Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Champions League Special: Chelsea or Man Utd?

It’s the first ever all-English final of the Champions League and the debate is already well underway amongst the neutrals.

Chelsea or Manchester United?

Grant or Fergusson, Drogba or Rooney, Ronaldo or Joe Cole… who will triumph in Moscow? You may not like either but before kick off, we suggest you make up your mind. We asked a few and the big players in the UK music/ fashion scenes and the results from the guys in the middle are varied…

Tim from King Apparel:
Man U or Chelsea Tim?

Rather Man U but a cancellation so neither side gets the trophy would be the ideal result.
Who do you support?
West Ham. IRONS!

S.K.I.T.Z. Beats:
Who would you like to win tonight?

I want Chelsea to win cos I hate Man United and it’d make Fergusson wish he threw the towel in back in 1999.
Who do you support?
I support Blackburn Rovers.

Target from Roll Deep:
Who is gonna win Targo? (and who is your team)

I support Arsenal so I don't really care who wins but I kinda want Man U to beat them.
Any score predictions
3-1 and Ronaldo scores two.

Stanza from True Tiger:
Who would you like to win tonight and who do you support?

Yo. I want Man U cos I support Liverpool and Chelsea parred us in the semis. Also Man U deserves the double so they should win.

DJ Magic:
Magic, who do you want to win mate?

Man U as I support QPR and they [Chelsea] are our local rivals.

Yo Marci, Man U or Chelsea? (and who is your team?)

I support Leeds cos my brother Jermaine Beckford plays for ‘em. However I want Man U to win cos I have bet £400 on ‘em and even though Chelsea is a west London club, I’m all about the paper, “shut your whole face” Marci…

Barry from Tim & Barry:
Who would you like to win tonight Barry?

I hope that 6 players get sent off from both sides so that the game gets abandoned!
We’re guessing you’re either a Liverpool or Arsenal fan?
I’m a Liverpool man.

Sammy (Alwayz Recording):
Who Sammy, who?

I want Chelsea to win tonight cos I don’t want no other team to win the double and I’m a Liverpool supporter.

Hey Mr Magic…

What’s up RWD. Hope all is good.
Who would you like to see lift the trophy?
I’m not really into football like I used to be.
What if we pressed you for an answer?
I’ll have to go with Man U cos that used to be the team I supported before I found out about T.Magic Utd [laughs].

Hey Jamie, who do you think is gonna win tonight?

I don’t watch footie but I’m backing Chelsea cos Shorty supports them and Man U already have a trophy.
Thanks Jamie, so you don’t have a team?
On Pro Evo I pick Nigeria and I brush everyone.

Who do you think are gonna be victorious this evening?