Monday, July 10, 2006

I Think I Just [Nintendo] Wii’d Myself Plays Nintendo Wii
Originally uploaded by Danny Walker 1.

Who said being Deputy Editor of RWD didn’t include taking half a day off to play Nintendo’s forthcoming 3rd Generation console??? Cos looking back at my contract I swear this kinda shit was written in.

In-between some long arse hours, England’s dreadful World Cup exit and moaning about not having a Boy Better Know t-shirt I recently found my way along to check out the Nintendo Revolution Wii. Sorry if you missed out but it was an invite only shindig, for computer game geeks and press. Luckily I fit into both of those most hated of categories and had a wail of a time.

PS - We weren't allowed to take pics of the screen cos it doesn't come out 'til crimbo - So if any Nintendo bigwigs are reading (as if), it was Raj Kapone. Email me and I'll give up his details in a flash - obviously in exchange for a console. [And don't try send me a SNES - YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT!!!]