Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Quick Review: SKVibesmakersPresents... No Lay - New Chapter

No Lay
SKVibemakersPresents... No Lay - New Chapter
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As a part-time connoisseur of grime and artists that have sprouted from its rugged roots I never like to condemn anything released under the genre’s umbrella. But this…This is P-O-O-R; there I spelt it out for you. It seems No Lay has linked up with SK"Vibe"makers in a rushed bid to ready the world for her long awaited LP, No Comparisons. As well as being hook/ concept/ new material deprived the listener has to endure sub-par refixes; the worst limps in the form of Wiley’s Flyboy - which features No Lay effortlessly botching the hook. On a positive, I do enjoy the ruthless way she dispatches her “bars-upon-bars”, that’s where I feel No Lay comes into her own and is often unrivalled but apart from Swindle’s productions (Swagger, Full Effect) and No Help No Handouts I would be in the long queue to get a refund on the time it took me to download it. To be honest this was in and out of my iPod faster than Craig David's latest attempts at reclaiming his youth and the recent Lethal B monstrosities. Nice idea with the interview audio woven throughout, which was good for fans I just hope (if not for their sake alone) the album is 10 times better. Scathing, I know, but this should be avoided like farmers avoid avian influenza. If it WAS a “taster” like the SK outro suggests, then why was I not issued a bucket?
Track to Check: ?
1 / 5 (Without No Help…, Swagger and Like It Raw there would be a minus sign in front of the 1)