really bad at it.
Would you go into the jungle to replace Katie Price?
John: Can you do that?
Edward: I’m a Celebrity get me out of here… do we have that title?
Of course you do…
Edward: We’re up for any challenge.
Maybe the duo will have a fashion label? Or a brand of gel? What do you think…?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

N-Dubz Ft. Mr Hudson - Playing With Fire

New video from the crew, once again putting Camden on the map... well someone's got two.

This is like a Camden collabo too, as Ben Hudson reps, Kentish Town.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wiley - Take That - Video

Completely sick!!!!!

Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say - Interview

Jason Derülo talks to me about a whole bunch of stuff including the umlaut in his name...

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Jokes... Bars over piano business... LOL

Twilight/ New Moon Download Torrent Rapidshare

Now I've got your attention... I hate this saga. Only joking I haven't actually watched a single minute, can anyone prove to me why I should? Come on...

Confessions of a Traffic Warden

Tonight on Channel 4, 9pm.

Looks jokes.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jammer Unleashes Party Animal Video

Shame, I thought it was gonna be funny. That is Jammer's USP.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quick Interview: Danny Wallace

Danny Walker vs. Danny Wallace, two great minds collide. (Well one)...

What the hell is Danny Wallace doing in a computer game?
That is what I’ve been asking myself, even now. But no. It’s great. It’s one of those things, I’ve always loved games. I started writing for video games magazines when I was about 13. I was OBSESSED with Sega Megadrive; there were two battles in the 90’s. Blur versus Oasis and Megadrive vs. Super NES. It really defined your friendship really. I was on the Sega side but never did I think games would get to the point where you could have people in them. Acting and stuff. Then one day I was at the awards do and a friendly faced fella came up to me and he said, ‘Hey listen, there is a little project I’m working on and I think you’ll be good for it.’ It turns out it was Assassins Creed II. Huge sort of blockbuster thing. He said, ‘Right, there is a part you’re perfect for, it could have been written for you. You’re perfect for this.’ I go along to this room and there is a little bit of paper which tells me about Shaun Hastings, clearly as he is a man of the world… I read it and he is a nerdy, lonely, intense… is that me is it?
What has been your favourite game over the years?
Well Sonic - I used to love that when I was a kid – and I used to love all those sports games. I like games that you’re really immersed in. Like this. Or ones that you can play with with your mates. Call of Duty, I play a lot of. So November is going to be a good month for me. With that and [Assassins Creed II] coming out. Erm, I went to see some American football games recently and I realised I knew a lot about it. But only through playing games like Madden. I’d be like, ‘That’s a Hail Mary that they’ve just done there,’ basically most of my sport is done on the computer.

What would you say is the worse game?
Well I wasn’t a fan of – actually I better check it wasn’t made by Ubisoft [room laugh] – what was that? I wasn’t a big fan of some of the James Bond games. Like Golden Eye was my favourite game ever. I bought all of the controllers and I spent basically a summer with three mates in a room with cans of beer, playing that nonstop. After that some of the ones haven’t been as good but GoldenEye, we’ll always have GoldenEye.

More in the next RWD...

Wiley - Talks Take That (Behind The Scenes)

Another RWDmag excluuuuusive!!! TAKE THAT!!!

Target on Wiley's Take That!!!

Big tune, big interview...

Quick Interview: Timbaland (on Beaterator)

What is it that makes Beaterator so unique?
It lets people make music. It's that simple. Even if you've never touched a synth or an MPC or Pro Tools, you can be up making beats in minutes. It looks like a game but works like serious studio equipment. And you can take it anywhere in your pocket. If you already make beats, it's like the perfect sketchpad. If you've never done it before, it removes all the things that make getting started intimidating. You?re up and running making songs, with a little help from me.

