Monday, November 23, 2009

What Next For Jedward?

So last night the famous Grimes twins, John and Edward, were ousted from the Big Brother house (sorry wrong show) and followed Jamie Archer, Lucie Jones, Miss Frank, Rikki Loney, Kandy Rain and Lloyd Daniels (what? Lloyd is still in it? Maybe we’re looking a week into the future) on the X Factor finalist's loser’s bench. But as the 17 year-old brothers start their post X Factor whirlwind, what will become of them?

Presenters? Chart success? Or a brand of gel?

Speaking this morning to Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway on GMTV, they revealed they’re up for any challenge…

How are you feeling emotionally?
John: We know we have the support of our fans, every time we go out people scream at us and we’re really happy that we have the support of our friends and all of our family.
It’s been quite a torrid time though, how did you cope with all that?
Edward: I don’t think we focus on the negativity that much, we just focus on the positive things that go on in the show and focus on what you have to do. We’re always focussing on people that are kind to us. Everyone in the whole show is so helpful along the whole entire process. Everyone has helped us in different ways.
John: Everyone who we work with has been top… like Brian Friedman, Louis Walsh and our musical director Nigel Wright; they’ve all been great… we’re not just representing ourselves we’re representing them too.
Did you feel yesterday that after your performance, you deserved to go?
John: I feel that every single week…
Every single week you should have gone?
John and Edward [laugh]. John: No… I felt like every single week we try really hard. Like, we stay up so late practicing and rehearsing; this week it was just our time.
Whose idea was it to enter the show?
Edward: We always had a general interest in music and we felt that this would be a good way of going about getting up there and doing something cool.
So you felt that you were always good singers?
John: No, we always have the drive and determination to do something.
So what next?
John: The X Factor tour is starting soon so we’re really excited about that. Every night we’re gonna get ready for it. But right now we’re just going to be doing loads of performing.
There is a Facebook group that want you to go and do Dancing on Ice, would you go and do Dancing on Ice?
John: Dancing on Ice? I think we’ve done ice skating once but we’ve actually done a lot of rollerblading so…
Edward: I think we’d be really really bad at it.
Would you go into the jungle to replace Katie Price?
John: Can you do that?
Edward: I’m a Celebrity get me out of here… do we have that title?
Of course you do…
Edward: We’re up for any challenge.
Maybe the duo will have a fashion label? Or a brand of gel? What do you think…?

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