Thursday, June 01, 2006

Quick Review: Baby Blue – Out of the Blue Vol.2

Baby Blue
Out of the Blue Vol.2
Base ‘N’ Rebulz Entertainment

South London's Blue returns for much needed update dropping of some sure fire hits. The production has stepped up from Volume 1, a bit like when Sega launched the Megadrive – it was all good playing the Master System ‘til three in the morning but ‘Sometimes’, you just gotta move with the times. New liquid rhymes from the still up-and-coming rapstress skip nicely along slick-yet-crunchy beats – above all she has Nutty P, D’Explicit, Mr Shabz and Soundbwoy to thank for those. Still loving her big reload-worthy verse on Akala’s Roll With Us remix but its Love Story feat. Sway & Seuwese, part two of Dreaming, the Hustla freestyle and My Love where she truly shines. Don’t forget I Still Don’t Care, oh oh and Come Over Here Feat Swiss cos Mr Shabz creates a sick beat there. If Blue has her way and keeps moving, the world WILL KNOW. Baby Blue Online is YOU!!!

Tracks to playlist: I Still Don’t Care feat. Sway, SAS, Bigz, Sincere & Pyrelli… & Come Over feat. Swiss