Making music today is much easier than 10 or 15 years ago, thanks to the advent of things like Beaterator. How do you see this benefitting budding musicians and the industry itself?
There will be kids out there who become successful musicians and producers who get their start using Beaterator. That's guaranteed right now. The music world is constantly changing, and Beaterator is like a head-start into the future. It will get people hooked and encourage them to explore music, whether they're House and club music DJ's or rappers or singers and producers. And they can carry it and share it.

You mentioned once that you were on tour with Timberlake while also working on the beats for Beaterator. How has feedback been from friends and family on the title?
It's been great, they are surprised that Ive shared so much with these sounds and loops. Everyone who gets their hands on it wants to make a beat of their own.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Marina and the Diamonds talk Brids and the Bees with Luke

Great interview Luke, the end is like a cool car crash, but it makes for good TV.

Master Shortie T4 Freeze Festival Teaser!!!

What is this? LOL

Quick Review: Law Abiding Citizen

Momentum Pictures
Cert 18

Well he’s not winning another Oscar here for his role as District Attorney Nick Rice, but once again Jamie Foxx commands respect as the lead role in this revenge fuelled caper. Acting the hardest alongside King Leonidas himself, Gerald Butler, the two brutally bounce off each other as though Nick Rice was the one to kill Butler’s family. This is a very smart and enjoyable film which is only let down by its ending.

Riddim of the Week - MC Versatile/ Crazy Couzinz - It's That Funky

This week's Riddim of the Week is taken from the Crazy Cousinz EP...

Crazy Cousinz & MC Versatile - "It's That Funky" (Candy refix)
Crazy Cousinz - "I See You" (feat Kimona)
Crazy Cousinz - "Always Be My" (instrumental)
Crazy Cousinz - "Money" (instrumental)
Crazy Cousinz - "Salute To The Funky" (feat MC Versatile Funky Allstars)
Crazy Cousinz - "Sonar"
Hannah Liston - "Embrace Me" (Crazy Cousinz remix)
Kodi Starr - "Extortion" (Crazy Cousinz)

For more Riddims of the Week - Click Here

Minestrone with Pesto???

Minestrone with Pesto???, originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

I'll let you know how this one pans out.
-- (as featured in the Guardian Guide) or (as featured on... the Internet)

Chipmunk - Look For Me - The Official Video

Very good look for what ended up being one of my favourite tracks on I AM CHIPMUNK. If you don't like it at first it will only take a couple of plays before it's in your head.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick Review: Harry Brown

Harry Brown
Cert 18

You've heard the Chase & Status theme tune, End Credits, you've seen the trailer (Shittas, is you) and you know it features one of the greatest actors of all time. But enough about Ben Drew aka Plan B, Harry Brown also stars Sir Michael Caine and packs a numbing 9mm punch. The ultimate vigilante is one who the police are even scared of and that comes in the form of an elderly "I'll do what I have to do" ex-serviceman, Brown. Not his most memorable role but a solid one nonetheless.

I'm waving I'm waving!!!

I'm waving I'm waving!!!, originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.
Currently trying to get my head around this Google Wave thing...
-- (as featured in the Guardian Guide) or (as featured on... the Internet)

Right Now, It's a Google Wave Ting

Many times before, I've said that Google runs my life. Well now I'm currently using Google Wave. I think Google should give me shares or something cos I'm forever blabbing about their products and do they thank me? No.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Donae'o - Watching Her Move

Not sure about the video but loving the track!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

UK BBoy Championships World Finals 2009 - With Salah

Calling all BBoys...

Wretch 32 Talks Chipmunk’s Suicide Tweets

After reading The Sun this morning – follow the full updates here – all eyes are on Chipmunk’s Twitter page as concerns continue to grow for the 18 year-old artist.

After recently bagging a No.1 with Oopsy Daisy a couple of weeks ago, with a No.2 album (I AM CHIPMUNK) to match, it seems a lot of pressure has been on the star.

Moments ago we spoke to long time friend and fellow MC, Wretch 32, about Chipmunk’s current mental state and his worrying tweets. “I’m not sure what happened man,” a concerned Wretch tells RWD, “when I see him I’ll talk to him.”

