Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Festival Special!!! Please Read Before It's Too Late

Danny Walker 1’s 101 Guide to Surviving Festivals

Make Sure Them Tickets Is Real
If you bought your tickets from eBay and they took 13 weeks to ship from Hong Kong, you’re NOT getting in. If you bought them from the DVD guy who frequents your local pub every pay day, you’re NOT getting in. If the terms and conditions are scribbled in crayon and state, ‘You know what? You’ve got a better chance if you just run through the gates’, you’re NOT getting in. If a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend says that HE can easily get you tickets - even though they sold out in seven minutes, you’re NOT getting in. If they have a hologram/ foil logo that smells of chocolate, you’re NOT getting in. If you won them from a RWD competition, you’re… only joking, you know we couldn’t do that to you.

Believe Us When We Say, ‘You Can Never Take Enough Bog Roll’
Ok, so you’re going to o2, V, Reading, Download, Sprite Urban Games or some other 20-hour gathering of like-minded nutters. Now, just because it’s not an overnight tent-ting, doesn’t mean you can’t bring a couple of sheets with. Remember in the height of summer, a doo doo finger can be smelt up to half a mile away.

Don’t Get Too Lick Off
Most (if not all) of the outside shindigs let you drink to your liver’s content. Remember be of a legal age and drink in moderation. We don’t wanna see your drunken arse in a spoof Mastercard email on Monday morning; ‘Ticket to the summer’s best festival, £100. Unlimited drinks for you and your mates, £300. Stripped naked on the hottest day of the year with jam spread on your genitals and a family of worker ants nesting in your nether regions, PRICELESS’.

Finally Go Home And Tell All
Don’t be all modest; just cos they couldn’t afford to go you can still boast like a teenage mother whose child just burped the word ‘Burberry’. Say you went backstage, had your photo taken with Pete (but he ate it), found a wallet, slept with a drummer, went on the ‘wild’ tour bus and they just dropped you off. Make them wish they had gone and are so keen they buy YOUR ticket for next year.

Go Buy 'Who Needs Actions When You've Got Words' NOW!!!

Plan B, is not having a bar!!! Go check out this interview now!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Quote of the Week - 'Great Coke Taste...'

I dunno man, it's alright I guess. Had two today, only cos there's a massive sticker on the Coke machine - You know its all about rinsing out the new thing... 'Great Coke Taste??? ZERO Sugar', it's true about the zero sugar but the jury is out on the taste.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Top of the Flops

Top of the Flops
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

The BBC’s flagship music show, Top of the Pops, has been going since day and maybe even before that. So it was only a matter of time before new, younger, more virile pretenders to the youth throne came along and edged it out of contention.

Who can amongst us can remember back on sunny New Year’s Day in1964 when Golden Man Jimmy ‘Now Then Now Then’ Saville presented the first broadcast. RWD look back into yesteryear as if it was only yesterday we saw the Beatles, Rolling Stones and dusty Dusty Springfield on our black and white tube in the den. Come to think of it, what was the point in dodging the TV licence fees if it wasn’t to enjoy and rejoice in our weekly fix of musical enlightenment? Now almost 50 years later following a few logo, decal and producer changes, the British Broadcasting Corp. have decided to axe the great show.

That’s right. All the re-branding in the world couldn’t save TOTP - Who’d been battling against 24 hour music channels ever since the smart guys who invented cable came to our streets.

The top Top of the Pops for us was when a young Lethal Bizzle and More Fire Crew (with matching Iceberg cardies) showed the world all about the UK underground or the episode when all 500 members of So Solid Crew had 21 Seconds to go. Alas, this is not the last of the Pops, Roly Keating (Controller of BBC TWO) stated, “The end of the weekly show does not mark the total disappearance of the Top of the Pops brand from British television screens. It will continue to feature in programmes such as TOTP2, BBC TWO's archive show based on the Top of the Pops back-catalogue which will sometimes incorporate new performance, as well as one-off specials."

