Thursday, June 01, 2006

Quick Review: Dollar Da Dustman – I Ain’t Come To Begfriend

Dollar Da Du$tman
I Ain't Come 2 Beg-friend…

In a bid to see no one forgets it Cold Blooded's DDD repeats his name on no less than 3 million occasions throughout the 23 tracks. Unfortunately his hyperactive (and well-worth the entrance fee alone) live character wasn’t transferred to CD. Which is a shame cos when you see him in the dance and view the reaction he gets to certain bars/ lyrics this side of him would have made for a great mixtape. Saying that, a few little tracks are worth the couple quid spent. Newer beats and this would have been quite good. Dollar is best in a rave or featuring on someone elses track ie on Mercston's mixtape.
Tracks to Playlist: Not An Asshole