Friday, July 21, 2006

Quick Review: Shizzle - Best of Both

Best of Both
With a fresh selection of gritty beats, supplied by Mondie, Mastermind Tooperz's Blazer, Ironic, and other street heaters, east London adoptee Shizzle certainly delivers both. Seamlessly switching between his native (Jamaican flow) and fluid LDN slang, it’s a very smooth combination. Dropping conscience and rave-ready lyrics, with stories of pregnant young girls and tales of Dunn’s River (respectively) there is something here for everyone. You can easily sum up this 17 track treat by replacing 'Best ' with 'A Really Good Selection From'. Definitely playlist I Will Be Der, MSN and Ready Fi D Warfare. Available in all good music stockists now.
Track to Check: Motherland


Anonymous said...

that was a deep review man... did u go college too?