Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Retraction of the Week!!!

I don't usually do this, in fact I've NEVER done this - it goes go against EVERYTHING I stand for as a journalist and a human being… but I legally have to do it. You know on Sunday when we were discussing the filth water that is Pepsi and Coffee, I quoted Raj saying, "It doesn't actually taste that bad." My lawyer says, I have to change that quotation or I’ll be in the dock faster than you can say, ‘What you talkin’ ‘bout Willis?’

For the record (and especially Raj’s blood hungry lawyers) I would like to say, that Raj actually said this, “I think it tastes like Coke Zero… and when I’m not drinking the Coca-Cola Company’s diet soft drink blatantly aimed at unsuspecting macho males, I spend my time recycling and taking care of injured animals.”

Now that’s all cleared up… I spoke to Wretch 32 today…

WTF!!! I like table tennis but these guys are taking the piss!!!

Target and Flo Dan passed through the RWD office!

Roll Deep used to pass through RWD towers every other week, but now they've got other things to do I guess they just don't care about us any more???

...Na, doubt it...

A - No one can stop their enternal love for RWD, not even the Flo Father!!! "Drive by shooting in a transit van" and all that...

B - Target dropped us off some new tracks (from Rules & Regulations) and let us listen to the new STILL untitled 2nd album. Its Big!!! When he wasn't looking I tried to burn off a copy but he wasn't having it!!! Damn

--Speaking of Roll Deep---

Guess who's not in the new press shots???

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Quote of the Week - Pepsi With Coffee!?!?!

Quote of the Week - Pepsi With Coffee!?!?!
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"It doesn't actually taste that bad." - Raj Kapone

Ok, I'm not going to say that I hate this drink cos 'Hate' is a very strong word - I f*cking despise this drink. For those that haven't tasted this yet, its got an ACTUAL coffee taste. Everyone knows Pepsi Max tastes like a paper water or something and the fact that coffee is nasty like chicken poo sandwiches, adds to the extreme disliking. Come on Raj, you know you threw up two minutes later.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Newham General's Mixtape is... NOT Out Today!!!

D Double E

"Oi, Monks pass me the mic bruv!!!"


"My style is potent"


"Bare right hooks!!! Bare headbutts"

This is the Newham Generals murking, the exclusive invite-only Nike event. To read Raj's review click here.

Ps. The Best of Newham Generals mixtape is NOT out today, my sources [Well the guys who are pressing it up] are telling me Tuesday.

Dizzee Rascal's Back!!!

Dizzee Rascal

Not content with being 'Just A Rascal', last night Dylan Mills joined forces with Newham Generals' DJ Tubby and the living legends Jazzie B, LTJ Bukem and Norris 'Da Boss' Windross to show Nike some love...

It was an invite only affair - as you know we get the best invites - so we made our way to NikeTown at the heart of Oxford Circus. A usual sight was seen at the door, but when you're as important as us you can bypass the queues and waltz straight in - or if you simply had a ticket. The RWD team were met at the door by hungry paparazzi; whose DIGITAL cameras must have been out of film as they didn't go off when we walked past.

Nike had set the scene nicely and their Festival of Air began to fill with industry folk, celebs and avid fans of the brand. We first had the pleasure of speaking to D&B’s LTJ Bukem first, who's now officially back after an 18 month break in his long running 15 year career. “Its nice to be able to come out and do this, as I’m a Nike freak, NikeTown in Oxford Street is not too foreign to me,” he tells. Taking such a break must’ve been nice, but now its back to the grind he informs through orange and silver shades, “Myself and my business partner have started the website and we’re gonna put out albums and DVDs. There’s a lot of things.” Known for his earthy sound LTJ sums up what we’re gonna see for the next 15 years, “Its very hard these days to define what music you’re doing, there’re so many fragments in various scenes but yeah I’d like to think my sound is a worldly earthy musical journey.” Being in the perfect place, he describes his perfect pair of trainers, “Well, I’m a Presto nutter,” he replies - we look down at his feet and confirm this. “They first came out in 2000 I think and I’ve got about 20 pairs.” And his ever first pair of trainers? He reminisces “You know what, they must have been some no name pair.”

In between networking and viewing the more than decent artwork, it was time to speak to Norris ‘Da Boss’. With Creed by his side, the interview got off to a bang, I cheekily asked, ‘Isn’t this a bit late for you two?’ Luckily they laughed, “Yeah, we should be in bed with some hot chocolate,” Creed quickly retorted. They soon tell us of their trainer love, “'Creps’ we used to call ‘em, cos of the sole,” Creed explains whilst pointing at his trainers. “My first ever pair of trainers were plimsolls,” Norris divulges. “Yeah and mine were Wizz Kids [excuse the spelling but not even Google has heard of this ‘brand’], I think they were from Woolworths.” So are the two legends fans of the new style of trainers, “Boy, they’re more expensive than the shoes I buy,” complains Mr Windross. So how does he get his regular Nike fill we hear you ask, “Well, I get them sent to me, someone hooks me up. I always like a nice looking pair of trainers.”

