Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick Review: Wiley - Race Against Time

Artist: Wiley

Title: Race Against Time

Label: Eskibeat

For those fearing the Godfather was coming with another forced electro-follow-up LP fear not this is all-out 8 bar mêlée as far as the ear can hear. Yes, he’s back to what he does best, “Swinging in the market”??? For those hoping Wiley was finally going to drop a big album… we regret to inform you Eskiboy is a little way off. Glimpses of old include Off The Radar and Music I Like where he opens up over a piano rift and handclaps, but the whole mood is lowered during the poor track relapse in The Olly - which is a really bad attempt at a 90’s Ibiza club smash. Giggs and Tigga raise the levels with Zip It Up and in the Auto-tuned Time Flies By he addresses his previous label deal in one simple line, “I woulda been happy with the one lickle Rolex tune but the label they got too excited,” but overall this would be 1 out of 5 if it wasn’t for Where’s My Brother. Thank you Bless Beats.

Track To Check: Where’s My Brother