Unaware of how big the story is getting Wretch – who featured alongside Chipmunk on a remix of Beast – told us he’ll find out as much as he could. “Yeah, it’s probably a bit of stress. I think he’s got a bit on. He’s got a bit on.” And what shall we tell the thousands of Chipmunk devotees? “Just tell them that I spoke to him yesterday and everything is cool. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster but I think he’ll be ok."

Stay locked to for the latest.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Sean Kingston is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

I was watching X Factor this weekend (as you do) then I suddenly realised...

Sean Kingston is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

They could be Twins???

Sorry for the lack of posts...

Working on a ting...

Riddim of the Week: Chris Brown - I Can Transform Ya Ft. Lil Wayne

But can he transform? Punk.

Kosha - Old Skool - Official Video

It's a good look Kosha...

Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Best/ Worst of Jedward

WARNING - John and Edward Grimes videos inside…

Live Audition 1 - Rock DJ

Live Show 2 - Oops I Did It Again

Live Show 4 - Walk This Way

Video Diary

Live Show 5 – Ghostbusters Theme

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chipmunk - Chicken Shop Challenge

Chicken purchased by me and Chipmunk interviewed, transcribed, written up, filmed, edited and posted by me.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Quick Review: Lethal Bizzle - Go Hard

Lethal Bizzle

Go Hard

Search and Destroy

Lethal Bizzle has once again let himself down in the album department. Not only are the hooks weak, the concepts predictable and his nursery rhymes laughable at best, the cover artwork is also a pile of dog shizzle. At least the last album had a decent design. It’s very hard to pull something positive from this 16 track car crash – you’d think it would be the Mark Ronson track but no he ruins Lost My Mind by rapping – so just look for any songs which feature Donaeo. On one of those very tracks, Go Hard he rhymes, “Bizzle is back, that’s a warning,” he certainly is… avoid him at all costs.

Tracks to Check: Crazy Nightmare and Go Hard

Track to Avoid: Skullz on my Hoodie


Quick Review: Mr Hudson - Straight No Chaser

Mr Hudson

Straight, No Chaser


Despite not being a fan of e-single White Lies, Ben Hudson’s sophomore long player was welcomed with open ears. Since …Two Cities many a tale can be told about his meteoric rise to Kanye-on-speed-dial-fame but with each track you can tell he’s still telling it straight; although Panama hats, rained-out golf dates and London living have been replaced with synth-rich pop ballads of misplaced love and romantic heartache. Regardless of its 46 minute length, it’s short and very sweet with lyrics and beats to match.

Track to Check: Anyone But Him and Lift Your Head


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dizzee Rascal - Tongue n Cheek

The guy who we know as Raskit, Dizzee Diz or simply as Bonkers is gearing up for his FOURTH studio album. Entitled, Tongue n Cheek, the East London-bred artist is now ready to follow up on Boy In Da Corner, Showtime and Maths & English with Tongue n Cheek, his most experimental album yet.

Here is the track listing so far…
1. Bonkers
2. Road Rage
3. Dance Wiv Me
4. Freaky Freaky
5. Can't Tek No More
6. Chillin' Wiv Da Man Dem
7. Dirtee Cash
8. Money Money Money
9. Leisure
10. Holiday

While we eagerly wait for that, his next – Calvin Harris produced – single, Holiday will be available to download from 24 August and physically from 31 August.