Expect the last show on Sunday July 30th to have a host of poptastic talent from the nations’ favourites… and Lily Allen.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Arsenal Kit!!!

New Arsenal Kit!!!
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

ON IT!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Week 25 - Riddim of the Week - DPM Feat. Flirta D - 'Control'

Dub Plate Mex DPM is back, with a little help from Dirty Flirts, Control the Voice is sick!!!

Week 25 - Video of the Week - Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push

Lupe proving that geeks are people too. A big big song and video!!!

Lupe - Fiasco - Kick Push

Week 25 - Image of the Week - Plan B Guest Edits July's RWD

Myself and Hattie didn't have to do much this month, we just let Plan B do all the work.

Such a good cover, if this doesn't scare any little kids I'll be very surprised - I love it!!!

Tattie Collins... Hard At Work

This is Tattie Hattie hard at work... lmao. Shout to Dickie Brucey on the Photoshop buttons... lmao. Her love for fake gold continues...

Friday, June 16, 2006

My First Post From My New Phone

I had enough of 3 a while ago now I have a new phone, it's ok so far.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Emirates Stadium is Nearly Ready For Me!!!



Did I say WOW already?

Ask Plan B Whatever The F*** You Want!!!

If you don’t know about Ben Drew from Forest Gate, you might have heard him under an alias or alter ego. That alternative name is Plan B, the rapping, guitar strumming 22 year-old that has been imagining up almost every scenario under the sun. From necrophilia to underage sex - damn, is there anything he won’t think up or talk about? Well his forthcoming June 26th bound, album, Who Needs Actions When You’ve Got Words, goes into even more things that make you reach for the rewind button, and we should know cos we’re listening to it now.

So in an unprecedented move, RWD are giving you the opportunity, to enjoy the kind of closeness that even a psychiatrist would be jealous of and are asking you to send in YOUR questions for Plan B. No matter how rude, crazy, insane, stalker-like or small – WE WILL ASK IT… AND PUT UP HIS ANSWERS. If you’re a bit stuck for ideas take a look what happened when he was involved in RWD’s Last Word.

The most in-depth, on-point and relevant question relating to Plan B will receive lots of freeness including, signed 7"’s, Plan B t-shirts and a limited edition version of the forthcoming album!!!

Please send your questions via email to iwannawin@rwdmag.com before Tuesday 10pm June 20th. Please leave your question with full contact details with the subject line – Plan B Question.

For Example:

Subject: Plan B Question

Hey Plan B, hope all is well, I hear you’re on RWD’s next front cover??? How did that go…

Name – Location – Contact Details...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Image of the Week - Come on England!!!

Hyper’s Blogspot Has Officially Been Added!!!

She may be sending for me in a big way (who doesn’t know about me apparently on You Tube), but unlike the next guy, I can take a joke. And despite turning RWD staff members against me (writing bait stories on the RWD website), I still have a sly look on her blog. Hence the reason, I’m adding her insane blog to my links page>>>.

Come on ^^^ that shit's funny!!!

Ps...Hyper I'm still gonna put your address on the Internet!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Jammer's Shower Grimaces!!!

Shower Grimaces!!!
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

I was just looking though my pics and noticed this...

Taken just after he stage dived straight into the girl on the left.

Scorcher 'Simply The Best' On Road - NOW!!!

Scorcher 'Simply The Best' On Road - NOW!!!
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Fresh back on Friday from a little holiday on Her Majesty's Pleasure, RWD had to catch up with the 'Simply The Best' MC, to find out what life is like back on road.

Name? Scorcher aka The Bulls Eye Shooter
Game? MC
Shame? N/A

So you're finally out. What's life like on-road?
I came out; bought some trainers straight away and got a fresh trim.

What trainers did you buy?
Some exclusive low Fila's; I got back to the ends after just being away and man were just like, 'rah, where did you get them kicks'.

What was you reason for going away?
Nothing serious, nothing dangerous. But it was mad, loads of little things had just built up and I was just dodging all the warrants.

