Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Online Review: Volvic Lovebox Weekender

We’ve recovered from our mad Weekender and let us tell you it was a barmy affair. The whole of Victoria Park and its festival atmosphere was second to none; we even witnessed vegetarians having a good time…

Not even London Transport’s unreliable underground could keep us from our E3 destination and Mile End station threw up many who were in the vicinity just for some Volvic Lovin’. A short ‘five minute’ walk from the station (the handwritten sign falsely depicted), it didn’t take long to reach the park’s perimeter – but it was a little over five minutes.

Apart from the green wall of steel, it was the big wheel that caught our eyes. The scaled-down, budget friendly, London Eye type wheel seemed to attract quite a lot of punters – we’re still not sure how. The view must have been good though, looking out across the extensive scorched earth, numerous tents and suntanned festival goers.

Being the [apparent] day of rest we thought we’d ask a few heads about the previous days event, “All I can say is on Saturday Groove Armada smashed it,” in-between sips of his hop-filled beverage. “What I loved about Saturday was the fact that the atmosphere was so relaxed and there wasn’t a hint of trouble.” We didn’t see any shoddy shenanigans either on our exploration of the grounds. Just before we part the fiery haired Jamiroquai fan, he tells RWD, “Oh, you guys missed Roots Manuva too, [and goes on to sing a few choruses].” Thanks pal; sorry we didn’t catch your name, how rude of us.

Volvic turned up the Volcancity at the Volvic Lovebox Weekender and various bands took to Sunday’s stage. Good ol’ Jimmy Cliff was soon up there, giving us live, much welcomed renditions of Wonderful World, Beautiful People, Many Rivers To Cross, The Harder They Come and the much fitting I Can See Clearly Now.

As the sun eventually made its mind up and started to set in the west, it was time for the main attraction. On swirled Jay Kay - obviously sporting his infamous headwear. This time a silver cranium ornament, which seemed as though it was from an ancient Roman battle and Jay with dance moves to match. We ate it up like hot porridge and grooved to the sounds to Jamiroquai. Not mucking about and going straight into chart hits like Space Cowboy, Virtual Insanity and of course the Jul ’98 No.1 Deeper Underground. Boogieing from album track to crowd favourite in quick succession, by the arms waving at the front and the smiles on faces around (including ours), it was a very good end to a very good weekend.

Another up was the vast selection of food outlets, loving those burgers.

And the only downer for the Volvic LoveBox Weekender was the long queue for the ladies lavatory – which throughout the day seemed to be operating a late night one-in, one-out system.

A very good weekend, we can’t wait ‘til next year. For more info check http://www.volvic.loveboxweekender.com/


Tiny Prancer said...

i was forced to go to this and thought it was the worst thing i've been to in years. so many boring bands.