Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fuda Guy Has His Say

Fuda Guy Head Gone

On the eve of his mixtape drop, I speak to Ruff Sqwad soldier Fuda Guy and find out exactly why he's Head Gone. He tells us he just wants to go head2head with Michael Jackson...
"How's it going RWD. I'd love to go head2head with Michael Jackson. I'd ask him... 'Where did it go wrong?' na, only joking. He was a big inspiration for me, ask my mum. She'll tell you that I would stand in front of the TV, I had the glove, the tight black t-shirt, even the taped fingers. He was a strong inspiration and got me into music. I'd just ask him anything to get more insight on him. That would be a classic, it would be the biggest thing I'd like to do. Him and Rev Run actually. In the meantime, make sure you cop the CD. I've got a few collaborations in the pipeline and I'm working with people you wouldn't think I'd be working with. You'll definitely be hearing a different sound from me."