What's Up?
I'm just chillin'. Wretch 32, Ghetto, Unique and a couple of people come to pick me up and I'm just seeing everyone - I've seen Terminator and them. I've missed so much since I've been away, a few remixes and Ghetto and them lot went Sweden so that too. I missed some bookings in Italy and places like that. I missed the dropping of my mixtape too - which was probably the worst thing. The feedback has been great from Simply The Best and I can say the feedback on holiday was different from feedback on-road. If your things crap you're made 100% aware of it, luckily my feedback was real and they liked it. They really liked it. I got feedback on all of The M.O.V.E.M.E.N.T.'s mixtapes. I left them all there. Cos pure people put in orders, they wanted to buy them from there.

Scorcher's MySpace is you!!!

To read the rest of this interview including his views on Cookie and the grime scene check a forthcoming RWD mag.

Previous What's Up? interviews include:

Chunky Bizzle

Friday, June 09, 2006


Originally uploaded by mrveckarz.




Boy Better Know

Boy Better Know
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Image by Raj Kapone. This Link Is You for a v. good article!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

RWD in Stereo - Saturday June 10th

RWD in Stereo - Saturday June 10th
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

You know you're on it!!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hattie Collins in Eurovision 'Grime Entry' Shocker

Hattie Collins in Eurovision 'Grime Entry' Shocker
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

After the piss-poor attempts that the UK has entered in the last couple of years, not that many people are actually proud of our Eurovision game. Those few that actually watched Eurovision a couple of weeks ago will know. WE CAME 19th (out of 24 counties). Even Latvia killed us on the old ratings.

You may be asking, 'why do RWD care?' Good question; we can no longer stand by and let this country's European music reputation go down de toilette. RWD Editor and freelance journalist (lending her writing talents to the Guardian, Cosmopolitan, Vibe, XXL, NME, i-D, The Big Issue and the infamous Hattiecollins.blogspot.com) has taken it into he own hands and is planning to enter for the 2007 competition. With Terry Wogan shaking in his Hush Puppies, she tells members of staff her reason why, "This years entry was poop. He looked like my uncle who had had a few drinks, a kebab and decided he wanted to get his Karaoke on."

"It's all about building the UK brand and me taking RWD to the European's." She says of her shocking news. So will this be another pop wash out "Nope, I'm thinking about working with Wiley, Terror Danjah, Low Deep, Plactician or Statik (for the grindie hook up). I wouldn't mind getting Tropical with JME. It will broaden our fan base to the wide depths and breadths of Europe." Nice. Good luck Hats and we wish you the very best with this project, she leaves us with, "Watch this space. Those Belarusian's won't know what hit 'em." For more info check Hattie's blog, RWDmag.com or The Eurovision Website.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Junk Mail of the Month: I Can Be A Doctor After One Simple Call!!!

Originally uploaded by barkingmoose.

Contact us NOW to receive your diploma within days, and start improving your life!

Bachelors, Masters, MBA and/or Doctorate (PhD)
NO ONE is turned down.
Call Now 7 days a week.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, with the following degrees, here is how much you can expect to make in your lifetime:
High School Diploma: $1,100,000
Bachelors Degree: $2,100,000
Masters Degree: $2,500,000
Doctorate: $4,400,000

You Need a Better Degree, and we can Help! Obtain degrees from Prestigious Universities based on you life experience. NO ONE is turned down.

Call Now 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Professor. Nadine Crow


All I can say to this month’s nonsense is LMAO… Ok let me get this straight before I wire you some money??? If I give you $4,400,000 I’ll be leading the OPEN HEART SURGERY in Newham General next week???

Sure cool

*Dials expensive long-distance number [...On RWD's bill]*

Image of the Week - Lord of the Mics II

Image of the Week - Lord of the Mics II
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

It's coming!!! check out Raj's preview on RWD here.

