Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lethal Bizzle Braves Muller Rice Bombardment!!!

Download Festival goers don’t "chuck" about…

Members of the RWD team know all about the Download Festival and its crazy vibe. Now Lethal ‘Police on my Back’ Bizzle is well aware too. The grime ambassador was on the metal festival’s Tuborg Stage over the weekend and there was a large crowd waiting for his music – well at least that’s what he thought. NME.com reported that as soon as the tracks started playing (1.20pm), the artist was pelted with plastic bottles and tubs of Muller Rice.

Whilst dodging Download desserts the grimester bravely/ crazily/ defiantly continued his set, despite being visually out of his depth. “We got setup didn’t we? We got set-up, motherf**kers! But we’re still gonna play!”

According to the report it didn’t end there. After Bizzle became more bizzed off he pointed to his bottle of vodka – neatly stashed in his pocket – and joked; “my bottle's glass.”

Footage from NME.com…


hattie collins said...

yeah but if you'd only thought of the headline
'Lethal B gets mullered...'

Anonymous said...

hes shit anyway