Monday, June 12, 2006

Scorcher 'Simply The Best' On Road - NOW!!!

Scorcher 'Simply The Best' On Road - NOW!!!
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Fresh back on Friday from a little holiday on Her Majesty's Pleasure, RWD had to catch up with the 'Simply The Best' MC, to find out what life is like back on road.

Name? Scorcher aka The Bulls Eye Shooter
Game? MC
Shame? N/A

So you're finally out. What's life like on-road?
I came out; bought some trainers straight away and got a fresh trim.

What trainers did you buy?
Some exclusive low Fila's; I got back to the ends after just being away and man were just like, 'rah, where did you get them kicks'.

What was you reason for going away?
Nothing serious, nothing dangerous. But it was mad, loads of little things had just built up and I was just dodging all the warrants.

What's Up?
I'm just chillin'. Wretch 32, Ghetto, Unique and a couple of people come to pick me up and I'm just seeing everyone - I've seen Terminator and them. I've missed so much since I've been away, a few remixes and Ghetto and them lot went Sweden so that too. I missed some bookings in Italy and places like that. I missed the dropping of my mixtape too - which was probably the worst thing. The feedback has been great from Simply The Best and I can say the feedback on holiday was different from feedback on-road. If your things crap you're made 100% aware of it, luckily my feedback was real and they liked it. They really liked it. I got feedback on all of The M.O.V.E.M.E.N.T.'s mixtapes. I left them all there. Cos pure people put in orders, they wanted to buy them from there.

Scorcher's MySpace is you!!!

To read the rest of this interview including his views on Cookie and the grime scene check a forthcoming RWD mag.

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