The Definition of LOL (Laugh out loud)

I was in HMV, you know how you do and I saw what you are about to see... I actually laughed out loud, and you probably will too










The Definition of LOL (Laugh out loud)
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

First EVER Review: Boy Better Know Presents Poomplex Edition [2]

First Review: Boy Better Know Presents Poomplex Edition [2]

I know what you’re thinking, 'is Poomplex better than Shh Hut Yuh Muh???'

That’s very hard to say, when Edition [1] came along, almost everyone was like ‘What the F*ck’, this is nuts. It’s controversial I know, but I can easily say that the first release through Boy Better Know Entertainment changed the UK’s underground scene – for the better. If it wasn’t everyone using phrases from the mixtape, like simply telling a waste friend, lecturer, lost link or in my case Managing Director to ‘Shh Hut Yuh Muh’ then it was the work ethic and game plan that people respected/ admired. Playing entrepreneurial Tetris sees Jamie Adenugu churning out music productions, t-shirts, graphic design (love it or hate it), remixes, website management, artist liaison, Myspace friends and just about everything under the sun. Not to mention looking after a record label in Boy Better Know – which also recently released Wiley’s follow up LP to Treading on Thin Ice in Da 2nd Phaze and Tinchy Stryder’s I’m Back U Know solo mixtape – All of which are distributed in HMV as well as reputable record shops up and down the country.

Ok enough of the background – which you probably already know. Let’s talk Poomplex Edition [2].

First - for those that don’t know - what is a 'Poomplex'?
JME simply defines it as, “a Diiiiiiickhead, a waaaasteman, just any guy. The word was used ages ago but I brought it back.” Cool, now that’s sorted let’s talk about 96 Ambitions, Nothing Goes Past Me, Don’t Chat To Me & R U Dumb? the tracks you’ve already heard on rotation the last couple of weeks on the Poomplex Myspace.

On the self-produced 96 Ambitions the Skate Park Pro talks about truth telling, bootlegging, the grime scene and teaching MCs (and people in general) a lesson, telling ‘Freelance Poomplexes’ to get out of his face.

Nothing Goes Past Me is merely a Plastician produced tale of him being quick witted, on-point and wise to peoples deceptions. He’s not fooled by things like leaving his CDs in people’s cars CD changers and old owed money, another example of his witty lyrical content about simple day-to-day events.

A big JME beat - that somehow reminds me of the game Ghouls and Ghosts, or the last level of the Castle stage on Mario Bros. - is used for Don’t Chat To Me. Joined by Wiley it’s a quality collab which sees them exchanging bars about people they can’t be asked with.

What can I say about R U Dumb?. Already a big Skepta buttoned instrumental from radio and places; it was bound to be a CD hit. Now getting the ridiculously massive vocal it deserved JME, Wiley, Cookie and Tempah T absolutely destroy it. A favourite even before I heard the rest of the mixtape. I can hear Wiley say he eats ‘Lamb Curry & Roti’ 1 million times without getting bored (another 100k to go) and Tempah can ‘Swiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing’ for days. Big track.

Don’t be alarmed there’s more where that came from. After Jamie tells you his 96 Ambitions it goes into a kind of J.Adenugu produced rollercoaster/ fairground riddim, Blind. Again featuring stable-mate Wiley it’s a track about things people seem to be missing out there. The Government’s movements for one, “First they come with Chip & Pin, next thing you know it’s Chip in Skin, while Tony Blair just sits and grins…” he cleverly retorts. A very good, well thought-out, conscious track.

