Thursday, June 01, 2006

Quick Review: Fire Camp – Living Legends Vol.1

DJ Twister Presents Fire Camp
Living Legends Vol.1
Lethal Bizzle Records

The first of many, once promised by Twister several months ago (December 2005 If I do recall), Living Legends Vol.1 sees the whole crew on their first very own mixtape. Unfortunately to be honest… it’s not that good. It’s true I’m a fan of Fumin… oh and Lethal and 2Face (on a very good day) but this isn’t them in their best light. After that revelation, Lethal’s If I Didn’t Buss is good, Fuck You always gets a reload and Air Pie is jokes still. For a true Fire Camp die hard there’s more content, exclusives (as you’d expect from the Fire Camp mix CD) than you can actually deal with. ‘It’s a shame’ there are more CDs for you to spend your money on. At this point I would like to mention the lack of photo credits for the person who shot the cover image (can’t actually remember – looks in the May 2005 issue of RWD… Eddie Otchere), and Kevin @ Response Photographic who shot the inside images).
Track to playlist: The Best
2.9999977787878788 /5

If you’re a Fire Camp follower you’d probably review this like so…

“[Breadage] I can’t believe how many exclusives there are, OMG. Fire Camp have done it again!!! Go and WASTE spend 7 bucks now. [/Breadage].”
7 million out of 5