Thursday, May 25, 2006

Michael Jackson’s Moving Next Door!!!

The singer who is currently in LDN on ‘business’ told the Mirror, "I'm looking for a place to live. I've always liked the UK and I just love the fans here."

Where will he end up living??? If it’s Brixton I’m gonna crease!!! I can see him sitting in the massive KFC on the corner asking for a mini variety meal (you know he’s got no cash] and them making him pay for BBQ sauce.

If it’s Camden, I can see him working in the market selling ALDO shoes!!!

He’s coming, hide your first born!!!


Na, only joking, [Eddie Murphy] Michael Jackson is a musical genius [/Eddie Murphy]

Monday, May 22, 2006

Image of the Week - Issue 55 - July 2006

Another big issue... SEX SPECIAL!!!

Page 3's Ruth Reynolds
Wretch 32
Flirta D
Professor Green
Busta Rhymes
And more...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Big Brother 7 Nonsense!!! What's Your F***ing Name?

Big Brother nonsense!!! What's your f***ing name?
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Housemate 1: What's your name?

Housemate 2: [Ridiculous Accent] Mi naaaame's BONO? [/Ridiculous Accent]

Housemate 1: Huh?

Housemate 2: [Ridiculous Accent] BONO. Mi naaaame's BONO?[/Ridiculous Accent]

Housemate 1: Huh? What's your name? Bono?

Housemate 2: [Ridiculous Accent] BONO? Mi naaaame's BONO? [/Ridiculous Accent]

Housemate 1: Oh Bono?

Housemate 2: [Perfectly Fine Accent] No BONNIE My name is Bonnie [/Perfectly Fine Accent]

Housemate 2 to self: [Ridiculous Accent] I caaaaan't believe theeey keep caaaaalling mi BONO [/Ridiculous Accent] - *crys*

Housemate 1 to Housemate 3: What's the matter with Bono?

Housemate 3: I...I...I don't know........ [Outburst] WANKERS!!! [/Outburst]

*End Credits Roll*

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fire Camp Vs Pete Doherty Vs Statik!!!

Again failing to attend court earlier in the week, Pete’s the man when it comes to ‘Boying’ off his responsibilities. This time though he’s responsible for being the lead vocal on the forthcoming Statik produced Boy. With Lethal B, Fumin and 2Face all over the track it’s another grindie combo for the big producer to be proud of. Statik tells RWD, “I’m not even too sure what we’re doing with it, it’s got so much potential. I’m just sorting out the sample now.” He then goes on to explain how the tune came about, “The beat is on my Grindie Vol.1 mixtape, you may have heard Scorcher and that on the beat before.”

When Lethal heard the track it was on, he exclusively tells RWD, “It reminded me of when I heard Oi, and Pow for the first time, its an instant classic. Its a fresh track, and Pete and the rest of the band are feeling our vibe, which is heavy. I think its gonna buss the doors open for the underground and bring some light back into the scene cos its got a bit boring It’s the first track off the Fire Camp album - I think its gonna bring a new audience to the Fire Camp album - which is filled with our garage and grime club bangers! Statik continues with, “When Bizzle heard it… he loved it and wanted to do something big with it.”

That something, was to be hooking up with Pete Doherty and Babyshambles to create Boy. “When I took it to Pete’s house all the band loved it.” And Bizzle? Mr Connected explains to us, “Bizzle & the Camp know what’s going on, them man love it.” So we await Boy’s future, but in the meantime look out for it on a radio or TV channel soon. That Fire Camp album is heating up. To listen to the Boy click here .

Lethal B and Fire Camp’s mixtape Living Legend’s Vol.1 is out now in HMV and all respected record shops.

Pete’s due back in court June 9th.

Statik’s follow up for the massive Connected LP, Broadband - A Day in the Life is coming soon. And DJ’s tonight at London’s in Kentish Town. G-lounge, 18 Kentish Town Road, London NW1 9NX.

Check Out Dirty Star

Check Out Dirty Star
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

"The Black Mick Jagger" - NME

Dirty Star

Who Is It???

Oh Shit - Poomplex

Oh Shit - Poomplex
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Another one!!!! JME is killing them. (Them being the other wanna be 'players' in the UK grime scene)

Get on over to Poomplex

ps... Oh Shit!!! Check out R U Dumb

What's Up... Chunky Bizzle

What's Up... Chunky Bizzle
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Not content on letting the faces behind the UK scene remain faceless, RWD have decided to go behind the beats and ask people 'What's Up?'. This week we caught up with Chunky Bizzle who's got more beats on road than the Met.


Chunky Bizzle...Aka Chunk Beezey

Top Producer

A bird shat on my hat today as soon as I left my yard! True stories! What a start to the day!