After Skepta’s massive Duppy (with that almost from beyond the grave MC Creed hook), - via a few aforementioned tunes - you’re treated to the Eskiboy produced Food. The beat may sound like Ice Rink 6459 but the comical bars let you know there’s nothing repetitive about its vocal content. Joking about his junk consumption, he tells us about pondering when it comes to ordering kebabs, "Chicken, doner or a lamb mix special," not forgetting to say, "Thank you boss" only to go home to, "Find a toilet and JAM". Classy. Next comes Pence, another Wiley production. The track about all things money related didn’t impress to be honest but its OK cos when you press ‘Forward’ on your iPod Video (or is it just me rolling like that) you’re blessed with title track Poomplex, another quality grime-like adventure. Produced by his brother Skepta, JME talks about being ahead of the rest, sends for fake rappers who eat "Oxygen Cakes" [??? Still creasing at this] and states "I'm not a one hit wonder boy, trust me I make hits all the time". Just try and get the chorus out of your head.

Other CD highlights include the dark self produced ego pushing Flippin Hell, his sick-off remix of Roll Deep’s Show You and Deceased. Listen to the lyrics on Deceased… Deep!!! He talks of being stabbed and what would happen. "It’s NOT silly jokes and games blud" the hook repeats. Hopefully this message will be picked up by a few people and lessons will be taken onboard.

The Bonus Tracks!!!

OK, if 14 tracks is NOT enough for you (ungrateful so and SO!!!) there are seven I repeat seven bonus tracks. Joined by Big H, Frisco, Bossman and Meridian (again JME bringing others in the camp through) the end of the CD finishes just like it started… BIG!!! The Westwood and Sidewinder clips from a few weeks ago make a pleasant addition just like the instrumentals in his Gangsters remix and the much needed 96 Bars of Revenge.

Haven’t made my mind up about JME Chopup and Screwup feat. Jammer which is basically a few big tunes mixed up and played with - like the title suggests, it’s a bit weird. But good weird nonetheless.

Is Poomplex better than Shh Hut Yuh Muh? I can’t be the judge of that… Spend a few P’s in HMV, online or your local record shop to find out yourself!!!

Ps…It’s Big, that's all I’m saying at this early stage.

Faction G on Logan Sama's Kiss 100 Show

I know I'm a bit late but as I've previously stated I'm a bit behind at the mo, should have put this up about a week ago...

If you may or may not know each week for the last 14 weeks Faction G has been dropping freestyles on Logan show, last week (or was it the week before)...

[Beg-friend voice]I got a little shout out[/Beg-friend voice]

Bars went something like this...
“Yo RWD showed me love, I can’t knock that… shout out to Danny. Yo its not lie, you don’t back the scene (cos you do)… Just speaking about all the shit I’ve been through!!! But when man a never been able to get through, let alone getting 300 bills through, just to pay for a page. Man a just paid for a fade and all I got is bus fare left… I couldn’t care less. [I think he says something about] Cos what people pay for the magazine, compared to what…? I think they shouldn’t be in the magazine. I swear you got more P’s anyway!!! [/I think he says something about]”

“Let me say when I’m on that bombshell, Chantelle I know I pissed you right off when we last met, sod that!..... [can’t be asked to type the rest, ask Chan what he said]

In regards to RWD and the controversial ‘£300 a page’, we gots bills to pay dude. Facts, Chewy will be pissed that you sold him short tough. Lol

To dead the myth the myth RIGHT HERE!!! Not everyone pays to go into ‘the book’ that is nonsense.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I’ve got my hands on Poomplex

Oh Shit - Poomplex
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Thanks to Hattie Collins and the good guys over at Boy Better Know, I am now holding (sort of) Edition 2. At the moment it’s all about Food and R U Dumb?.

Full review... Soon come.

OK, stop sweating me it's here.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm Back... You Know...

For your information, I had some blogging time off, thanks to a certain lil’ mag called RWD occupying my time...

Due to a few emails and comments on Myspace I’ve been inspired to up my levels (again). Folks from overseas have been regularly checking my blog and I apparently need to inform them (and you) what’s good (don’t you just hate that phrase) or in the Mitchell Brothers’ case what’s not so good. (If you’re pissed Teddy and Tony, I’ve told you to your faces man, bar Alone with the TV that shit just ain’t cutting it). Here are some quick reviews of the music I’ve been listening to and should have reviewed ages ago...

