Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Quick Review: Lethal Bizzle - Go Hard

Lethal Bizzle

Go Hard

Search and Destroy

Lethal Bizzle has once again let himself down in the album department. Not only are the hooks weak, the concepts predictable and his nursery rhymes laughable at best, the cover artwork is also a pile of dog shizzle. At least the last album had a decent design. It’s very hard to pull something positive from this 16 track car crash – you’d think it would be the Mark Ronson track but no he ruins Lost My Mind by rapping – so just look for any songs which feature Donaeo. On one of those very tracks, Go Hard he rhymes, “Bizzle is back, that’s a warning,” he certainly is… avoid him at all costs.

Tracks to Check: Crazy Nightmare and Go Hard

Track to Avoid: Skullz on my Hoodie