Monday, July 10, 2006

Paintball 1 - More Gangsta Than Sincere!!!

Paintball 1
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

I’ll put my hand on my heart and admit, I’m not the best of Paintballers. The best shot I ever did in my entire balling career was on a ‘pals’ ankle from 3 millimetres away in college. It was the best, it swelled up like a someone had stuck a shish kebab in his sock – so funny.

This time around, I was merely ok. My best moment came when I grabbed the briefcase [single handed on a suicide kamikaze mission] which led to our team winning the game OR ambushing three young maidens and firing several clips into their unsuspecting backs – I don’t ramp!!! Don’t worry ladies, they got me back. The smallest of the felines managed to let off a round which shot me square in the chest, in-turn fracturing my soul, leaving me in excruciating pain and thinking about what I had done. If you’re reading this girls… Here’s a few letters of apology – A... P...O!!!