Friday, October 28, 2005


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Whilst blinding the people in front of him he just took a 'discrete' picture of some trouble makers with new cam... You had to be there. Legend


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The line up's looking good!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Stanza the True Tiger pops in…

The growing UK scene knows all to well about quality production and innovative creations, but when Scandalous Unltd dropped the Watford Weather EP late last year, it all changed… undoubtedly for the better. Since that release True Tiger Recordings have grown and given us many an un-caged heat-maker. Bumpy tracks like Carly Bond’s Not Wise and the more recent Run the Road 2 hit Bare Face Dynasty have got many an ovation or reload. So when the True Tiger click passed through RWD HQ, for us to get a fresh-from-CD-burner listen to the new material, at first listen all we can say is… damn!!! With in-depth implausible productions backed up by on-point vocals from Wiley, Bruza, Shyam, Skepta, NY, Gemma Fox, Ripper (the 16 year-old MC from Dynasty) and many more; not even we can wait for Eye of the Tiger Volume 1’s mid-November release. Look out for this as it’s in record shops REAL soon, they left telling us, “True Tiger will be showcasing the new bits live in the coming weeks... so keep it locked to for more info.”

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Jookie Mondo

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Up In The Air???

Below I have posted a few select pics from Lethal B's album relaunch party at the EVE Club. I don't think Lethal was celebrating his No.34 but he seemed in good spirits nonetheless.

MOBO Winner Sway Dasafo

MOBO Winner
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“People don’t wanna pay for CD’s, now every other household’s got PCs. They download on MP3s, people please be reasonable.
How’m I gonna make my Gs if you’ve got my album before the release, The quality’s rubbish and there ain’t no sleeves, do you deem that feasible?”
Sway Dasafo, 2005

Tony aka the Backslang Kid

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What What!!!

One quick question, where was Fumin on Forward 2. That's probably why it's waste???

Forward 2’s Chorus goes something like this:
'Do what we what, what we want, blah blah blah'

My Reply:
^^^ Ok just as long as it's not on my TV screen!!! Bring back Forward 1.923 with Flirta D having an asthma attack about half way through.

Jam and Smoke

Jam and Smoke
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Jammer was at the party (doesn't he have bars for Fire Camp??? hmmm), I think he was looking for Erkle in the smoke.

Ozzie B and Pow Pow Chick

Ozzie B
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Check out Ozzie B fresh from a 'That 70s Show' Themed fancy dress party!!!

Yeah Baby!!!

Yeah Baby!!!
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Does anyone else think that Westwood came from another place?

The Muuuuuuurkle Man

The Muuuuuuurkle Man
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Big Pic!!! The Producer/MCs battle it out for reloads.

Below I have posted pics from Club 333's first monthly grime event. Thanks again to Fiddy for the G list.


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Hmmmm, where's that mic???

Shower Girls

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Collins and Fiddy in Focus Mode

Hattie C In The Place To B

Hattie C In The Place To B
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Fresh from Dan Greenpeace's show

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Pro Evolution Soccer 5

Have you still not got your copy yet????

One word… Slipment!!!

Pro Fucking 5 as I call it is the nuts, you thought 4 was good, oooooo weeeee 5 is the shit.

On Thursday I entered the annual PES Cup for members of the press (as you do) and it was a long hard gruelling battle against people who have been playing the game for months. A few real celebs were there like John Terry and Anton Ferdinand, members of the public came to watch like Spoony. Raj and I were repping RWD and felt like we had the whole scene on my shoulders so I had to do well… ok I didn’t have the scene on my shoulders but that kinda adds to the drama. There were 100 entrants from all over, Official PS2 magazine, Official Xbox magazine, Gamesmaster and all kinds of press folk who had been playing the debug version of the game for months.