Quick Review: Scorcher – Simply The Best

Simply the Best

Adamant in keeping as close to 'road' as possible the Cold Blooded, Scorcher finally drops his debut mixtape. A lil help from Logan Sama sees his name all over town, for the right reasons. Beats donated and jacked from all over the shop, include Wiley’s Avenger called Chance Us and Cindy Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun of the same name. Talk of the Ghetto Feat. Ghetto is also nuts. With a direct delivery you’re sucked into a world of shanks, lengs, girls and beef. Let's just hope the powers that be don't visit any record shops, in the next couple of weeks. A very well put together CD, just a little too negative for my liking.
Track to playlist: See What I See Feat. Wretch 32

Quick Review: Syer Bars – Boy with the Fire Section 1

Syer Bars
Boy with the Fire Section 1
As well as laying down slaughterous lyrics Syer B can also be found on the production side of just over half of the beats on this 20 track Syerfest. With guest spots from Wiley, JME, Brazen and more this will be on your Pod for bare-long. Tracks like the Wiley produced Don’t Make Me Laugh, Target produced Roll Dark and Syer’s very own constructed Dat’s Hype stand out. Title track Boy with the Fire (made by up-and-coming Mr. Slash) is quality in both beats and bars and is only outdone by Syer on the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army on Rockstar which is amazing.
Track to playlist: Rockstar

Quick Review: Fire Camp – Living Legends Vol.1

DJ Twister Presents Fire Camp
Living Legends Vol.1
Lethal Bizzle Records

The first of many, once promised by Twister several months ago (December 2005 If I do recall), Living Legends Vol.1 sees the whole crew on their first very own mixtape. Unfortunately to be honest… it’s not that good. It’s true I’m a fan of Fumin… oh and Lethal and 2Face (on a very good day) but this isn’t them in their best light. After that revelation, Lethal’s If I Didn’t Buss is good, Fuck You always gets a reload and Air Pie is jokes still. For a true Fire Camp die hard there’s more content, exclusives (as you’d expect from the Fire Camp mix CD) than you can actually deal with. ‘It’s a shame’ there are more CDs for you to spend your money on. At this point I would like to mention the lack of photo credits for the person who shot the cover image (can’t actually remember – looks in the May 2005 issue of RWD… Eddie Otchere), and Kevin @ Response Photographic who shot the inside images).
Track to playlist: The Best
2.9999977787878788 /5

If you’re a Fire Camp follower you’d probably review this like so…

“[Breadage] I can’t believe how many exclusives there are, OMG. Fire Camp have done it again!!! Go and WASTE spend 7 bucks now. [/Breadage].”
7 million out of 5

Quick Review: Mercston – Da End of Da Beginning

Da End Of The Beginning

Always on the grind, Mercston of the newly formed M.O.V.E.M.E.N.T. makes his mixtape debut. (More on the M.O.V.E.M.E.N.T. very soon, in the meantime check Hattie's Wretch 32 interview if you CLICK HERE on RWDmag.com). Overall it's a very decent effort to extract your p's. Although a slower less angry version of pal Ghetto, Merc's flow is snippy enough to differ - just slightly. Summertime’s on there joined by few new tracks which have very good concepts behind them (you've gotta check his version of Holiday) and makes for easy listening lyrical content. Worthy of p extraction and iPod import business!!!
Track to playlist: Good Old Days Feat. Ghetto.