And here are those tour dates…
Saturday 4 October - Edinburgh Picture House
Sunday 5 October - Glasgow O2 Academy
Tuesday 6 October - Newcastle O2 Academy
Wednesday 7 October - Manchester Apollo
Friday 9 October - Cambridge Corn Exchange
Saturday 10 October - Exeter University Great Hall
Sunday 11 October - Bristol O2 Academy
Tuesday 13 October - Nottingham Rock City
Wednesday 14 October - Bournemouth Opera House
Friday 16 October - Norwich UEA
Saturday 17 October - Birmingham O2 Academy
Thursday 22 October - London O2 Brixton Academy
Saturday 24 October - Liverpool University
Sunday 25 October - Sheffield O2 Academy
Monday 26 October - Leeds O2 Academy
Tuesday 27 October - Brighton Dome
Friday 30 October - Swindon Oasis
Sunday 1 November - Southend Cliffs Pavilion
Monday 2 November - Lincoln Engine Shed

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Twisted Originals - Showdown at the Station - Part 6 of 6

It's here the last one!!! The series is complete!!!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Michael Jackson Tribute - Thriller by RWD Magazine

The video is finally finished!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick Review: Wiley - Race Against Time

Artist: Wiley

Title: Race Against Time

Label: Eskibeat

For those fearing the Godfather was coming with another forced electro-follow-up LP fear not this is all-out 8 bar mêlée as far as the ear can hear. Yes, he’s back to what he does best, “Swinging in the market”??? For those hoping Wiley was finally going to drop a big album… we regret to inform you Eskiboy is a little way off. Glimpses of old include Off The Radar and Music I Like where he opens up over a piano rift and handclaps, but the whole mood is lowered during the poor track relapse in The Olly - which is a really bad attempt at a 90’s Ibiza club smash. Giggs and Tigga raise the levels with Zip It Up and in the Auto-tuned Time Flies By he addresses his previous label deal in one simple line, “I woulda been happy with the one lickle Rolex tune but the label they got too excited,” but overall this would be 1 out of 5 if it wasn’t for Where’s My Brother. Thank you Bless Beats.

Track To Check: Where’s My Brother


Monday, June 08, 2009

Quick Review: Bashy - Catch Me If You Can

Artist: Bashy

Title: Catch Me If You Can

Label: GGI

To say this 17 track ALBUM is long overdue is an understatement as we’ve put up with half-focused underground mixtapes from Ashley Thomas for far too long. UR Mum – Vol.1, Chuppa Chups and didn’t really say much about the artist or his place in the industry… unlike Catch Me If You Can. There is nothing like a versatile, HMV, iTunes and radio-friendly LP to get you noticed (not saying that the bigness and controversy of Black Boys didn’t raise his profile of course).The N-Dubz collab is the prefect feel good track for the summer, Before Before is big, Millionaire will grow on you like the show itself, Your Wish… flipped EVERYTHING, meanwhile Ransom gives that extra bit of grit. Not sure about some of the hooks (especially that Autotune thing four tracks in) but really feeling the flow, lyrics and confidence of the next Black Boy to blow. A must for music fans and/ or wannabe music millionaires.

Track To Check: We Can Do Anything Ft. Loick Essien & Jamelia


Friday, June 05, 2009

Quick Review: Skepta - Microphone Champion

Despite enjoying Skepta’s first LP, Greatest Hits, I didn’t actually have high hopes for the second. Maybe it’s the dwindling state of grime as we know (knew and loved) it, maybe it’s because I was SKEPtic about the impending weak hooks or the fact it would be Ed Hardy-reference-ridden or maybe… maybe it’s because there isn’t a crossover single to be seen on Microphone Champion. Yeah Rolex Sweep, Too Many Man and Sunglasses at Night (BTW - what the hell happened to the hook on the LP version???) are big but what next? Lush Ft. Jay Sean? Are you telling me that’s it Mr Adenuga? [Does thumbs down in BBK tee] On a more positive note, Disguise is over-jokes, Look Out Ft. Giggs is a grower and Oh My Gosh is almost Boy Better Know back at their best. Unfortunately for Skepta this album will be easily forgotten (sorry Skeppy fans but after all at the end of the day it’s all just Sticks and Stones).

Track To Check: Disguise


Big Brother 10!!!

