Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Who would win in a fight!!!

OK, naturally you’re gonna go for Yoda from what you have seen on the TV. Behind closed doors Yoda is a heavy 'cigarette' smoker and likes his Newcastle Brown Ale.
Splinter the weaker of the two but knows how to fight. He can swing with the best of them!

How would it start?
In a funky house rave, Yoda would step on one of Splinter's clawed feet and it would simply kick OFF!!! Michelangelo would be at Splinter's side within seconds and Yoda's lightsabre would have been de-holstered within micro seconds.
What would each bring to the battle?
Yoda - Green flaky skin, cool garms, Bread-bins to back any arms oh and THE FORCE!!!
Splinter - Robe for any occasion, wooden staff (that doesn't run on Ever Ready's like a lightsabre and April O'neal on speed dial.
Special Moves:
Yoda: Double Force push (from Episode III - When he merked those two guards)
Splinter: Some kind of big kick (from TMHT - Episode 1115 - when the Footsoilders said that thing about that guy who did that thing).
Who would win?
Yoda: By TKO
He would have to go into hiding AGAIN after Raphael finds out.


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Sunday, July 03, 2005

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Friday, July 01, 2005

Run the Roads 2 Exclusive!!!

Well after a hectic morning with photo shoots and the usual magazine shenanigans, we had the delightful opportunity to get an exclusive listen to the forthcoming second instalment of the Run the Road compilation series.
As you know the first Run the Road featured the UK’s biggest artists. The likes Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Roll Deep, Kano, D Double, Riko, No Lay and just about everyone who’s big featured. Selling pure copies with sales easily hitting the 20k+ mark, the Run the Road name is not only respected on and off the UK’s streets but also worldwide.
679’s London offices were busy as usual (being label to Kano, Mike Skinner, Plan B and all), and when the first track went on the plush stereo system we knew straight away round two had arrived. The MC bias grime-led follow-up features big production from all your favourites. We can exclusively tell you that JME’s seriously serious ‘Serious’ Remix has made the final version (yes the same track that’s available in the promo at selected HMV's with every purchase of the Kano album). With the rest of the tracks as soon as the ink on the contracts has dried we can tell you who is officially on number two, so hold tight, we’ll hit you with that breaking news first.
In the meantime check www.runtheroad.com for more info. And if you don’t own the compilation, go and buy a copy to bide you over. [Note to reader, the pic used is from the RWD cover shoot for Run the Road 1 (December 2004). It is not related to the forthcoming version].