I was England (as you had to pick International teams only) my first game was 5-0 smacked up some dude. I can’t remember the other scores in my group but I won all three games (9 points baby). Then I got to the last 32, beat a guy 3-1 from Official PS2 Magazine. Going through I got to the last 16 and beat some guy from another PlayStation mag. Just before the game he was boasting that he’d been playing Winning Eleven 9 since June and he knew all these little tricks… They didn’t work as he got banged over same way… I got to the last 8!!!

I was drawn against a guy from The Sun and was 2-0 up almost straight away. It was all going well until he scored… then somehow scored again and it went into extra time.

Minutes from time the bar-steward scored and I thought, ok I can come back from this until he told me it was golden goal and that’s when the dream ended. Getting to the last 8 (out of 100) was cool man and I feel I did myself proud… next year bitches!!!

I didn’t want the £500, brand new chopper bike and years supply of Ben Sherman clothes, winning is a mugs game it’s all about taking part.

Shit who am I kidding? 500 large would have gone down nicely. The chopper bike I would have sold on eBay and the Ben Sherman clothes… hey that’s a years supply of toilet paper I don’t think anyone would pass up.

Big shout to the guy who stumbled at the group stage, Raj aka Mr Miyagi, many thanks for the support dude, if I had waxed on instead of waxing off like you told me to, I’d be wiping my ass with Ben Sherman’s latest right now… Bollocks!!!

Go Buy Fire!!! It's Not Toooooo LATE!!!!!!

I meant to put this up earlier in the week, when I bought my copy on vinyl. Go buy it NOW!!! The Test Icicles remix is truly sick. GO GO GO!!!

1. Fire [Album Version]
2. Fire [Sam E Dangerr Test Icicles Remix]
3. Uh Oh (I'm Back) [Trailblazers Remix]
4. Fire [Video]

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Terror Danjah and 2 Nice

Terror Danjah and 2 Nice
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The Aftershock Camp are known for bringing the right kind of sound, and what we heard the new music is already reverberating pretty well.

Fresh from the East London studio he loves spending so much time in (knocking up those easily accessible fluidly bumpy beats), Terror Danjah introduced the RWD team to his new unreleased unmastered Shox to the System LP. One word sums up our initial views… big! Watch out for the whole camp to be featured on it and look out for quite a few surprises and guest spots… you need to know. Don’t worry, you will soon, but all in due time. He informed us that Bruza’s album is coming along nicely with the latest single Doin Me already on TV and hitting the streets very soon.

After an exclusive listen to the impressive unreleased unmastered El Ray album we talked about the imminent bashy-grime project. That’s where South London’s 2 Nice stepped in, “It’s the new grime we call it bashy-grime, it fuses bashment influences and blends with grime to create a new sound.” The forthcoming single Gangsta No!, is the first and Terror explained, “It coming, Gangsta No! feat. Royal and Skepta it’s out early November look out for it, we’re shooting the video soon which is directed by Mo. Who’s doin it and has worked with Lethal and Choong Family.” 2 Nice summed up how the guests came about, “The first person who jumped out at me was Royal (Aftershox), cos he’s approach and flow is very active. With Skepta being involved I left that to Danjah, cos he knows the scene and who’s hot. Terror has helped cos when we hooked up we just came out with a hot sound.” With so many artists to look out for from the Shox stable keep your eyes and your ears peeled, Terror finishes with, “Yeah Royal is a roadsweeper he’s cleaning up.”

Friday, October 14, 2005

Blast from the Pizast: That Kellogs Chicken thing!!!