With a few people floating around Dizzee Rascal and his bouncer [who’s unofficial height is approximately 9’ 7”], we politely waited for the good guys at MTV to get their interview before we grabbed our exclooooose. Mr ‘Showtime’ himself – with customised Paul Wall grill – first informed us how his OWN line of Nike Air 180s were doing, “Yeah, they’re going well. They were not for general sale but just a limited range.” So limited our RWD pair must have been ‘lost’ in the post, but not to worry, the patent material from his one-away red Nike Air imports had already distracted us. “Oh these,” he says with a golden grin, “I brought these back from the States, I call them ‘Candy Paint’.” So back from touring (with just about everyone big) and in the studio to finish off the third album, Maths and English, Diz explains what’s going on, “Yeah, I’ve been touring, I’ve supported Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Red Hot Chili Peppers – that’s been the funniest and the most recent one,” and the album tell us about the album, “Its out in January, I just wanna get it right…”

To find out what Dizzee had to say about his forthcoming album, what genre of music he’s working with now (as well as grime) and what OTHER producers are on this impending LP you need to wait for the October issue of RWD - out September 15. For more info on Nike Air and the Festival of Air check

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Online Review: The Sounds of the Pirates

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The Sound of the Pirates Mixed by DJ Cameo

BBC 1Xtra’s DJ Cameo jumps feet first into the fierce game that is the compilation CD – luckily he’s packing some ferocious tracks. Bringing with big bassy beats from UK and US shores – spread evenly across three CDs – the pirates are truly repped. From Wiley, Dizzee, Skepta, Fun*Dmental and N.A.S.T.Y to 50 Cent, Snoop, Kanye, Ne-Yo and the odd DJ special, there’s something for everyone (even you). New tracks from Roll Deep, Bashy and DaVinChe give it another dimension.
Track to Check: Set your player to shuffle

Shut Up!!! My Hair Was Big!!!

Shut Up!!! My Hair Was Big!!!
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Monday, August 21, 2006

I've been away for a week, have Hyper for a week!!!

These are a few holiday photos...


That's a bird with one leg, which seemed to be Willie Bouncing...

That's the beach which was across the road...

That's the remains of a meal we (me and the girly - mainly me) ruthlessly backed!!!
3 starters, 3 main courses, 2 beers and a partridge in a pear tree!!!

Here are some night shots I did... bar one (can you guess which one?)






Waste Crep 101

Waste Crep
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I can't even begin to explain how terrible these potato sack shoes are!!!

I won't expose the wearer but DACRE... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

Slew Dem - Non Stop Working - Out Now!!!

Nintendo Drops A Lite Load

I was bored on the plane back, so I wrote a proper review of the DS Lite...

Nintendo used to rule the handheld gaming market, much like the colonel and his secret recipe, they were finger licking good. Even from those early days of Super Mario Land and the ORIGINAL must-have battleship grey GameBoy, you couldn't get close. So to cash in on their portable popularity they fed the consumer (us idiots) multiple variations; the doomed 'Pocket', pointless 'Colour', quirky GBA, money-spinning GBA SP and now the remixed 'DS', the DS Lite.

Nintendo had it good until the day Sony dropped a little bomb on our shores aka the PSP, since then there's been a battle over the money in mother’s purses - not to mention the increasing efforts from just about every mobile phone company. Hence the reason for the Duel Screen's Trisha -like makeover. Version one, the big, fat and heavy box waddled behind the curtain then revealed itself as a slimmed down more attractive distant relative. On first look at the DS Lite its very had to see that they were even related.

Boasting a clearer, brighter and more eye-friendly screen, Lite's got a load of qualities. With 45% improved battery life, better pen and a slicker than slick look that warrants a place on Batman utility belt. Games played Lite seem more fun somehow, as players are proud to show off their console. Its obviously kept the standard button layout - although moving the 'Start' and 'Select' buttons - and gaming is as sturdy as any other previous outing.

Compared to its biggest rival, Sony's Portable PlayStation, Nintendo's latest pocket pal holds its own and then some. Obviously in terms of media the PSP wins hands down, but Nintendo never make machines that multi task. Instead the production line constantly churn out games consoles that are built for ONE thing... Games! Sure there are various add-ons to convert the DS into a media player but who needs them when you're on World 8 of New Super Mario Brothers or you've just found out you are actually smarter than you're girlfriend on Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain?

Apart from the lack of media (if you yearn for that sort of thing) the only downsides to be found are as follow; Even version one owners would rip off their own grandma to get their mitts on one. The lightest of touches - from those very mitts - leaves the surface looking like its been sexually assaulted by a grease-soaked mouse. And the small unnecessary fact that it isn't packing infrared, but much like the belly button, what's it used for anyway?

If like me, your PSP is gathering dust balls the size of King Kong's love sacks and/ or you're embarrassed to pull out version one on the train, sprint to the nearest retailer and purchase the new DS Lite - before they bring out a new one. Preferably not in black as that would be copying me.

