Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sway`s Dotted Lines Mixtape – Out Now

He’s been away for a year…

Well not exactly. Sway addicts who copped the One For The Journey EP know full well he’s been grafting for the last 365 plus and preparing his second album. Following on from debut This Is My Demo, The Signature LP - we hear it’s shaping up nicely by the way – is his second LP offering and is due May 5 2008.

To get the punters ready he’s gone back to his mixtape roots and dropped The Dotted Lines Mixtape, which celebrated it’s launch last Friday in Farringdon’s Fabric.

We have in our possession said mixtape “The African Nations Edition” and Little Derek is on form from the off. On the intro (titled Know Yourself) he jokes, “I’ve been away for a year, no Sway for a year/ Them guys had a little fame for a year. Now playtime’s over, Sway’s like Hova… “ which sets the trend for the rest of the mixtape.

24 tracks deep, listening treats skip from skit, to radio clip to hit in quick succession passing, F UR X Ft. $tush (a base-heavy, joke-ridden ex teaser), My Sword (another thought-provoking hit from Mr Safo who jibes “I can’t swallow my pride, I’m fasting”) and Black Stars (a Black Boys refix-slash-tribute to all things/ people/ traditions Ghanaian).

On the Outro, he leaves us with, “My album will be out O5-05-08, drill that into your bredrins head. I know I’m the Push Back King and I always push back my dates but I will try my hardest to get it out then.” With Dcypha Presents True Stories DVD and The Signature LP on the way, 2008 is looking to be a good year for Sway and the Dcypher team.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chipmunk - Who Are You? (New music video)

Alwayz Recordings have done a lot here.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The First Post of 2000 and MATE/ HATE/ FAKE/ DATE/ GREAT/ SKATE/ BAIT!!!/

Overall 2007 was a good year to be brutally honest. It didn’t quite reach the hedonistic highs of 1998 but it had its memorable moments. Looking back a lot of things went well for me and those surrounding. A few things didn’t go to plan and they didn’t exactly leap onto these very pages or any other Internet-based ego outlet.

Best Moment of 2007:
Probably the trip to America or my friends having kids.

Worst Moment of 2007:
When the stuuuupid airlines temporarily lost my suitcase (packed with trainers, jeans and other gash-attracting garments).

Christmas 2007
Christmas went down as usual… food, food and more food. I don’t think anyone in England ate as much stuffing as I did. Presents were very cool this year too. Apparently I’m hard to buy for but everyone did well.

New Years 07/ 08
New Years – good. Thought I’d be more drunk but we all had a good time which was the main thing. Some had a better time than others… lol. You know who you are!

So far in 2008
Well 2008 is here and it’s not exactly going well so far. In fact… It’s shit.

R.I.P. B.

Free D.O.

That’s all I wanna say on those matters.

On the music front…
So far in 2008 I’m feeling Wiley’s Minute Made Lemonade… he needs to vocal that. I can imagine Chipmunk and him absolutely destroying it.

Things to look forward to in 2008…
What Time You Back?
Arsenal better win something. Treble maybe?
The things in the pipeline ACTUALLY coming off

They will definitely find a cure for something VERY big this year.
A black US president? No way.
Several politicians will be disgraced (as always)
Another genre will be sweeping the dancefloors this summer
Keep your eyes out for a MAJOR shift in the console wars
Premier League: Arsenal
Champions League: Man U or Barcelona
FA Cup: Chelsea or Liverpool
Carling Cup: Arsenal
Euro 2008: Who the fuck cares. No England no point

Argos will cease trading!!!
Another grime top 20 please
Spurs will get relegated
And about FIVE other things you'll never know

Ps – I finally bought a Wii