Friday, July 11, 2008

Smasher Has His Say

Smasher - Back In The Day

After hooking up with producer in crime Lewi White to provide beats for Ghetto’s Freedom of Speech and just before dropping his 10 track EP, Smasher (, takes a second to talk about his love for “Back in the Day” watches…
“In the day I always rocked a straight-up old skool Casio. It’s got everything you need; a stopwatch, alarm, its simple, basic things. I remember it didn’t stop there either I may have pushed the boat out with a Spider-man watch or a Turtles watch where it flips up. That was me I just kept it nice and simple. I wouldn’t say I was a fun of watches cos I’m not really into the big bling bling thing. If that’s what you like… everyone to their own, boy. I’m just on a laid back retro thing. Like with my footwear. Right now, I’m rocking some old skool Jordans – I’m a big fan of the Jordans – [RWD can confirm he was wearing a pair of speckled white, yellow and blue boxfresh Jordan IIIs, nice they were].”