Friday, June 05, 2009

Quick Review: Skepta - Microphone Champion

Despite enjoying Skepta’s first LP, Greatest Hits, I didn’t actually have high hopes for the second. Maybe it’s the dwindling state of grime as we know (knew and loved) it, maybe it’s because I was SKEPtic about the impending weak hooks or the fact it would be Ed Hardy-reference-ridden or maybe… maybe it’s because there isn’t a crossover single to be seen on Microphone Champion. Yeah Rolex Sweep, Too Many Man and Sunglasses at Night (BTW - what the hell happened to the hook on the LP version???) are big but what next? Lush Ft. Jay Sean? Are you telling me that’s it Mr Adenuga? [Does thumbs down in BBK tee] On a more positive note, Disguise is over-jokes, Look Out Ft. Giggs is a grower and Oh My Gosh is almost Boy Better Know back at their best. Unfortunately for Skepta this album will be easily forgotten (sorry Skeppy fans but after all at the end of the day it’s all just Sticks and Stones).

Track To Check: Disguise