Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ask Plan B Whatever The F*** You Want!!!

If you don’t know about Ben Drew from Forest Gate, you might have heard him under an alias or alter ego. That alternative name is Plan B, the rapping, guitar strumming 22 year-old that has been imagining up almost every scenario under the sun. From necrophilia to underage sex - damn, is there anything he won’t think up or talk about? Well his forthcoming June 26th bound, album, Who Needs Actions When You’ve Got Words, goes into even more things that make you reach for the rewind button, and we should know cos we’re listening to it now.

So in an unprecedented move, RWD are giving you the opportunity, to enjoy the kind of closeness that even a psychiatrist would be jealous of and are asking you to send in YOUR questions for Plan B. No matter how rude, crazy, insane, stalker-like or small – WE WILL ASK IT… AND PUT UP HIS ANSWERS. If you’re a bit stuck for ideas take a look what happened when he was involved in RWD’s Last Word.

The most in-depth, on-point and relevant question relating to Plan B will receive lots of freeness including, signed 7"’s, Plan B t-shirts and a limited edition version of the forthcoming album!!!

Please send your questions via email to before Tuesday 10pm June 20th. Please leave your question with full contact details with the subject line – Plan B Question.

For Example:

Subject: Plan B Question

Hey Plan B, hope all is well, I hear you’re on RWD’s next front cover??? How did that go…

Name – Location – Contact Details...