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First EVER Review: Boy Better Know Presents Poomplex Edition [2]

First Review: Boy Better Know Presents Poomplex Edition [2]

I know what you’re thinking, 'is Poomplex better than Shh Hut Yuh Muh???'

That’s very hard to say, when Edition [1] came along, almost everyone was like ‘What the F*ck’, this is nuts. It’s controversial I know, but I can easily say that the first release through Boy Better Know Entertainment changed the UK’s underground scene – for the better. If it wasn’t everyone using phrases from the mixtape, like simply telling a waste friend, lecturer, lost link or in my case Managing Director to ‘Shh Hut Yuh Muh’ then it was the work ethic and game plan that people respected/ admired. Playing entrepreneurial Tetris sees Jamie Adenugu churning out music productions, t-shirts, graphic design (love it or hate it), remixes, website management, artist liaison, Myspace friends and just about everything under the sun. Not to mention looking after a record label in Boy Better Know – which also recently released Wiley’s follow up LP to Treading on Thin Ice in Da 2nd Phaze and Tinchy Stryder’s I’m Back U Know solo mixtape – All of which are distributed in HMV as well as reputable record shops up and down the country.

Ok enough of the background – which you probably already know. Let’s talk Poomplex Edition [2].

First - for those that don’t know - what is a 'Poomplex'?
JME simply defines it as, “a Diiiiiiickhead, a waaaasteman, just any guy. The word was used ages ago but I brought it back.” Cool, now that’s sorted let’s talk about 96 Ambitions, Nothing Goes Past Me, Don’t Chat To Me & R U Dumb? the tracks you’ve already heard on rotation the last couple of weeks on the Poomplex Myspace.

On the self-produced 96 Ambitions the Skate Park Pro talks about truth telling, bootlegging, the grime scene and teaching MCs (and people in general) a lesson, telling ‘Freelance Poomplexes’ to get out of his face.

Nothing Goes Past Me is merely a Plastician produced tale of him being quick witted, on-point and wise to peoples deceptions. He’s not fooled by things like leaving his CDs in people’s cars CD changers and old owed money, another example of his witty lyrical content about simple day-to-day events.

A big JME beat - that somehow reminds me of the game Ghouls and Ghosts, or the last level of the Castle stage on Mario Bros. - is used for Don’t Chat To Me. Joined by Wiley it’s a quality collab which sees them exchanging bars about people they can’t be asked with.

What can I say about R U Dumb?. Already a big Skepta buttoned instrumental from radio and places; it was bound to be a CD hit. Now getting the ridiculously massive vocal it deserved JME, Wiley, Cookie and Tempah T absolutely destroy it. A favourite even before I heard the rest of the mixtape. I can hear Wiley say he eats ‘Lamb Curry & Roti’ 1 million times without getting bored (another 100k to go) and Tempah can ‘Swiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing’ for days. Big track.

Don’t be alarmed there’s more where that came from. After Jamie tells you his 96 Ambitions it goes into a kind of J.Adenugu produced rollercoaster/ fairground riddim, Blind. Again featuring stable-mate Wiley it’s a track about things people seem to be missing out there. The Government’s movements for one, “First they come with Chip & Pin, next thing you know it’s Chip in Skin, while Tony Blair just sits and grins…” he cleverly retorts. A very good, well thought-out, conscious track.

After Skepta’s massive Duppy (with that almost from beyond the grave MC Creed hook), - via a few aforementioned tunes - you’re treated to the Eskiboy produced Food. The beat may sound like Ice Rink 6459 but the comical bars let you know there’s nothing repetitive about its vocal content. Joking about his junk consumption, he tells us about pondering when it comes to ordering kebabs, "Chicken, doner or a lamb mix special," not forgetting to say, "Thank you boss" only to go home to, "Find a toilet and JAM". Classy. Next comes Pence, another Wiley production. The track about all things money related didn’t impress to be honest but its OK cos when you press ‘Forward’ on your iPod Video (or is it just me rolling like that) you’re blessed with title track Poomplex, another quality grime-like adventure. Produced by his brother Skepta, JME talks about being ahead of the rest, sends for fake rappers who eat "Oxygen Cakes" [??? Still creasing at this] and states "I'm not a one hit wonder boy, trust me I make hits all the time". Just try and get the chorus out of your head.

Other CD highlights include the dark self produced ego pushing Flippin Hell, his sick-off remix of Roll Deep’s Show You and Deceased. Listen to the lyrics on Deceased… Deep!!! He talks of being stabbed and what would happen. "It’s NOT silly jokes and games blud" the hook repeats. Hopefully this message will be picked up by a few people and lessons will be taken onboard.

The Bonus Tracks!!!

OK, if 14 tracks is NOT enough for you (ungrateful so and SO!!!) there are seven I repeat seven bonus tracks. Joined by Big H, Frisco, Bossman and Meridian (again JME bringing others in the camp through) the end of the CD finishes just like it started… BIG!!! The Westwood and Sidewinder clips from a few weeks ago make a pleasant addition just like the instrumentals in his Gangsters remix and the much needed 96 Bars of Revenge.

Haven’t made my mind up about JME Chopup and Screwup feat. Jammer which is basically a few big tunes mixed up and played with - like the title suggests, it’s a bit weird. But good weird nonetheless.

Is Poomplex better than Shh Hut Yuh Muh? I can’t be the judge of that… Spend a few P’s in HMV, online or your local record shop to find out yourself!!!

Ps…It’s Big, that's all I’m saying at this early stage.


Anti-Hyper said...

Send me a copy still??? :-S

Anonymous said...

Kinda long, didnt read it all... I've pre-ordered mine anyway. What's the Gangksterz remix saying?

Danny Walker said...

That's right go and buy copies people. Remember as I said its big.