Come on now, that's just funny!!!

A while back you may have seen Hattie Tattie Collins in RWD mag, well someone took it too far and sent her a letter. I don't know what was in it cos I was laughing so hard... (I guess you had to be there).

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Maybe I Should Swipe My Oyster???

Maybe I Should Swipe My Oyster???
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OK, I’m just about to board the ‘Please Don’t Bump Me’ Bendy Bus (a 73 if you must know) and I make my usual shady move to the furthest doors from the driver. My peripheral vision clocks several likeminded members of the public doing the same thing. We have no intention to pay. The bus begins to move, but not before I position myself RIGHT next to the Oyster swipe machine (so if it the milk turns out to be sour, I won’t be the one drinking it). The other non-paying passengers foolishly acquire seats at the back of the bus… amateurs!

I soon start to realise something is up as two dirty faced individuals turn SHARP and head for the doors, mid-stop. The duo’s pupils and attire look about 43 minutes in-between vacations to Crackville, so I know something’s up – a crackhead won’t contemplate pressing the emergency button and jumping out the doors into oncoming traffic for no reason (unless they hear the music to some kind of crack vending ice cream truck).

Next thing I know, vest-clad inspectors swoop from ALL directions and start asking people for valid tickets. As make their way towards the non-paying section, they check tickets/ oyster cards and free pensioner passes, I draw for the wallet ASAP and spend the 80p… reluctantly!

Meanwhile, the doomed people behind me (some still oblivious to the raid) STILL aren’t moving and have already accepted their fate. The crack twins are still hovering by the door wondering whether to jump or not and the officials efficiently shuffle onwards.

‘Ahhhh,’ sigh, the VOCs (Victims of Crack) as the bus pulls into the next stop and they swiftly make their getaway. Just as I’m approached by an official (pictured), I draw for the Oyster and present my ‘recently’ valid ticket… phew!!!

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Why didn’t he just jump off?’ Your answer… I couldn’t be bothered. Also it was worth the journey as about four people at the busses rear were issued with £20 fines!!! The funniest comment I overhead came from a Diiiiiiiiiiirkhead who handed over his penalty fee. “But, but… [Whilst giving the inspector his details]… that’s my last bit of cash. If I get off at the next stop, how am I gonna get home?” The vest-clad warrior looked into his soul and shrugged!!!

What The F*ck!!! - Sony Mylo

What the hell will they think of next???

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Got Flowers From Ciara

Flowers From Ciara
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I've was chatting to Ciara very recently (as you do), I was speaking to her about the fact that its RWD's fifth birthday and she sent me/ us some flowers... [Faction G] I SWEAR DOWN [/Faction G]

Flowers From Ciara (Zoom-ting)

Flowers From Ciara (Zoom)
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If you don't believe me, here's a closer look...

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Grime Scene??? What’s Going On???

It's getting a bit stuuuupid now. Oi crime grime MCs fix up, so I got something to write about!!!

A Tribute to Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal Emirates)

Stay tuned for full reports from inside the stadium all season long (when I can be bothered/ have time to upload them). The Dennis Bergkamp Testimonial was big. After sitting in MY SEAT, we watched future, present and past legends grace the perfect pitch. Henry, Wright, Cruyff, Van Basten, Luzhny – they were all there. Booo’d Davids hard and contemplated getting a £20-odd hot dog all game.

Emirates: Bergkamp Testimonial

Emirates Photos

Emirates Photos

Emirates Bridge

Emirates Bridge
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ooooooooooooooooo, its a bridge???

'So How Good is Arsenal's Emirates Stadium?', I Hear You Ask

Emirates: Top of the Stand

This is the view from the very very very top of the stadium (the expensive seats).

Emirates: Arsenal Training Photos

Don't squint your eyes too tough, there were no overly-famous players there. The likes of Henry were still on holiday.

Lovebox: Jamiroquai (Jam-here-AK-why?)

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That blue dot is Jay Kay with a massive hat on. Below is a video I found on google/ YouTube when I was trying to spell their stupid name...>>>

Lovebox: Graffing out

Graffing out
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I'm not sure how long this dude was there but boy, this looks kinda nuts!!! If anyone out there went to my Secondary School I know what you're thinking… Mr Punchard??? For those that don't know about the skeleton-faced Punchard, he was a fiery haired CDT teacher with bad breath and thumbnails that had been previously caved in with some kind of blunt object. In fact his breath was so bad you’d only apologise to him to escape the stench – to get an idea of what we went through, imagine someone has been chewing on cow dung for a week and then tried to tell you to, “Please put the hammers back in the cupboard???” And God forbid if a flake of mouth manure managed to escape it’s smelly cavern and make its way to YOUR face!!! (During his tellings off – an inch from a students boat) Jesus, its not ABOUT THAT!!!

Where was I? Oh yeah - big graffiti

Lovebox: Festival Folk

Festival Folk
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Ok, here's me in amongst some festival folk...