Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lady Sovereign is Alive!!!

After selling over 300,000 copies of her lukewarm debut Public Warming, Ess Ohh Vee is back. Although, she nearly fell off the face of the earth last year after suffering from exhaustion and walking off stage whilst performing in the States.

The last we heard from SOV was back in Feb 08 when she spoke to fans directly from her popular blog;

“I accidentally fell into a space, which I know was right for me. I had to find my self before it ran away from me. I will be back, as that dark time in my life has passed. I am a smarter person and much more creative inside. Now its time to let it out. I have been, but the determination is kicking in again, the same determination I had when I was 14. Wow years go by fast. Hope you guys are still with me.”

Don’t worry Sovereign fans, now she’s nearly back with her second LP, Jigsaw, and in the meantime she’s dropped a free download, I Got You Dancing

Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing

To download this stereo-friendly stop gap track, I Got You Dancing, click here