Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Top 10 List of Artist’s Who Fall On/ Off Stage!!! (10-6)

I’m supposed to be writing several articles for my deadline which is on Friday, instead I’ve compiled my Top 5 10 list of artists who fall on/ off stage.

First of all let me post this as is JUST OUTSIDE the Top 10…

Busta slips…

It is very early on and very discrete; it’s not that funny either so it didn’t make the top 10.

Ok, here we go… 10-6

No.10 – Madonna

No way is this a classic – because of the long-arse build up. But after the wait you do see the old girl take a tumble. Mild jokes.

No.9 – PJ Harvey

I don’t know what she is trying to do but it ends in disaster.

No.8 – Vybz Kartel

It’s funny cos he DROPS hard but it won’t go any further up the chart than 8.

Oh, and this one too…

No.7 – Random Singer Dude

Ok, he might not be famous but it had to make the chart. Listen to the sound when his fat self falls.

No.6 – The Game

Dropped hard and then tried to go on all gangsta about it after. Joker. Anyway he ‘Scuffed up his Jordans’ so ha. Very funny slo-mo too.

Top 10 List of Artist’s Who Fall On/ Off Stage!!! (5-1)

Ok, and here is is the top 5...

No.5 – Beyonce

It is styled out very well but a buckle nonetheless. For sheer celeb factor this ranks high.

No.4 – Shakira

The way she lingers is very very funny. I think her leg goes down a mine shaft.

No.3 – Michelle From Destiny’s Child

The way Kelly just looks at her as if she is DIRT is so funny, I think she wanted to pull Michelle’s weave off and start punching her upside her head with it. The glance of distain is actually evil.

No.2 – Professor Green

OMG, when I first saw this I was like… what… did he just and each time I watch it gets funnier and funnier. The crowds reaction says it all too.

No.1 – Robbie Williams

The cockiest man alive falls LIVE on Sky One in front of 35 million people. It looked like it bruised more than his ego too. YESSS!!! This is No.1 and will remain here until an artist makes more of a fool than the ex-Take That sanga. Is it wrong to wish for it to happen again to the same guy? I thinks not. Close to hilarious.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Probably The Funniest YouTube Clip EVER

If you have a moment check this out...


Monday, May 28, 2007

Issue 66 June 2007 - OUT NOW!!!

It's big ya'll

First MySpace, Then Those Other Ones, Now FACEBOOK

I can't keep up with the times; I just wanna use the Internet for normal things like viewing images or midgets, googling MYSELF and researching – when I say researching I mean looking at funny videos on YouTube. The newish craze is Facebook and people need to stop adding me, tagging me and/ or sending me those emails begging me to register for some new craze that will die out in like 1… maybe 2… ok 5 years… it’s just long.

Ps – If I have a Facebook account next week, don’t judge me on this miniature rant… they made me do it. Them, yes YOU!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

You know who this looks like right?

You know who this looks like right?
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

LMAO Anyone watch this show? This guy was jokes and he looked and acted EXACTLY like...?

Its a lot

In the studio with Sway

In the studio with Sway
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

We spent most of yesterday in the studio with Sway. The full RWD TV interview is coming soon. He's got a few BIG tracks on the way.

Sorry the picture is rubbish... I didn't have my camera and the 1.3 camera on this PDA is close to poor. I need to blag an N95 or somin'.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Shout Out To Hattie Collins!!!


[Private Joke Soz]

Frisco And Chipmunk Murk Logan's Show...

Dropping by for a Bank Holiday Special, Frisco of Boy Better Know, TMT, Alwayz Recordings (and any other place he wants to rep) blessed Logan Sama's Kiss 100 show. New tracks and that big big big...

Chipmunk was cool too, anyone think he sounds like someone else though (can't think of who though) drop your ideas in the comments box below...

this link is you!!!

Arsenal's Male First Team Take Note...

If the ladies can win EVERYTHING with EASE, surely you GUYS can fix up???

ps - The atmosphere at the Chelsea game was amazing.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Sem Smashes That Track On Frisco’s Mixtape!!!

As you know I’ve currently got a lot on, but I’d just like to say I can’t stop listening to Frisco’s mixtape, ESPECIALLY the Freestyle produced by Sem.

The funniest/ weirdest pic of Sem I could find…

If you don’t know about Sem he’s been producing for time for Plan B and that, this
link is YOU!!

Also listening to…

Arctic’s, Wiley, Kano, Scorcher (review soon come) and Russell Brand’s podcast (how knows about that????)

Spooky Egyptian Basket Waredrobe... It's A lot

Spooky Egyptian Basket Waredrobe... It's A lot
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Survived the first night...