Who remembers this shit. I used to bust open my Kellogs Frosties/Coco Pops to get these bad boys. They would always be added to my Orange Raleigh Mustang (fo' real) straight away, most had cereal residue still attached and my bike weighed about 3 stone heavier but I didn’t care.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Manga and Co smashs Cargo

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Last night saw Cargo rocked to its very roots as UK acts proved once again why it’s all about OUR sound…

The Mitchell Brothers warmed up for the East London click, and performed their material in a somewhat stationery fashion on the miniscule Cargo stage. Whilst everyone waited for Roll Deep to group, light entertainment was provided by the Brothers. Flat caps, giros and high street retailers were all on the agenda as they rolled off tracks from their album A Breath of Fresh Attire. They kicked off the set with their remix of Blinded by the Lights to a less than full house (admittedly a lot of heads were still propping up the bar) and followed it up with G.E.O.R.G.I.E. their ditty dedicated to the dole.
Harvey Nicks and Routine Check weren't quite the same without Sway and Kano,
but were enjoyable nonetheless, even the faithful bar-proppers' ears
pricked up when the ode to alcohol Excuse My Brother was played.
The highlight of their set was DEFINITELY Alone with the TV, (the next
single). However the awful freestyle over Damian Marley's Welcome To Jamrock,
should never be attempted again, not in public anyway.
The Headlining MOBO shunned crew came forth and dropped album tracks aided by the ever impressive DJ Logan Sama. Maximum and Karnage were on hand but didn’t get a look in, RWD can only assume the sound system simply couldn’t cope with the ever-so-complicated task of switching the turntable outlet to the main stage. RWD favourites When I’m ‘Ere, Heat Up, Avenue Remix were Let Out and Alex Mills was on hand to sprinkle a sweet soulful chorus. With Brazen, Manga and newest member Syer Bars really impressing in front of an eager crowd Syer had this to say, “Yeah last night was alright man, that was the first night I did some bits where we all performed album tracks. I’ve been doin’ the Sidewinders and the street raves and I thought that crowd were feeling it. I noticed loads concentrating and a few more were going mad. As soon as Flo Dan asked if people were listening they let us know they were there.” That he did, Flo Dan and well-established members Wiley (pictured), Trimbal, Riko, Scratchy, Breeze and Jet Le proved why they achieved a number 11 hit earlier this year with The Avenue.
Skepta (this time without his bro JME) crashed the set with Jammer aka The Murkle Man (have you seen that video yet, biggle). Speaking to Skepta he gave us his rundown, “Yeah, I thought it was a good night, despite there being loads of us I got enough time on the mic and the crowd were feeling it. It was a different crowd so they were listening to our lyrics more.”
Despite the dodgy mic levels the grimy crown and hero of the night has to go to Manga. There came a restless moment during the PA’s and bars-o-plenty sessions, when a silence was bestowed upon the audience (the engineers were probably trying to fix the ASDA Saver bargain bucket mics) and Manga launched an accapella firing bars left-right-and centre, only to receive a well deserved brap-induced ovation. The MC who’s never seen without a backpack told us, “We started rehearsals from like three in the day and we really wanted it to be a big show. It technically went wrong but we did what we had to do and just worked with it. The crowd was enjoying it so that’s what matters. We did all the tunes we were meant to do and with my accapella I just wanted to show how I can spit, innit. I was doin’ it and no-one was really responding until someone from the crowd started putting his hand up and saying ‘brap’ (later revealed to be Danny Walker from RWD) and everyone else started doin’ it. I thought ‘Yeah, let me just carry on’. Logan blessed me (thanks again to Logan) and it just worked for us from there – we just showered up the whole place.” That they did!!!

For more Roll Deep go and buy Shake a Leg on Monday October 10th
For more Mitchell Brothers go get Alone with the TV on Monday October 24th

On-point wordage supplied by Danny Walker and Raj Kapone

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Website of the month (September) DJ LIONESS

Seriously Lioness' Blog is great, If you wanna hear grime and keep up with the scene (cos you're too busy writing) check this Blog. Always something worth downloading. I don't know how she has time to get all these downloads and sort them out (and rep the scene, mod, AND sort out her saturaday Rinse FM show 3pm onwards) but she does... thank you.

Website Rating: 8/10
Reason for Liking: Audio Heaven
Reasons for going back: Always a fresh download
Visuals: Low in pictures
Close second: (BBC 1Xtra)