Quick Review: Demon - Demon’s World

Demon’s World
Not content with leaving the success at Pow, Demon of ‘Armhouse to your mum’s house’ fame returns to invite us into his world. It’s a dark place, but not too dark that you get lost as to what Demon’s about. Rapid lyrical reflections on Plaistow living are only let down by the odd Jay-Z comparison and feeble beat. Joined by Big Seac, Lightning, Fuda Guy and Ghetto its well worth a visit. Check out who’s on the bonus tracks. Big Freestyles. Just make sure you borrow it, import to your generic portable music player and give it back – you know them ones.
Track to Playlist: One Away Flow

Quick Review: Dollar Da Dustman – I Ain’t Come To Begfriend

Dollar Da Du$tman
I Ain't Come 2 Beg-friend…

In a bid to see no one forgets it Cold Blooded's DDD repeats his name on no less than 3 million occasions throughout the 23 tracks. Unfortunately his hyperactive (and well-worth the entrance fee alone) live character wasn’t transferred to CD. Which is a shame cos when you see him in the dance and view the reaction he gets to certain bars/ lyrics this side of him would have made for a great mixtape. Saying that, a few little tracks are worth the couple quid spent. Newer beats and this would have been quite good. Dollar is best in a rave or featuring on someone elses track ie on Mercston's mixtape.
Tracks to Playlist: Not An Asshole

Quick Review: Tinchy Stryder – I’m Back U Know

Tinchy Stryder
I’m Back U Know!!
Designed by the good folk at Boy Better Know, Tinchy is definitely back. Killing it on his own version of JME’s 96 Bars of Revenge, and various Stryder remixes like I’m Pro over Dizzee’s Off 2 Work. TS fans don’t worry, there are Ruff Sqwad produced riddims inside and he also draws for Uptown Girl with Wiley. Perfect for fans of the Underground Boy and others alike.
Track to Playlist: 1 Of Them Days

Quick Review: Baby Blue – Out of the Blue Vol.2

Baby Blue
Out of the Blue Vol.2
Base ‘N’ Rebulz Entertainment

South London's Blue returns for much needed update dropping of some sure fire hits. The production has stepped up from Volume 1, a bit like when Sega launched the Megadrive – it was all good playing the Master System ‘til three in the morning but ‘Sometimes’, you just gotta move with the times. New liquid rhymes from the still up-and-coming rapstress skip nicely along slick-yet-crunchy beats – above all she has Nutty P, D’Explicit, Mr Shabz and Soundbwoy to thank for those. Still loving her big reload-worthy verse on Akala’s Roll With Us remix but its Love Story feat. Sway & Seuwese, part two of Dreaming, the Hustla freestyle and My Love where she truly shines. Don’t forget I Still Don’t Care, oh oh and Come Over Here Feat Swiss cos Mr Shabz creates a sick beat there. If Blue has her way and keeps moving, the world WILL KNOW. Baby Blue Online is YOU!!!

Tracks to playlist: I Still Don’t Care feat. Sway, SAS, Bigz, Sincere & Pyrelli… & Come Over feat. Swiss

Quick Review: Professor Green – Lecture No.1

Professor Green
Lecture No.1

The UK battle rapper begins his transformation into an artist with his debut mixtape. Big, comical and outrospective bars rep and it's easy to see why Pro was the Jump Off Battle Champ for forever and a day AND signed by Mike Skinner’s The Beats label. Features the big freestyle from Semtex’s Greatest Show - I was there, he was just Murking with a capital M (over Gorillaz), Upper Clapton Dance and various witty refixes. With guestspots from Loudmouth, Chynaman, Leo and Ny. A good start… watch this space. Unfortunately there’s just not enough new material to warrant 4/5.
Track to playlist: Stereotypical Man and Without Trying feat. Loudmouth

Quick Review: UKSP – UK Special

You’ll see Aaron ‘Breakbeat’ Fagan putting his work in all over the land. I’ve personally bumped into him on Oxford Street a few times shotting (his Mixtape). And spoken to him about the rise in cultured UK music, which I believe this LP is. You won’t find tales of shanks, lengs and midnight moped robberies here. Instead over the live percussion and precise drum patterns is HIS take on the capital. A cross between hip hop and jazz, but with rough likable edges best describes his sound. Looking through the window via ‘Breakbeat’ tinted glasses is cool but not for too long as it’s not for everyone’s tastes. Try before you buy… or just buy – cos it’s a fresh change http://www.breakbeatonline.co.uk. Track to playlist: Artcha or State of Mind