Day 1

The first evening mainly involved the contestants going into the house and for the first time ever a woman wasn’t booed. Her name was Sophia and she’s crazy. The weirdest entrance went to Angel who confirmed that she may actually be insane when she rolled up like Dracula. When in the house, Big Brother soon told the contestants they’re not actually housemates. Yet. And they have to prove themselves worthy to gain access to the beds and the rest of the building. The first task of the series went to Rodrigo who shaved off Noirin’s eyebrows (which were non-existent anyway) and drew on a moustache and glasses to gain housemate status. And that was about it.

For more click here.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Professor Green in RWD Rehabilitation

Chilled with Pro Green yesterday - took him some soup, Jaffa Cakes and that - listened to some of his new tunes... BIG!!! Full write up, soon come.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Twisted Originals - Warehouse Wasters - Part 3

It's here. It's already here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Finished!!!, originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Twisted Originals - Episode 2 - Sh*t Interview

It's here, it's finally here...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Interview with Will.I.Am on X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I speak to John Wraith…

I was shocked too when we found out everybodies favourite Boom Boom Pow’er is in the latest offering from Twentieth Century Fox. So I tracked down Will.I.Am aka John Wraith – Wolverine’s buddy – to talk all things thespian…

Hey Will, you’re nearly a movie star as X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens in the UK this week…

Yeah, I’m really excited. I hope I don’t choke. The director [Gavin Hood] said I did a really good job and Hugh Jackman said I was ok so…

What is your role exactly, what does John Wraith do?
He’s a teleporter and Logan/ Wolverine’s close friend. It’s a great role.

If you were going to have mutant powers what would they be?
If I was going to have mutant powers I’d be a teleporter.

Ah so you had the perfect role?
Yeah, cos you know a teleporter is faster than superman, right? Cos he [Superman] has to run and fly [laughs], I’m stronger than a lot of people cos… I don’t have to be strong. In can just go… [does teleportation sound]… and you’d be over there. I don’t have to move the plan I’ll just go… and it would be gone.

Pretty cool. Pretty cool and how would you rate your acting skills?
I don’t know. I don’t know [laughs]. Music is my world; acting isn’t really my world… I’m visiting it. I think I was a good guest. Would I like to be a resident? Hell yeah. I need to sit back and rely on their ratings of me but I was happy with my performance.

What was it like working with Hugh Jackman?
He gave me a lot of confidence. I had a few concerns but he helped me out a lot.

What were your concerns?
My concerns were that I’m comfortable with Black Eyed Peas, doing music with people that I know. With acting I suppose, I can only be myself and try things and try not to worry about it. Hugh and me just had a few conversations cos most of my scenes are with him so he made me comfortable. It was great. It was awesome.

Did you go for latte or beers between takes?
Oh no… no alcohol… I was focussed. We just talked and he gave me advice on stuff.

To find out what will had to say about the forthcoming Peas project and the revolutionary gadgetry that is, pick up the June issue of RWD Magazine.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Twisted Originals - Tongue-Tied Twosome - Part 1

Levi's and RWD join forces... This is the reason I've been not blogging...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Fake N-Dubz Get Murdered via Comments on YouTube


The comments on this video are HILARIOUS!!!


"omg u sad sad ugly fucking pll man i fill sick u lot are fucking mingers"

"look at the fat purple slag lol"

TAKE TIME TO READ THEM ALL... you won't regret it.

Friday, March 06, 2009

OMG! I need help. They're giving me free ones now!!!