What have you been up to?
Yeah, I've got my mixtape coming out like the end of August, I got some hot bits on Wretch 32, Mercston, Ghetto, Doller Da Dustman, Naila Boss, and Donea'o. I've got other solo projects too from the likes of Dizzee to Wiley to the singers like Louie Lou and Naila Boss... I'm trying to cater to every circle at the mo! So it should be a good summer! I got quiet a lot of EPs coming out these coming months on A.R.M.Y. Records... Rsky Rds Recordings an the Bizzle 4 Shizzle label.and don't forget the Tool So Big EP, that's out at the mo on DVS recordings! Go support!

What's up?
Mercston's mixtape... Da Beginning of Da End! Wretch32 mixtape! Chunky Bizzle's mixtape! The Movement mixtape! Doller Da Dustman's mixtape! And a lot of other stuff floating about in the Top 10 grime music scene these days... What u think? Lol Yeah and remember catch me at or email

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Image of the Week - T.Magic

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When the website is launched, make sure you check out these t-shirts and canvas'. Kinda big - Click Here

Friday, May 12, 2006

World Cup Ticket Blag!!!

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Check out the World Cup Ticket blag...

Click Here

Pure air...

Quote of the Week - ******* : “Hey you were heavy on the decks last night."

I'm not one to blow my own trumpet, but this had to be quote of the week for Week 19.

"Hey you were heavy on the decks last night. Thanks for supporting Mindie and try to let me know if you do any more gigs. x"

I withheld your name as not to bait you up girl, but thanks again, I personally thought I was waste - I mean - rusty. Remember I’m available for birthday party’s and other budget shindigs.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mindie - My Mammoth Set - The beginning

Mindie - My Mammoth Set - The beginning
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

So how did my mammoth Mindie set go in Camden's Purple Turtle. Boy!!! It was fun, the organisers friend - she knows who she is - said I could play 'all the grime you like'. As I was DJing in between grime crews, so I naturally thought, 'OK, I'll bring loads of grime riddims and all would be well'. Ha, little did I know. I turn up and there is a ROCK band doing their sound check and there is no grime fans to be seen - Here we go. I know I was last minute dot com but you coulda warn man.

So anyway after sound check I climbed into the Tree House, sorry I mean DJ booth (pictured).

Mindie - My Mammoth Set - The Middle 1

Mindie - My Mammoth Set - The Middle 1
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Luckily one of the kind girls lent me some indie (How the hell do you mix it??????)

I rinsed out the Arctic Monkey's LP HARD!!! (big album)

The Rakes

The Strokes - I mean - The White Stripes (thanks for the correction - My doorbell (big tune)

Franz Ferdinand

The Go Team - Thanks to Serg for that 'BIG' selection - thanks mate.


And some other indieness

Mindie - My Mammoth Set - The Middle 1.115

Mindie - My Mammoth Set - The Middle 1.115
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Check the shades

Mindie - My Mammoth Set - The Middle 1.5

Mindie - My Mammoth Set - The Middle 1.5
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Rocking Away!!!

Mindie - My Mammoth Set - The Middle 2

Mindie - My Mammoth Set - The Middle 2
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

I was playing in between hip hop and ROCK/ indie acts - check out the dude on the bar... Anywho the micro sets went OK I guess, I kept getting told off for playing too much grime/ garage (Eskiboy, Ice Rink (Dizzee Rascal vocal), Murkle Man, Pow, Things We Do and much more).

Mindie - My Mammoth Set - The End

Mindie - My Mammoth Set - The End
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Track of the night was definitely Statik's Positive Tension Block Party Remix with Flirta. Mix of the night (which actually kinda work in between my indie clangs) was some Rakes tune into Pow. Big Big Big. My DJing skills are currently available for Mc Donald's birthday parties and other low cost events. All in all the night was cool and the Mindie festival should be v.good so make sure you CHECK IT OUOOOUTTA SPREAD IT

EZ - Remember Him

EZ - Remember Him
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

This is EZ - Remember Him.

Never Eat Food In (or go to) Circus Tavern

Never Eat Food (or go to) In Circus Tavern
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

To answer your first question...
A: I know, I know. We just went for a laugh and to see/ hear EZ (my mate's a big fan) plus I didn't have to drive so I was basically on it.

To answer your second question...
A: Cos I was hungry and it was relatively cheap.

To answer your third question...
A: No, not again. It was basically like the club in Dusk Til Dawn, but with ropier women.

Guess Who??? (Prizes to be Won)

Guess Who
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

I know what you're thinking it's ****** *** ****** and ********* ********** but guess again!!!

The person with the first correct entry (via comment/ email) wins a YEARS SUPPLY of RWD Magazines.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

OMG - I'm DJing Tonight!!!

OMG - I'm DJing Tonight!!!
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For the first time in about 7 years, I'll be playing out tonight.

