Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quick Interview: Timbaland (on Beaterator)

What is it that makes Beaterator so unique?
It lets people make music. It's that simple. Even if you've never touched a synth or an MPC or Pro Tools, you can be up making beats in minutes. It looks like a game but works like serious studio equipment. And you can take it anywhere in your pocket. If you already make beats, it's like the perfect sketchpad. If you've never done it before, it removes all the things that make getting started intimidating. You?re up and running making songs, with a little help from me.

Making music today is much easier than 10 or 15 years ago, thanks to the advent of things like Beaterator. How do you see this benefitting budding musicians and the industry itself?
There will be kids out there who become successful musicians and producers who get their start using Beaterator. That's guaranteed right now. The music world is constantly changing, and Beaterator is like a head-start into the future. It will get people hooked and encourage them to explore music, whether they're House and club music DJ's or rappers or singers and producers. And they can carry it and share it.

You mentioned once that you were on tour with Timberlake while also working on the beats for Beaterator. How has feedback been from friends and family on the title?
It's been great, they are surprised that Ive shared so much with these sounds and loops. Everyone who gets their hands on it wants to make a beat of their own.