Friday, July 07, 2006

Join The Big Grime Debate!!!

First of all, you have to read here - Chantelle Fiddy's post

Woah!!! Someone put reins on Fiddy cos she’s about to buss someone’s eye piece. I wouldn’t say that this is a rant, more of Chan getting some venom and/ or TRUTHS off her chest. What she just said – for those that just skim read – is what has been coming for a long while.

First let me drop my views on the grime scene. Right now grime is at a very important stage. I think it’s at the sink or swim crossroads. Sporadic dropping of long awaited mixtapes, artists who spend tooooo much time on road, MSN, MySpace and up their own ARSE (about email your manager!!!), make me think it will sink but the likes of JME keep reassuring me that the scene I personally love will swim. I’m not sure whether it’s money for studio, laziness or actually lack or talent that has caused this unwanted drought. I feel well presented mixtapes/ regular EPs are the way to go – but these cost money to produce. Where do a large majority get the money from… road. Hence the vicious circle. For this I blame society, I remember the days when holding down a 10-6 was the one. Peeps would be over-hyped off earning a weekly JD, Footlocker, or Waitrose honest wage packet. Those days are gone. Easy-Ps, shanks and slewing reign.

The subject of ladies: I’ll be the first to admit girls/ women in the media spotlight (in front and behind the scenes) always get judged differently from guys. That (unfortunately) is the way humanity is! Blame The Romans or something. There is not much you can change about that I’m afraid girls, except keep coming correct and continue working twice as hard. Which is already evident by the amount of work Chantelle, Tattie Hattie Collins, and other like-minded lasses put in. Manifested in the quantity of magazines they write for and work they do behind the scenes. But stating that, I don’t think anyone (including me) should really take offence to what someone has said on a forum, blog (You know who you are!!!) or website, there are a lot worse things that you can be afflicted with on this green Earth. (Do you think the lady who has to sleep with Jeremy Beadle every night is worried about the RWD forum?).

I would just like to note ONE point, Chan states, “Shit if I could MC I'd release a record.” - Go on then go on then, I swear you’d do better than Lilly Allen, Sov, most of our Eurovision entries.

Seriously. Big up Fiddy every time, loved these line, “Don't get it twisted though - unlike the talkers, I'm walking and earning my p's. Anyone who's got time to sit on forums all day when they're not getting paid for it can't be stacking.”

And dub step, dub step is moving blud...


styleslut said...

yes danny so true

I ask some of these grime artists for cd's for review and they tell me to go and buy them. the cheek!

I also remember asking Bruza for a interview (when he wasnt shit and I was very new to the game) and he pushed my card away and told me to speak to his manager. the cheek!

anyhoo - u found a job 4 me yet?

Brosnan (HF) said...

lol ahaha i interviews bruza long time ago he smlet of B.O no lie