A selection of freely acquired grime mixed with the odd grimey purchase!!!

I did a lil' practice last night, and I have to say... I apologise to all

who witness MY DJING RETURN!!!

Anyway get your arse down to Camden's Purple Turtle for some Mindie ( ) action.

Ps... I'm so last minute dot com I didn't make the flyer.... ahhhhh

Monday, May 08, 2006

Image of the Week - Henry Please Stay!!!

Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

I'm not one to beg but after seeing him give Highbury such a send off, I might have to send for the 'PLEEEEEEEASE Stay' lyrics.

Na, I'm not gonna do that, apparently I'm a man!!!

HENRY... I have two words for you.


Friday, May 05, 2006

Junk email of the Month - April 2006

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Junk E-mail of the Month – April 2006


When you get at least one of these e-mails a DAY to your work address you know it’s gotta win the prestigious ‘Junk E-Mail of the Month’. I do actually respect their spamming game. They have a cheeky tag line, which just makes you want to buy whatever shit they have on offer. [Doctor] Come on!!! [/Doctor] Let’s all see how far the rabbit hole goes?????


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dizzee Rascal is on T-Pain’s album!!! (I Speak to Him)

Dizzee Rascal is on T-Pain’s album!!!

You know the I’m Sprung breh, well Dizz is all over the I’m Sprung remix. He spits a lil’ rhyme about something – you know I can never here/ understand what that dude is saying.

Check Dizzee’s verse here:

“Listen up blood being sprung don’t last/ [something about lessons] from a girl from my past. Trying to get re-acquainted, rekindled/ even though she done told me that she weren’t single… [He then goes on for a few more bars about a girl and then something about something else].”

I’ll fill it in when I get more time…

I spoke to T-Pain earlier in the week about UK music and strippers…

Did you have much input on your album Rappa Ternt Sanga?
Well cos I’m the first artist on Akon’s label, it was just basically me and him. He let me know what NOT to do. He’s been in the game for a long time and has worked with the Fugees so… He was helping me out for a while.

Tell us about what you know of the UK music scene, cos Dizzee Rascal is on the remix of I’m Sprung and Akon knows all about Sway…
Yeah Akon has been putting me onto that sound. I’m looking to work with more people when I come over.

Why are you In Luv With A Stripper? [Possibly the next single]
Well that was just a joke thing. It wasn’t even for my album. It was a joke from my friend cos we took him to his first strip club.

You took him?
I’ve been going to them for a long time. We made that song as a joke for him. The right people heard the song and…

How much would T-Pain spend in a strip club?
[Laughs] Not much!!! Not much at all. Probably a few hundred dollars…

On drinks obviously????
[Laughs] Na…

What should one do in a strip club? Can you give us a 101 guide?
Sit back and watch. Don’t nobody touch! Don’t go broke either. Don’t worry about getting the perfect lap dance, cos they’ll come to you. You know, they gotta work.

You See Mi

For More 'Joke'... Add Me To Your Favourites!!!

Click Here, You Know It Makes Sense

Quick Review: Wretch 32 - Learn From My Mixtape

Wretch 32 - Learn From My Mixtape - Quick Review
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Passing through the RWD office this week was Wretch 32 (pronounced WRETCH 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2... and not thirty-two) . I admit I wasn't really a fan before (well I dunno all I heard of him before was poor quality radio sets) and was never really impressed. On reflection - and now I'm HOLDING his mixtape with actually good material - I'm now a fan.

Blessed with King Apparel from head-to-toe the self-confessed 'thin breh' hooked me up with a copy of Learn From My Mixtape. iPod ready - I put the well-presented CD in the PC and the tracklisting came on - which is ALWAYS good. Pleasantly surprised by the lyrics and the beats Wretch 32 has lyrics/ bars, songs and talent - 100% honest and shooting from the hip, the mixtape is well worth the £5. Invest people.

He asked me on Myspace [] what I thought.

I replied with.
You know what bro. straight up. I really liked the second half of it. I'm liking your flow it's simple (in a good way) so you can actually hear what you are saying. And when you really listen to your lyrics, you're on-point. My iPod is grateful, thanks again for dropping off the mixtape.

These tracks were big and I think you can do a lot with them.

Used to Be with Scorcher, Ghetto & Mercston
This Life
Can't Say Sorry
- very big
Bad Day
Had To Go - very very big

Chunky B blessed you with some riddims and the other production is good as well.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Image of the Week - Tattie Collins' Cords Return

Image of the Week - Tattie Collins' Cords Return
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Thank you to the Russian travellers who called Hattie late last week and then returned the cords UNHARMED. Despite noticing a blatant rip in the lower leg (heel) region the beloved cords are FINE - Apparently it was already there. On behalf of the search team, I would like to thank all involved.