Seriously someone needs to start Krispy Kremes Anonymous. The London Bridge outlet nearly know me by name, they've been giving me FREE doughnuts too.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Which BlackBerry Should You Get? [Reviews Inside]

Move over Apple iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry is the new fashion accessory of choice…

BlackBerry Bold 9000
(From Free,

The Bold is simply sublime in terms of features, usability and lust factor. Despite the leatherette back cover, which feels like a cheap C&A briefcase, it is how all BlackBerry’s should be. Packed full of features like superfast 3G, WiFi, Built-in GPS and of course instant email it sets the benchmark for email-ready smartphones. With third-party (Documents To Go) software for Word, Excel and Powerpoint files you need never go back in the office again.
Buyability: The half VGA resolution 480 x 360 pixel colour display is perfect for movies, browsing and instant messaging your boss to tell him why you’re running late.
Longevity: The only lifespan issue is the 2MP camera. It’s not the best but it gets the job done.
The J Factor: Your friends will be so jealous it put a smile on your face bigger than the Joker on happy pills.

BlackBerry Curve 8900
(From Free,

This smartphone is refreshing from the moment you open the box (maybe even before). Despite the lack of 3G it puts my current phone, T-Mobile’s MDA Vario, to shame; in fact every time I go to sleep it tries to send 'Ha Ha' pings/ instant messages to it all by itself. The slender design, lightweight body and ease of use are a perfect introduction to a BlackBerry virgin like me.
Buyability: Instant email, 3.2MP camera with auto focus, WiFi, Built-in GPS, BlackBerry Maps, sleek design, petite QWERTY keyboard, 3.5mm jack.... It's a must.
Longevity: Depending on how chubby your thumbs are and your 3G requirements this should last you until you're at least 83.
The J Factor: Your friends will want this so much you may need new ones.

BlackBerry Storm 9500
(From Free,

Where do we start with the Storm? It had so much potential when we plucked it from the box. That wide 3.25 inch light sensitive TFT LCD screen drew us in, the promise of a 3.2MP camera with auto focus and innovative SurePress all seemed too good to be true. It was… the fact that you have to press the whole screen in like a button makes speedy typing and general navigation awkward at best. It’s a nice phone but even as a touch screen smartphone regular I was put off by RIM’s first effort.
Buyability: Love the widescreen browser, full BlackBerry functionality but dislike everything else.
Longevity: Taking pictures, typing and general navigation takes some getting used to.
The J Factor: Your friends will be jealous of the screen size but laugh at everything else.

The Stat Off:
BlackBerry Bold 9000

Camera: 2 MP
GPS: Built-in
Media: Media Player, Video Recording, BlackBerry Maps, 1GB expandable memory
USP: Instant Email/ Messaging, Keyboard backlighting and slick design.
Weight: 136 grams
Time to download 21.8 seconds
Picture Quality: As you can see Obama looks more washed out that the real Gordon Brown

BlackBerry Curve 8900
Camera: 3.2 MP with auto focus
GPS: Built-in
Media: Media Player, Video Recording, BlackBerry Maps, 1GB expandable memory
USP: Instant Email/ Messaging, 35 key backlit QWERTY and petite as hell.
Weight: 109.9 grams
Time to download 73 seconds (due to lack of 3G)
Picture Quality: The best of the three. Obama looks vibrant and the auto focus really brought across his determination. Yes We Can!!!

BlackBerry Storm 9500
Camera: 3.2 MP with auto focus
GPS: Built-in
Media: Media Player, Video Recording, BlackBerry Maps, 1GB expandable memory
USP: Instant Email/ Messaging, Touchscreen BlackBerry via SurePress.
Weight: 155 grams
Time to download 28.5 seconds
Picture Quality: Very flat image with limited colours (took ages to take picture too).

BlackBerry Vs The Competitors:
Vs. The iPhone:
Apple’s little wonder falls down in the document department so a BB upgrade could suit those who need to edit on the move. The iPhone still has the best browser and media player on the market though.
Vs. The G1: With all your favourite Google products bundles in a decent looking phone this Windows Mobile wonder stands up quite well to the BB. There is something dodgy about the LEGO-like flip out keyboard though.
Vs. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic: Nokia’s little touchscreen beauty has been on our minds ever since it was announced. With 8GB memory and a 3.2 MP camera which is capable of DVD-like video it could be the more fun choice for a slightly younger generation.